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I tried a lot to make this a oneshot. But upon writing this turned out to be a really huge OS. Please forgive me this part is around 2300 words. Hope you guys won't get bored. Forgive my mistakes if any, because it's been a long since I wrote something.

Whom to love? 

Part 1

It has been 10 years since that night which changed the lives of 3 people forever. Anirudh Roy Chowdhary had changed the life of himself along with Bondita Das and Saudamini Bhaumik. Aniruddh is 29 and Bondita is 18 now. She has grown into a young lady whose mind was still full of questions, but what makes it different from the 8 year old Bondita was now he had her husband beside her, to answer her each and every question. On the other side, Saudamini had been waiting for Aniruddh from the past 10 years but what is in Aniruddh’s mind? Neither Saudamini nor Bondita knows it.

Aniruddh was a conflicted soul at first when he tied the knot with Bondita. It was done in a rush, a reflex action, to save a little life from losing it. But he never knew he did the best thing for himself unless and until he got to know from her mouth that she was the “lajawab ladki” who wrote the letter and he knew from that moment, he needed her. At first, it was all about learning, all about mentoring, all about developing this little girl’s hidden caliber. He never thought of seeing her something else than that. But something inside him always shouted he was proud to have her with him.

Aniruddh’s love for Saudamini had been vanished and the truth had struck him that it was just a mere infatuation when he entered the adult phase from a 19 year old teen. Saudamini didn’t knew, but he found out the true intentions of Saudamini long before that and even that had boosted this “moving on” from her.

It was all when she started growing up he found another side that shall be adored of her. When she was 16, Aniruddh had to go to London for a month.  He had always found her growing into a beautiful lady but he never thought of any manly feelings for her. But as he went London leaving Bondita here, he got a reality check. He understood what effect this lady had on him. Her being his first sight just as he woke up with her books, nibbling her pencil focusing on her book, her Bengali attire with the vermillion adoring her, the sound of her anklets informing her homecoming, her smile, her questions- everything.

He dismissed those feelings describing it as an illusion and just a discomfort of not seeing her after being with her for almost all the time. But the real thunderclap he got when he returned. Bondita was at her college when he returned and Saudamini sneaked into her room to spend some quality time. Even though he had known her intentions and was distancing himself from her, he never informed her about it. And it was when Saudamini tried to be romantic Bondita entered, causing Saudamini to be upset with Bondita. However, Bondita just apologized stating she wasn’t used to it and walked away with a smile placing the file that had been directed to him by his father on the desk. 

Aniruddh felt a strong need to run behind her and explain it was not like she saw it or perceived it. But he couldn’t. He had his internal conflict intact.  He felt bad that Bondita was unaffected by Soudamini and her closeness with him. He felt bad that she had to see this.

That was the day he accepted this strange, weird, new but worth exploring feeling he had. Something very distinct from what he had for Saudamini. As years passed, he could decipher the meaning of those feelings. He had decoded it. Beyond their friendship, respect and mentoring, he had fallen in love with his wife. Bondita Das Chowdhary.

He had accepted it and had given it up on her choice and he chose not to force her and waited for her to grow up. He had a thin ray of hope that they would be able to live like a normal husband and wife someday. They were so compatible, she was the model of woman the society needed, the woman of his dreams.

It has been 10 years and Bondita is now 18 years. She has 4 years more to become a Barrister and she is learning in the law college of Calcutta now. She used to live in Calcutta but used to come back every weekend or once in 2 weeks. As she moved away, the family members started to think about the future of their relationship and the family knew he loved Saudamini. But no one acknowledged the fact that people change and Aniruddh, had changed for good.

Since then his family had been forcing him to get married to Saudamini. Somnath and Batuk were fond of Bondita but the little ones didn’t have a say in their elder brother’s marriage life. Aniruddh had been dodging the matter for a really long time and he never saw Bondita reacting to this. Mostly because she won’t be there when this takes place.

But now she has been back for Durga Pooja. Talking about Bondita, she had fallen in love with Aniruddh since the time she can’t even remember because she just has never seen another man who is worthy of love other than him. This man did the unthinkable, saved her life, married her and fought with the whole family to provide her education, even when he loved someone else. Yes, she knew he saved her life, her mother had said this to her and Soudamini had made it clear to her that both of them would get married once she grow up and even after knowing all of this she couldn’t stop herself from loving Aniruddh. She thought he didn’t love her, still she loved him, because he deserved nothing less.

