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Hi everyone! I have been a silent reader for quite some time now and I could not resist writing about my favourite couple Ronakshi ♥️.

Main to mamuli si ladki hoon jisko writing ka shouk hain aur jab Ronakshi ki baat ho to main khudko rauk hi nahi paati.smiley37smiley36 Enjoy!!

Warning: Long post ahead!

-----------------------------------------------------------------Back Together

"Tumhe lagta hai ki main pagal hoon Rohit"

Sonakshi's voice burst his ears.

Rohit examined the obviously furious woman in front of him. However hard he tried, he couldn't ignore the deep, dreamy eyes that adorned her face. He shook his gaze away from them and managed to collect himself.

 "What's wrong with you? Kyun bulaya hain mujhe yahaan par?" Rohit asked.

He was seriously getting nervous now. The plan to make Sona hate him was going fine until about now. Sonakshi had called him in the middle of the night to the garden they went to when they were frustrated or gloomy or just feeling funny. He had to act firm and fierce but he couldn't, he just couldn't. He wanted to just hide himself in her hug. The same hug who'd cured him on the days he bled the most. He wanted to immerse in the shower of kisses she planted all over his face wholeheartedly. But he couldn't be carried away by a strong desire. Not right now.

 "What is wrong with me? Seriously!? What's wrong with you, Dr. Rohit Sippy? Kya chal raha hain?" 

"Ghuma phira ke baat mat karo sidha sidha point par aao" Rohit tried to mask his fear but it seemed as if he failed miserably. Luckily Sona did not seem to notice.

"Thike. To tum mujhe point par aane bol rahe ho. Toh suno." Sonakshi's eyes were watery now but she wiped the tears before Rohit could see them. 

Rohit waited for her to continue. He was breaking from inside. He couldn't see his Sona in tears.  He braced himself for he knew something hard was about to hit him in just a few seconds.

Sonakshi took a few painful breaths before she decided she was ready to say what was eating her up from inside.

"Baat yeh hain Rohit ki tum mujhse ab tak pyaar karte ho."


Rohit stood there, shell shocked. WHAT!? WHAT!! She knew!! This could not be happening. No no no.

He took deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself down. Luckily, it worked.

 "Tum kya koi bhi bakwaas leke mujhe pareshaan kar rahi ho yaar! I don't have the time for this stupid nonsense! You are saying that mein tumse ab tak pyaar karta hoon, l mean are you goddamn serious! TV mein kya kaam kar liye, uske andar ke jo fantasies or fairytales hote hain usko bhi sach maan ne lagi ho tum." He made weird spiralling gestures in the air as if to prove his point.

 Sonakshi rolled her eyes and folded her hands.

"Hogaya tumhara fairytale wala nonsense. Tum sirf yeh baat ko delay kar rahe ho kyunki tumhare paas koi answer nahi hai."

Rohit tried to reply but nothing came out. He was now red, literally.

"I thought so." Sona said calmly.

No matter how calm she acted, it was not all same inside her. Inside, well, seeing Rohit with his muscular arms and everything was causing it to wreck complete havoc. She wanted to hug him and never let go. But she knew she could not. She shouldn't. But it was just hard.              Just. So. Damn. Hard.

Focus, Sonakshi, focus, she told herself

She fixed her gaze back on him, Rohit.

"Tumhe kaise pata ki mein tumse pyaar karta hoon. Kaise prove kar sakti ho." He simply asked.

"Yeh." She produced her phone from her purse.

Rohit shot her a confused look as she scavenged through her phone.

"Yeh hain saboot tumhare pyaar ka." Was the last thing she said before she pressed "play" on the recording.


As the recording progressed towards its end Rohit looked at Sona and she looked at him and the line came up,

"Pyaar to karta hain, bohot pyaar karta hain."

They both shared a brief eye lock. Suddenly the image of Rohit became blurry. Tears formed in her eyes. She couldn't take it anymore. That was the last straw. That was it. The pain which had killed her everyday for four straight months was starting to surface.

She broke down. Crying hysterically, she knelt down at her knees. Surprisingly, Rohit knelt down to comfort her. He rubbed his hand soothingly back and forth on her back.

"Don't touch me!" She snapped.

Rohit didn't protest. 

In a swift moment Sonakshi caught hold of his shirt and looked intensely into his eyes. And she found it there, Sonakshi found Love in his eyes, love for her.

"Kyun Kiya tumne aisa!? Why did you do it damnit? Jab tum mujhse itna pyaar karte the to mujhe divorce kyun diya tumne!?

She looked so weak, so fragile. Rohit could not bare to see this broken Sona. She was a fighter and will remain so.

He cupped her cheeks lovingly, looked into her eyes and.... smiled because he saw Love, Love for him.


"Khadoos Doctor surgeon! Pagal tumhe pata bhi hain mujh par kya beet rahi hoti. Sach mein tum kuch samajhte nahi hoo. Mujhe Nishi bua waali baat pehle bata dete to aisa kuch nahi hota. Kher ab woh baat chodo. Maine tumhe bohot miss kiya."

"Maine bhi tumhe bohot bohot bohot miss kiya.Haan ab aaj se saath mein KPK dekhna padega right?" 

She hugged him tightly. He reciprocated.

"I love you, doctor surgeon"

"I love you too,  pagal parvati"

She chuckled softly and kissed his chest while Rohit kissed her hair.

This was a fairytale lovestory afterall!


How was it? First time writing. It was quite bad l know. I just came up with something, so yeah this was it. Anyways, if you did not get the recording part, it was from when Ronakshi had a cute conversation when Rohit saved Sona who was intoxicated.

Bye for now!

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Hey since this was my first time writing something pls tell me if I should continue writing stories like this. Thankyou!!

A Ronakshi fansmiley27

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Posted: 4 months ago

Omgggggsmiley42smiley43 it was too good. Would love for something like this to happen. But. Want an entire episode on them clearing out their shit. Venting out anger on each other and ofcourse confessing their love for each other. An entire freaking episode! Not one scene alone.

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Posted: 4 months ago

That was totally out of the world smiley3 please please please do continue. It's too good to be left like this 

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Posted: 4 months ago

Can't wait for the next update. Eagerly looking forward

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Posted: 4 months ago

Thank you soooooo much!! I loved writing it as well!smiley1 Plus, thinking of writing another part. Pls tell if you want second part

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 

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