Rudhita OS ( His Discovery)

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After that one time Anirudh shouted on Bondhita for sitting on the swing which he had arranged for Saudamini to propose her, Bondhita got so afraid of Anirudh that she did not show her face to him for three days. Those three days were very terrifying for her. No one in the huge house but Batuk and Bihari kaka were talking to her. No one even looked at her. Anirudh had himself locked up in his room after talking with Saudamini the very same night and letting her know what had happened and asking her not to wait for him.

It was not right of him to make her wait and give her false expectations.He had asked her to move on and live a life away from him.

He did not come out of his room for straight three days and had let darkness swallow him and the room. All the curtains were on and there was noway sunlight could come in.

“ Dada, darwaaza kholo na. Dekho, baudi ka vivaah kaka ne kahi aur taykar diya hai aur wo maan bhi gayi hain. Who bhi apke jaisa Barrister hi hai jo London mein reheta hai. Please rok lo na yeh sab. Aa puss bewakoof ladki keliye Saudamini baudi ko kyu jaane de rahe ho dada? Wo toh itni paagal aurbeakal hai ki teen dino se khaana bhi nahi kaayi hai, Bas kamre mein rote roteapni maa ko pukaarti reheti hai. Aa puss pagal ladki ke liye Saudamini baudi komat jaane do. Uss ko waapis apne ghar bhej do aur Saudamini baudi se vivaah karlo.” Somnath said.

Anirudh, who was still wailing for Saudamini and his love for her suddenly got his trance broken listening to what Somnath had said. No, not about Bondhita, about Mini. Was it so easy for her to just move on? Not even a week had passed and she was ready to tie the knot with another man? Did she not love him? Questions like these were going on in her mind.

He dragged himself to open the door of his room and walked in the balcony from where Mini’s house could be clearly seen.

“ Dekho na dada…..waha Baudi ki haldi chal rahi hai. Do din baad vivaahkar, London chali jayegi.” Somnath informed him.

“ Som…..woh baudi nahi hai tumhaari. Aur ho jaane do uska vivaah, yahihum sabke liye uchit hoga.” He said and looked at her.

She had a smile donned her face.

“ Iss ko toh aisa lag raha hai ki koi phark nahi pad raha.” He muttered to himself.

There she sat, his Saudamini, getting adorned with someone else’s haldi and laughing freely. Did she not love him at all?

He was so disgusted by something that he walked back inside in a dash.

“ Anirudh dada, Anirudh dada…..accha hua ki aap kaksh se baahar aa gaye.Bondhita behosh ho gayi hai aur Bihari kaka bhi ghar pe nahi hain…..Papa aurkaka toh iss samay kaam pe jaate hain.” Batuk said as he saw Anirudh.

“ Kaha hai who?” Anirudh asked him , panicking.

“ Athithi kaksh mein.” He replied and Anirudh rushed there after asking him to get some water in the room.

When he entered the room, he saw the little girl fallen down, unconsciously.

He immediately walked towards her, picked her up and made her lie on the bed.

By the time, Batuk was here with water.

Taking a few droplets, he sprinkled them on her face.

She started opening her eyes while rubbing them.

As soon as she saw him, she flinched and sat up straight, looking very afraid because of the outburst earlier.

Anirudh did not understand her reaction initially but then he remembered how he had shouted on her the other day. That’s why she was afraid of him.

“ Mujhse daro mat. Uss din ke liye maaf kar do. Lo kaan pakad raha hoon.”He said, holding his ears and looked at her.

She still looked afraid.

After seeing her, he started to feel so guilty. It was no fault of her.He was the one who decided to marry her. She had no idea about what had happened that day when she was unconscious. He just shouted at her because he was very angry and was just in front of him. It was very wrong of him to treat her this way and leave her alone in this house where everybody despised her for straight three days. She was after all just a little girl who had absolutely no idea what was happening to her.

“ Dekho, mujhe maaf kardo. Mujhe nahi chillana chahiye tha tum par.Tumhari koi galti nahi thi.” He said again, trying to make her a littlerelaxed. After all, she had just fainted.

“ Batuk, jaake ek plate khana le aao please.” Anirudh requested his brother who nodded and went to the kitchen.

“ Accha….apna naam toh bata do.” He asked. He knew her name was Bondhita but it was necessary for him to get her engaged in a conversation so that she starts getting comfortable around him.

“ Bondhita.” She replied, in a word.

“ Accha ab maaf karogi?” He asked again.

“ Haan….par aapne abhi bhi apna waada poora nahi kiya hai.” She said,clearly offended.

“ Waada….kaunsa waada?” He asked, surprised.

He doesn’t even remember talking to this little girl.

“ Bhul gaye na…..uss patr mein jo maine do shartein rakhi thi aur aapnedono maani thi aur roshogulle ki haandi bhi toh bheji thi na! Tabhi toh mainevivaah ke liye haan kiya tha!” She exclaimed.