It was a fine morning in the Chowdhary mansion when she heard the commotion from her father-in-law’s room. She rushed to find out what is it out of her curious nature and her care for her family.

“Why don’t you ever listen to me Aniruddh!?” asked his dad, almost yelling at him.

“Dad I told you I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Aniruddh gave a silent answer.

Bondita was about to enter but stopped when she heard the next.

“You cannot dodge it like that Aniruddh. Saudamini has been waiting for you since the past 4 years. She is 27 now!” exclaimed Binoy Roy Chowdhary.

Aniruddh gasped and answered; “I never asked her to, dad. In fact I asked her to stop waiting for me long ago. Now what she is doing is her wish and I seriously am not aware what she is waiting for.”

Bondita stopped at the door to hear. Yes, she needed to hear this. She had almost forgotten about it since she left Chowdhary Mansion.

Bhaumik responded angrily: “What do you mean by that? She is waiting for you Aniruddh! Now Bondita can be all by herself. Why can’t you just leave her and marry Saudamini?”

“Beta, we all know where your happiness lies. Yes, you married Bondita, to save her life 10 years ago; it was very great of you to do that. Now think about yourself Aniruddh. You’re 29. When will you get married and start your family if you are insistent like this?” Asked Binoy.

Bondita was in verge of tears hearing this. She never thought she would become such a big obstacle for Aniruddh from achieving his happiness. Little did she knew, that he had already chosen his happiness. She could see the whole family inside Binoy’s room trying to convince Aniruddh. But she knew how adamant he was and what extent he will go for her, because she was his responsibility and he never backs off from his responsibilities.

“I don’t want to speak about it Baba. Not anymore. I am fine and I am definitely not planning to marry Saudamini.” said Aniruddh. He was on the verge of bursting.

Now she knew she had to enter. The moment had finally come where she had to let it all go. Let go of Aniruddh, her husband, her love. She had to let go of her feelings which were never reciprocated according to her. She couldn’t be selfish in this matter. That man inside fighting his family had given a huge part of his life to her and it was her turn to give it back, she had decided to give him his happiness.

“Baba…” everyone’s head turned hearing that familiar sweet tone. Bondita.

“Bondita…” Binoy was taken aback. He never wanted to hurt her but he was a father, he wished to see his son happy.

“What are you doing here Bondita?” asked Aniruddh, his eyes shining with concern and fear. He could feel something was wrong just by seeing her face laced with grief.

“I-I wanted to say something.” Bondita stated, stammering in between. Aniruddh had confirmed that something was there in her mind which worried her. This entire Saudamini situation just disappeared and all that was in his mind was ways to just make his wife’s worries disappear.

“Yes, tell me Beta.” Binoy gave his permission.

Bondita began; “I know in what situation Aniruddh babu had to marry me. Trust me, if I could think rationally about marriages and relationships at that time, I would have never let that happen. But obviously I couldn’t. I know it has caused a lot of problems in this family. Aniruddh babu had to fight with his family, just because of me. I- I never meant to-”

“Bondita you don’t...” Aniruddh interrupted seeing Bondita’s eyes silver lined with tears.

“Please don’t interrupt me Aniruddh babu.” She said as she continued. “Yes, I never meant to do all of that. And I also know about Saudamini Didi and Aniruddh babu. I know they love each other and they couldn’t marry because me being in between. I didn’t mean to do that too. What I wanted to say is,” she bit her lips trying to control her sobs. “Is that I am fine, I have no issues Aniruddh babu. I can’t disturb you anymore for my personal needs. You have your life and you deserve to live it. You don’t have to waste it just for a charity you did to save my life years ago.”

“Shut up Bondita…” Aniruddh whispered, it was almost inaudible to the people there.

“I am fine Aniruddh Babu, I know you love Saudamini Didi and even she has waited for so long, You both should get married.” Bondita said, her tears were dangerously on the verge of falling.

“Yes Aniruddh. Even Bondita has said it now. Listen to her beta…” Binoy suggested.

