Chalo Maan liya!!!

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Posted: 8 days ago

Wow I am on a roll today ..second topic in one day ..smiley36

Chalo maan liya... Ki finally .finally... Somehow or the other No drama please yaani ki Amber ..bawra mann yaani ki Guneet ko mana lega..he will win her over .. a long road..hard road and hopefully very comedic road ..still we know he'll win her over ...finally he will get to her lekin 

A big lekin ...Guneet ki mummy ko kaise manayenge Amber ji?? Kaise mummyji ko pataega ... Kahan mummyji Dr damad ke sapne dekh rahi hain ... Aur milega Khadoos ..Amber ..yes ..road is long and very hard for Amber ..maybe harder to manaofy Mummyji smiley37smiley37

Posted: 8 days ago

" Mummy Angle ' is a typical Indian angle and not possible to predict from a Hollywood flick .smiley36

Posted: 7 days ago

Since Guneet's mom loves parties, Sharma ji will have to invite neighbors for parties and let her socialize with them. It will keep her mind away from him and Guneet and Sharma ji will also get to taste Halwa in turn.

Posted: 5 days ago

Mummyji will get a shock of her life when she gets to know about Amber-Guneet!!

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Posted: 5 days ago

Amber has son in law to mummy ji can be hilarious if done right 

Both have their own unique comedic timing 

Posted: 5 days ago

Originally posted by silvermoonlight

Amber has son in law to mummy ji can be hilarious if done right 

Both have their own unique comedic timing 

That’s exactly what I agar mummy aur amber ki comedic angle ban jaye bada mazaa aayega...

MIL - son in law ki nok jhok....this kind of relationship has never been shown, it will be real fun to watch 

Posted: 4 days ago

I personally don’t want Amber and Guneet Jodi ! 

He is WAAYY too obnoxious and complicated to deal with !! His personality would not make ANY sane person to want to be around him ! The things he said to Guneet were really harsh, and words like that cut through deep.. it brings staleness in a relationship. He can change to a “nice” person.. but his nature, especially at this age, cannot be reformed! He would have to be a complete different person for that, which isn’t realistic. 

Why does it have to be Guneet and Amber, why can’t she marry the doctor who is polite and well aware of his responsibilities now and is more civil than that uncouth Amber ! Even Niya realised she needed to stay back and ‘take care of her dad’ because he to me, is clearly not stable in the head ! 

(Varun Badola is a fabulous actor, btw! He is portraying the character so well, and so realistically.. it’s amazing!) Hard to digest, personalities like this character actually exists.  

I understand his dilemma.. having only been with his wife all his life and no other women, he doesn’t know how to interact or communicate with them.. but that doesn’t mean, he would cross the limit of human civil decency when talking to another! smiley29

I don’t know.. before I kinda supported Amber and Guneet, but.. after the last few episodes.. where his harsh behavior and words made her cry.. I went like.. NOPE, not done ! 

But this is Indian serial.. they show the heroes like this initially then change them 360 degrees, to justify the union with the heroine! Ugh ! smiley11 

Basically promoting and normalising abuse ! 

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 

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