Anirudh was stunned, shocked, surprised and taken aback all together.

He was at loss of words.

The one who had written that letter was this little girl, now his wife.

He remember very clearly what he had said the other day to Mini. He had said that if the girl who had written the letter was to be his to be wife, he would have held her hand so tightly and supported her through all walks of life.

Looking at Bondhita, he felt so impressed and inspired by her.

“ Tumne woh patr padha tha?” He asked, looking at her.

“ Main kaise padhti? Mujhe toh aata hi nahi. Maama ne padh ke sunaya thaaur woh roshogulle bahut swadisht the!” She exclaimed.

Anirudh was left shocked again.

“ Agar padhna likhna nahi aata toh patr likha kaise tha?” He asked her.

“ Who toh Abesh ko rassi se bandh ke likhwaya tha. Jo maine bola who usne likh diya.” She replied innocently.

Anirudh was no idea…..was he supposed to be amused or surprised by this girl. In the end, he was both.

By this time, Batuk had got a plate of food.

“ Dada, yeh lo. Issko khane ko dedo. Kabse toh apni maa ko bulaye jaarahi thi.” Batuk gave the plate to Anirudh and walked out of the room.

“ Yeh lo, khana kha lo.” Anirudh said.

“ Nahi….jab tak maa nahi aajaati, tabtak main kuch bhi nahi khaungi.”She replied.

“ Tumne kab khaya tha kuch bhi?” He asked suspiciously, looking at her.

He had not even heard what Somnath had said about her not eating when hecame to his room to tell about Mini.

Thinking about Mini, he felt hurt. He knew he should feel happy that shewas moving on, but did she not have any regret? Was she just with him because he was Anirudh Roy Chaudhary and not Anirudh who was head over heels in love with her?

“ Maami ne kheer khilayi thi vivaah se pehele.” She told him.

“ Usske baad kuch nahi khaya?” He asked her, to confirm again.

How could he be so irresponsible? She was his responsibility and he did not take care of her!

“ Chalo ab yeh lo, khao.” He said, making the food bite to bring near her mouth.

“ Nahi….main sirf maa ke haath se khana khati hoon. Aap unko le aaiye, whokhila dengi.” She told him.

He remembered how she had written aapki nahi….apni maa ki Bondhita.

She was very close to her mother but unfortunately, he couldn’t do whatshe was asking for right now. He couldn’t leave her alone because she was very weak.

“ Bondhita….abhi mere haath se kha lo, phir main tumhe maa se milane lejaunga.” He promised her.

“ Pakka?” She confirmed.

“ Pakka.” He replied back and she had a huge smile on her face.

Anirudh fed her lunch and then she fell asleep while he sat next to her.

Looking at her, he knew that this girl will create history later. Her thoughts were so clear despite being not educated. Imagine what would happen if she would drink the pious nector of education. He had decided that moment that he will help her study and become an independent girl. He would be her mentor and will not leave her hand as he had committed to himself that day.

Another promise he made to himself was that he would forget Mini, because she had forgotten him in just three days and was shifting to London with her husband soon.

From that very moment, he knew that he was destined to be with this little girl as her mentor and he would take up his responsibility very seriously.

But Anirudh Roy Chaudhary did not even imagine in his wildest dreams that in another ten to eleven years, he will loose his heart to her. Happily,willingly and without a doubt.

How is it guys? Please tell me! ❤️







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Please do write. Don't feel demotivated. 

We are all here. smiley31

Waiting patiently! 

Posted: 4 months ago

Don't feel demotivated ever 

Motivation resides within you 

I'm waiting for the os

Posted: 4 months ago

Please go ahead as it would be great to read about young Bondita and Anirudh

All the best and waiting eagerly for OSsmiley20

Posted: 4 months ago

Originally posted by Guneet80

Please do write. Don't feel demotivated. 

We are all here. smiley31

Waiting patiently! 



Posted: 4 months ago

Beautiful ossmiley4 loved reading it and want something like this to happen in the show as well. Anirudh feeding bonditasmiley9 is so nice

Posted: 4 months ago

Just read it! 

It's very commendable how you joined the dots here. 

Of anirudh's outburst, the letter, the roshogulla smiley36, and the food stuff. 

You are quite a writer I must say. 

Also, the command over the shuddh Hindi is good. Very good. 

I thought this was a grown up bondita OS. But was surprised to see younger bondita here. 

I really liked how to portrayed anirudh to be sorry here because I was unhappy seeing the precap. 

The way the little girl curled up on the jhula, hurt me. 

I think the CVs should hire you to write. smiley36

You have quite a creative mind. 

Please do write more and demotivated mat feel Karna. Kabhi Kabhi we're busy hence can't comment that much. smiley31

Posted: 4 months ago

This  one is so nice. Please go ahead and write more about current scenario. Waiting for more.  And this one is lovely 

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Barrister Babu 

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