Best thing about bb13 forum

Posted: 8 days ago

Best thing about bb13 forum is that Good people like Rashmi and Asim were supported.

Aarti was praised and bashed accordingly ,even paras.

Vile people like shukla even after being popular dint get support in bb13 forum.

Vile Mahira had no support.

Sana and sidnaaz were confined to their threads.

Posted: 8 days ago

Best thing about bb13 forum

Episode dekhne ke baad jo frustration hota hai BB ke upar wo forum main aake nikal sakte hai. smiley36

Posted: 8 days ago

Thank God for his little mercies, this forum was amazing in their support for Rasim.

It was truly a roller coaster ride for Rasim, their journey spectacular, their bonding sweet and cute. 

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Posted: 8 days ago

the views and opinions in BB 13 forum is real and opposite to other SMsmiley14

Posted: 8 days ago

I beg to differ here as usual lol. 

Some of reasons you've stated is actually why this place wasn't one of the best places to be on this season. Its a discussion forum-hence is supposed to, and  gonna have an array of differing views and not the same song can be sung by all - that's what makes a discussion forum after all-views for and against. Otherwise Where's the fun in having a debate or discussion and counter arguments if all are just gonna sing the same tune? And any fandom shouldn't feel the need to stay confined on just one thread or one specific space just cuz their views don't echo the same as the majority or in fear of being mobbed by majority wale. 

This whole place had turned into RaSim(or more like Asim) shrine. At times it was difficult to tell if I was on the Asim or Rashmi AT lol. 

And I for one(there were few others too) who chose to go against the tide even if it meant having to face severe backlash. And backlash some of us minority wale  did face lol. 

Too much of any one thing is never good and anything in moderation is what what keeps the equilibrium and harmony going to certain extent- and gives us a mix of interesting, insightful snd differing views to tackle. 

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Posted: 8 days ago

absolutely loved the ddt members here!

sabko ek ek hug! smiley31

ladne ka bhi alag maza tha yahan pr smiley36

aur ladaiyon ko pdhne ka 

aur pyaaar bht mila, rasim ko! happy abt that the mostsmiley42

tho i came in last 10 or so days! 

had the best time of my life!

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Posted: 8 days ago

kaash winner as per forum fans decide hota smiley37

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Bigg Boss 13 

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