Shilpa shinde choose BB finale night but not me 2 movement

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Posted: 2 years ago

There was me too movement going on in country many woman open up their mouth , many respectful men dark truth came out in light.

But this lady Shilpa kept mum during me to movement or sid kidnapped her.

This lady was silent all 4 months of bigg boss where sid was locked in d house

But as she dont want shukla 2 win , so she started her ptomotion of voice modulation software just 2 gain some attention.

Posted: 2 years ago

I dunno what to believe.

However it does sound like Sid voice exactly. 

Posted: 2 years ago

Kyoki woh ek haiwaan ko jeete hue nahi dekh sakti. She kept mum for exactly these reasons. Because who wants to be questioned and face aspersions and barbs for disclosing your truth. 

This is why a lot of women disclosed Trump had molested and abused them when he was about to win campaign. Because they could not live with themselves if they know his truth and the kind of person he is and he STILL is put on a PEDESTAL. 

Her unmasking Shukla is legit BRAVE and commendable. 

Posted: 2 years ago

Isnt 'me too' about sexual harassment where as Shilpa is claiming to be in an abusive relationship with Shulka ..which has nothing to do with me too i think 

Posted: 2 years ago

Obviously she chooses finale night smiley39

Why not release all this before during the season so that his vote bank would be effected. Why now?! 

She wasn’t guilty for not “exposing” him when he won KKK?! Khaas bb ke liyae recording bacha ke rakhi thi 🤣

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Posted: 2 years ago

It is always upto the victim as to when they want to come out and talk about the there a set rule that every single actress/actor who was wronged has to speak out during the me too season? 

Posted: 2 years ago

lets leave Shinde out now, why entertain jokers on this forum. Undue importance for no reason 

Shilpa Shinde Bigg Boss 13 

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