Mr. Bhaumik added; “Yes my dear. Mini has waited so long, even you, how long will you too will stay away? Get married to Mini, I will call her to talk about it.” 

“Yes, that will be just fine.” Said Binoy.


That was it. That was the extreme point. Aniruddh just shouted silencing the room and reducing it into pin drop silence. He gasped because of the anger in which he just shouted before he continued.

“If you all think I am not marrying Saudamini because I am trapped in the responsibility of protecting Bondita then forget it! If I wanted to marry her, I would have done it without even you people requesting me. But that’s not the fact, The fact is that I knew about her true intentions since a very long time. I had heard her conversation with you Bhaumik Kaka! She just wanted to marry me because I am a London return, educated and eligible. She never appreciated my thoughts or the way I am. Instead, she decided to change me. I don’t believe that’s love.”

“Aniruddh Baba…” Bondita called slowly but it enraged Aniruddh even more.

“You, you just stay quiet Bondita. What did you say? A charity I did? A charity Oh My God. You came in between us? What rubbish! And baba what did you say? I married her to save her life, I did a great thing, help and what not. All of you hear me, if I loved someone I would never let a single person come in between me and that person, even you can’t come in between me and Saudamini, but that is only if I loved her. I don’t! And yes, for your information you all, I never let Saudamini come in between me and Bondita. I guess you people know what does that mean.”

Binoy interrupted; “but Saudamini is your childhood love, she loves you and you-”

“I LOVE BONDITA!!!” Aniruddh yelled.

Bondita’s face shot up hearing this. She couldn’t believe her ears. Was it all true?

Aniruddh continued; “You guys heard me right. I love Bondita and this didn’t happen just on a fine morning.  I love her since the past 2 years and I kept my word. I never let anyone come in between us. And no one can force me to marry Saudamini or anyone else whom I won’t love. However, I don’t want to force Bondita and that is exactly why I never said it and yes, she has the right to choose whoever she please. I still give it to you Bondita but you all stop blabbering non sense. Yes I am in love but I am in love with Bondita not anyone else!”

Aniruddh breathed frantically as he finished. The intensity of what he just said sank into him as well as Bondita. Aniruddh looked at Bondita and he could see she was already looking at him, with an unbelievable look in her eyes- full of questions as always. 


Next part will be Rudhita conversation and their confessions.smiley2

Hope you enjoyed it. Put your views down in the comments.!





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Tadap tadap ke iss dil se aah nikalti rahe

Aisa kya gunah kiya ki ruk gaye tum ruk gayesmiley38smiley28

Kya likha hai hai yaar

Uff Anirudh ki ye junoon bahri mohabbat e elan sunkar hum pighal gayesmiley9

Aur pyaas bada di tumne iske dusre hisse ke liye

Rudhita Confessionsmiley42

Bada achha OS hai behen 

Maza ayaa

Sunn whenever you are copy pasting always paste as plain text wala option use kar

Warna words ek saath aa jate hai

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It's awesome...smiley32

Please continue soon...smiley42

I loved his way of confession...smiley27

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Wow good , very good 

Thank you so much for writing this.

It must have been very troubling for you.

Thank you

And yes, please do continue because for next two years we are not gonna get a mature story.☹️

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Please make your next update even more passionate.

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I am dead !!

I am dancing like hell ...

My. Parents. : “is everything fine ?”


Parents :not again !!

Ok so this is love 

Pure love 

And I don’t know what to say

I am speechless

Give me some water

Give me some oxygen 

Give me ANOTHER PART !!!

(Begs, pleads)


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Originally posted by nancy56

I am dead !!

I am dancing like hell ...

My. Parents. : “is everything fine ?”


Parents :not again !!

Ok so this is love 

Pure love 

And I don’t know what to say

I am speechless

Give me some water

Give me some oxygen 

Give me ANOTHER PART !!!

(Begs, pleads)


Even I want it Blithesmiley38

Sujz dedo behena itna matt tadpao

Posted: 3 months ago


I am imaging everyone's expressionsmiley42 like did he just declare his love or we imagine that..

Waiting for the next part for their confession

And yaa hope anirudh can answer bondita's all questions that are in her eyes.. 

Barrister Babu 

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