Arshi SS Business Wala Love-Chapter 19 : Code -pg. 21

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  • Synopsis:

Khushi Kumari Gupta loves only business. Will Arnav Singh Raizada be successful in changing her perception of love? Will they ever love each other? Or their love will become a business!!!

"Gupta Uncle wanted me to marry Khushi."

"I won't marry you. "

" Lavanya, I don't believe in this marriage."

"The 'G&R' will be headed by Arnav Singh Raizada."

"This marriage will be a six-month contract. I will get my Company back within six months ASR!"

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Chapter 1 : Red - scroll down

Chapter 2 : Jet Lag - page 2

Chapter 3 : Shower - page 5

Chapter 4 : Bra - page 6

Chapter 5 : PA - Poor Aman - page 8

Chapter 6 : Lift - page 10

Chapter 7 : Surprise - page 11

Chapter 8 : Towel - page 12

Chapter 9 : Lifetime - page 13

Chapter 10 : Chanakya Niti - page 13

Chapter 11 : Vase - page 14

Chapter 12 : Lunch - page 16

Chapter 13 : Saturday Masala - page 17

Chapter 14 : Kundali Bhagya - page 17

Chapter 15 : Shubh Mangal Savdhan - pg 18

Chapter 16 : Bidaai - page 19

Chapter 17 : Divorce - page 20

Chapter 18 : Crap - page 21

Chapter 19 : Code - page 21


  • Character Sketch:
  1. Arvind Singh Raizada and wife Devyani Singh Raizada
  2. Their son  Manohar Singh Raizada and daughter Ratna Singh Raizada
  3. Manohar's wife Manorama Singh Raizada 
  4. Ratna's husband Rajesh Singh Malik
  5. Ratna's daughter Anjali Jha and son   Arnav Singh Malik/Raizada
  6. Anjali's husband Shyam Jha
  1. Shashi Gupta and wife Garima Gupta
  2. Their two daughters Khushi Kumari Gupta and Lavanya Kumari Gupta
  1. Rohit Singh Malik is brother of Arnav's father - (Arnav's Chacha)
  2. Madhumati Mathur is sister of Arnav's father - (Arnav's Buaji)
  3. Aman Mathur is son of Madhumati.


Chapter 1 : RED


Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, and determination.

'Does he even remember me?'

She thought adjusting her red dupatta. She could see a tinge of red on her cheeks too. 

'Am I blushing, thinking about my Arnavji?'

It's not her Arnavji. Her mind chastised.

'He is returning from US, that too after 6 long years. '

'He might have found someone else, US have very beautiful girls', her heart skipped a beat.

'You should be optimistic, Lavi!', her monologue was not over yet. 

Putting red bangles in her hands, and bindi on forehead she looked last time in the mirror. 

'Red doesn't look good on me. I should have worn that golden anarkali'. 

'But it's Arnavji's favourite!' she sighed putting  those pearl jhumkas in ear.

'Arnav Singh Raizada' was returning to India after 6 years completing his MBA from the most prestigious 'Harvard University, Massachusett, USA.'

He was 22 when he had gone to Harvard after completing his graduation in Finance and Accounts. He wanted to go on scholarship but her Papa, Shahsi Gupta had insisted on financing it. After completing MBA he had taken internship there in fashion designing for 4 years. He would not have returned even now, but the incident last month.....

The sound of her phone brought her into reality. "Hurry up, Lavanya Kumari Gupta. He will be coming anytime'', she ran downstairs.

"OP kaka, are you done with kheer?", she entered the  vast kitchen of modern lights, mixture of wood beams with sleek cabinets. A slight contrast of beige and grey.

"Yes Lavi didi, I have made kheer both sugarwali and sugar free as you have told me", Om Prakash said with a hint of mirth in his eyes.

Om Prakash or OP was the oldest servant of Gupta House.Since  the time their Bhabhiji hade come as the newlywed bride to the Gupta House, he and his family were serving the family. He had seen all the ups and downs of Gupatas in the last 30 years, whether it is the tragedy of Bhabhiji's death 20 years ago or the growing up of the Gupta sisters, or the aging of his Sahabji-including his heart attack last month!

"Kaka, did you add  shahi masala to Paneer? You know na, Arnavji likes that masala in your Kadhai Paneer.", voice of their Lavu didi sound so anxious today.

 "JP bhaiyya, don't make Puris now, Arnavji likes it hot. Arey HP bhaiyya, why did you add carrots in salad, Arnavji doesn't like carrot. OP kaka...."

"He is not coming here first time. Didn't we have enough of freeloaders that we even have to arrange royal Dawats for them?", there came the sarcastic comment from her sister.

All three Prakashas tensed seeing their Madam ji. Although both she and Lavi Didi were sisters but both were poles apart in nature. Lavi Didi was sweet, vibrant, down to earth. But Khushi Madamji not even 1% of her name.

"Khushi please. Don't create any scene. All is falling into normal after almost a month. Papa is doing well, Arnavji is coming. You dont want to enjoy it then let it be, but just don't spoil it".

"Everything is normal? Lavanya come to reality! Nothing is stable yet, neither Papa nor the company. Just because your boyfriend is coming, doesn't mean the world should celebrate."

"Then don't ok! I don't know why you hate Arnavji so much. And he is not my boyfriend.", the last sentence was said on a lower tone though. 

Lavanya didn't have any problem with relationships. But Arnavji have never reciprocated her feeling openly. It was not even feasible because last time they had met she was only 17. He had come home after completing his graduation that time. Although he was only there for 2 weeks, he had helped her in her studies-Macroeconomics and Statistics. They had gone for ice cream when he had told her that she is beautiful. She had even gifted him on the Valentine's the next week.

Then he had gone to Mumbai for a workshop for two months  before moving  to US. They never talked on phone. But she knew that she fall in his love.

"I am even not interested in enjoying because I am a realistic person unlike you.", Lavanya startled hearing her sister's angry voice.

Khushi Kumari Gupta was the eldest daughter of Garima and Shashi Gupta. Early death of mother at the age of 8 had made her a bit tough. With time, arrogance had come over. The helth condition of her father along with the poor financial condition of their company 'the Gupta & Rai' had made her a little tensed too.

"OP kaka, send khichdi in Papa's room. I hope you have made it as I have told you", she commanded and without waitimg to hear answer,she took water bottle from fridge and spoke to Lavanya before dashing out of kitchen,"I.don't.hate.him, he is not even that important in my life".


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Chapter 2

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Khushi thinks Arnav is a freeloader? OK her father paid for his education, but he will probably pay back now.

Posted: 1 months ago

Roles are reverse in this story Lavanya is the innocent n khushi the rude angry woman n she doesn’t like Arnav n thinks him as freeloader as her father paid his fees.

Posted: 1 months ago

I hope LA's feelings remain one sided and Arnav managed to soften khushi a bit by his love...

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Posted: 1 months ago

Interesting role reversal ... Please give a CS if possible

Posted: 1 months ago

Love it..

Posted: 1 months ago

Very interesting!

Sanaya Irani Barun Sobti Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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