Yeh Teri Galliyan LAST EPISODE 14 Feb 2020

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Yeh Teri Galliyan LAST EPISODE 14 Feb 2020

Akita Shekhawat’s sister is hell bent to marry Shaan by hook or by crook 

She arrives as bride at mandap saying she will marry Shaan as she loved her . While Devika has gone away ditching Shaan ta mandap.

As pandit proceeds with mantras Shana feels uncomfortable n feels Devika could never do such a thing n she might be in  need of his help . She might be in danger . 

Devika is see gagged n bound in the store room struggling tk fee herself 

She prays to the lord to help lovers unite on this day where they celebrate love .her engagement ring slips out of her finger n rolls away .,it reaches Shaan .he is shocked to see the ring . He stalls the marriage to Akita n declares Devika is present in this house as signified by this ring . Akira pleads n persuades n requests Shaan to complete the marriage but he chooses t look for Devika . 

Finally Niv leads them to the store room where Devika is discovered . They rescue her . Akira is furious n attacks Devika , but Shaan saves Devika n hands Akrura to police to give company to her bro Shekhawat .

Niv encourages Shaan n Devika to celebrate this day of love by proposing n getting married l

Shana proposes to Devika and she accepts .

Shaantanu marries Devika ... dressed in Bengali bridal wear n following Bengali  wedding rites ... Asmita appears as an angel ..visible only to Krishi and directs her to unite Shaantanu n Devika’s hands and make them come closer

Shaan married Devika for providing a mother to his daughters Krishi n Chahat .

He misses Asmita n still loves her . He remembers her fondly and al their wedding scenes n romantic scenes come flooding to his mind 

The show ends with Krishi standing with Bride n Groom Shaan n Devika

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Vrushika Mehta Avinash Mishra Yeh Teri Galiyan 

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