Ep 55: Yahi tumhari aukaad hai, tum kisiki shaan nahi ban sakti

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These were the exact words Mrityunjay told Maya. And Maya quietly listened to these words. This week belonged to Mrityunjay and his dastardly bag of tricks to intimidate and abuse Manvi and get back at her for dare stepping into his life through his son. And he received all the support from equally dastardly slaves of his - Diya, Antara. Hell, he even got to Rajiv. Just hoping, nothing happened to her momsmiley18. It was something we all should have expected frankly. Till now, we were seeing Maya's games, we also had to see Mrityunjay's games right. Past ho ya present, Mrityunjay, kameena ka kameena hi rahega.smiley7 But, but, but, himmat mat haaro bachcho, sorry behno, picture abhi finish nahi hui hai.

Main dekhna chahta hu ki tum apni pyaar ki udaan kab dikhaogi - Bhai, tu hi nahi, hum bhi dekhna chahte hai ki Maya behen kab apne pyaar ki udaan dikhayengi, kyunki jaise ye hafta gaya hai, woh ekdum damadol ho gayi hai. Uske pao zameen pe tik nahi pa rahe hai because she is waging an internal war between Manvi, Maya Jaisingh, and Maya Rudra Roy. Apne hi identities ke beech pis gayi hai. On one hand, Maya wants to bloom in Rudra's love which Manvi could not, on hand Maya wants to set fire to Mrityunjay which she can't. And on one hand, she is struggling with Manvi's trauma, jo usse kisika nahi rehne de raha hai. Her trauma neither lets her respond to Rudra's love nor does it let her react to Mrityunjay's torture. Maya is stuck, and she is stuck bad. And something very drastic needs to happen, like really drastic that pushes Manvi out of this rut - to choose to be Mayavi. Yes, I know sounds funny, but that is what she needs to do. Mayavi means illusionist and in this case the blend of Maya + Manvi, where both love and hate with a passion. Maya can destroy with her hate and Manvi can fly in her love. I just don't want to think too much, but if there is a chance that her mom is injured, or dies, then Mrityunjay has his worst nightmare returning.

Kal ke saath saath woh ehsaas to laut ke nahi aaye - Oh Diya, you just asked the question, I have been asking for days. This dialogue has insecurity written all over her face. She does not feel as insecure of Antara as much she feels of Maya. Manvi or Maya has the capability to trigger something different in Mrityunjay, which I don't think Mrityunjay has ever felt for any other woman. He sees something in her which either he wants to damage or possess. He relishes the effect he has on her. The way he tells her "Beta nahi to baap chalega" is icky and even Maya feels disgusted. But Diya isn't wrong. She is not Antara that she does not understand anything. Diya understands Mrityunjay on another level. As Shruthi pointed out in her post, Mrityunjay is jealous, and tonight I think, he is jealous of his own son. He does not like that his son has partnered someone that is meant for him - to torture, to manhandle, to possess. Diya already kahiki nahi hai, aur agar Mrityunjay ko phir se keeda kaat gaya to aur bhi kahiki nahi rahegi. The way she wanted to hold on to his hand after he left it, shows how much she wants him, but Mrityunjay wants something else totally.

Yahi tumhari aukaad hai, tum kisiki shaan nahi ban sakti - Coming to the topic of my post, I had felt yesterday, and I am telling today. Mrityunjay's haircut move was not mere intimidation. He is not stupid to make such a move just like that. It was his way of branding her as "Mrityunjay's to keep" who can belong to no one else. She is Mrityunjay's trash which he can use and throw anytime he wants. Rudra adores her long hair and he wants to color her life. But Mrityunjay wants to only see her as the Manvi he disposed of and only wear the color he gave her - black. He is bloody plain and simple, jealous. It's like "How can you stay happy without me?", "How can you live a life without me?", "How can you smile without me?". It's like he finds it his right to impose himself on Maya, talk trash to her. I just hope it remains that way and doesn't turn into "Its only his right to love/lust her", because the point is that jab Mrityunjay ka sanak parwaan chadta hai tab woh kisi rishte ka lihaaz nahi karta. Diya has already sensed it, and so have I. 

Next week is big, not because of MayRa romance, but because of the fact that Mrityunjay will bring out the worst side of Maya Jaisingh out, and he will have nowhere to run. But hope Maya can embrace her identities and turn into "Mayavi" and show Mrityunjay that what the black color he gave her is capable of doing.

Well, that's all from me tonight. Let's hear yourssmiley42

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jitni serial ki wait rehti hai utni hi tumhari post ki smiley9

thnk uuu for phantashtik post smiley17

Rudra is a sweetheart smiley42

MJ is really yuck smiley11bete ki biwi hai yaar pyar hai uska smiley18

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 as always love your analysis. 👍

Posted: 11 days ago

Originally posted by sikhni_

jitni serial ki wait rehti hai utni hi tumhari post ki smiley9

thnk uuu for phantashtik post smiley17

Rudra is a sweetheart smiley42

MJ is really yuck smiley11bete ki biwi hai yaar pyar hai uska smiley18

MJ thinks she was his GF and lover first 

So may be hes getting obsessive about her

Tough to see your ex GF in your son life

Forget son many ppl do not tolerate in strangers life

Thats why they throw acid and kill etc 

Manly ego that once a woman is his, should remain his only

Patriachal society rules

In man divorce and widow and marry in few months its ok

If woman divorce or widow its paap to think of another marriage 

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Very interesting take with the concept of "Mayavi" . As she said the other day, Maya JaiSingh knows nothing but hate, Maya Rudra Roy knows nothing but love. It's her inner Manvi that's complicating everything. Neither she can be just Maya Jaisingh nor Maya Rudra Roy. Oh the stalemate. 

The hair pull & cut reminded me of MB, the whole sequence of Dushasan pulling Draupadi by her hair from her room and then the Kauravas insulting her became the cause of the epic battle. I feel these lowly moves by MJ are pushing Maya to the brink from which Maya Jai Singh will enter the war with full force. 

Diyas words echo my feelings too, MJ cannot accept that the girl whom he treated like kachra and threw out of his life is back as the very izzat of his family, his sons wife. He will go to any extent to separate MayRa but Shakti cannot be separated from her Shiv.

I cannot wait for Maya Jaisingh to return in style.. 

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I used to skip most of MJ scenes and used to watch only Mayras scenes but now after reading your analysis will also watch MJ, curious how the character is going to bring the beast side of him to world.

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Array yaar Maya se zyada MJ phas gaya hai.beta is romancing the woman he threw away and the woman is happy. Diya insecurity on mj with Maya.wah re wah this is something that can create issue to mj.if antara diya ko thoda jaaye chakravyuh khud phatega. Maya has to come out of her illusions and start creating ilusions if she needs to achieve her goal. But she doesn't know what to do at this point. As she says she was running from love but love happened.Now Maya is confused soul jo gandeev nahi uta rahi hai aur ise bhagvad gita se zyada kuch bhada jhatka milna chahiye like abhi death in chakravyuh.
Posted: 11 days ago

I want Maya Jaisingh back that's it mj should be in hell by next week at least in the first step of the hell

I don't want they show something mj again lusting and Maya suffering all over again yaar can't handle her weakness anymore 

Beyhadh 2 

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