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Epi 55

Episode begins with MJ manhandling Maya pulling her our from under her bed n chopping off her locks As she huddles near her bed  frightened like a kitten ...

few mins back ... rewind ..

Maya sharing her doubts  on MJ as he announces reception of Mayra after their wedding,  as she discusses with Rajiv ,on phone .Rajiv asks her to look at the world with diff view now . 
maya wonders if her marriage to Rudra was a mistake,  she got entangled in the same thing she was running away from .

Maya tells Rajiv he was like her bro , her manas... Manas is so pleased to hear that .

Rajiv opens his door n is shocked to see the person standing before him .

At Roy mansion Maya and Rudra discuss how they should lessen the pain in hearts of others .. Antara ..she was hurting the loss 

Rudra is impressed she cared so much about others 

Maya tells Rudra that she learnt how to love from him

She learnt Beyhadh pyaar from him n now she would tie him with her Beyhadh pyaar .

Rudra says he was waiting for her to show her Beyhadh pyaar to him .. 

they go to bed ..he warns her NO HANKY  PANKY as they fall asleep 

Maya understands he was trying to make her comfortable 

Late night Diya comes to MJ who is staring at MayRa room ,she asks if he could not bear to see his son's happiness 

MJ retorts that his past had returned to his present. 

Did his feelings for her return too ??questions Diya .

With the arrival of Antara MJ changes his stance .. tells Diya to go to bed as they had a function to arrange next day MJ  goes away with Antara 

Next morning MayRa are having romance On the carpet by the bed  .,he caresses her unruly hair ..he looks into her aankhon ki masti ,, kisses her .. they have cute moments together .. he plays with her hair . As he blows dries them .... they fall all over her face ...He admired her hair n passes his fingers thru them .... he says her hair looked beautiful when kept  open . He gifts her a red dress ..maya does not like it n Rudra notices it .he says he knew this colour was not her choice but he wanted her to wear this colour tonight n mere Chahat ke rango mein rang jaogi??

Rudra then asks her to relax .. but maya is about to tell him that she would go for his choice ..

Diya comes running n informs, Rudra was needed urgently as Antara was having panic attack ...

Rudra runs out with Diya ..

Maya mutters holding the red dress, that today evening she will colour herself with the colours of Rudra’s love .

Suddenly she notices MJ standing at her door, staring at her .she is taken aback ..he enters n shuts the door behind him ..Maya gets nervous ...  

MJ grabs Maya angrily ..manhandles her ...asks her if she liked her MJ ..her MJ ka Beta .... her MJ ka ghar ... 

was she going to harm Rudra ?? How ??

In another room Antara is faking panic attack n Diya encouraging it . Rudra is unawares n assumes it as real 

Antara Diya MJ are Hand in glove 

MJ tries to hug maya n says there was something about her hair that he hated badly ..he pulls out a pair of scissors ... he accuses her of trapping his Rudra and going scot free ?

Maya screams for Rudra !!

MJ says he was far away n was busy ...
.pulls her to the carpet n says he had to show maya her place .. jo larki apni aukaat bhool gayi hai usey aukaat yaad dilani hai “ 

Maya is frightened as he chops off locks of her hair ...

Maya recollects her past tortures .. she becomes stupefied ... he pulls her up n makes her stand before the mirror ,Maya stares at her reflection with badly cropped hair ...this was her aukaat, he gloats  ..she was no one's ghar ki Shaan ..could never be ..she was kachra .. 

MJ says he was the one who  filled her life with black .. he will,never allow any one to fill her life with colours ,,she deserved black only . Maya is frightened .. 
MJ accuses, she was weak then ..weak now .,will remain weak .. he will complete that task that was left incomplete 10 yrs back 

If she wanted to tell Rudra all that MJ did to her she could .. MJ wanted to see if her pyaar was Beyhadh or her nafrat was Beyhadh 


Maya n Rudra her having close romantic dance 

They are serenading eachother .. ..Maya seducing Rudra with her seductive moves .. 

he is applying colours ..yellow on her .. they are lost in eachother ... suddenly MJ is seen glaring at their room 

Mayra notice balloons entering floating into their room thru  the door 

As they are surprised .. Rudy picks one up ..he questions maya .. right then she screams as the balloons bursts into flames n explodes on Rudy’s face .

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Posted: 5 months ago

Scary episode. Hoping for the best.. smiley42

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Posted: 5 months ago

Thanks Suta!! I am quite sure the hair cutting scene is a dream. Who's let's see now!

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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by shwetha85

Thanks Suta!! I am quite sure the hair cutting scene is a dream. Who's let's see now!

I don't think so because I. The dance sequence Maya has short hair

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Posted: 5 months ago


Maya looks so prettysmiley42

RuRa rules smiley36

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Posted: 5 months ago

Rajeev is back smiley9

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Posted: 5 months ago

MayRa smiley42

Rudra besharamsmiley36

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Posted: 5 months ago

What's the actor's name? He resembles ayushman Khurana ka bhai. 

And whoever this is he's a brilliant actor. 

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Jennifer Winget Ashish Chowdhry Shivin Narang Beyhadh 2 

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