the beginning of silent yet burning chaos in the army school

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Posted: 13 days ago

so today's episode initiates pressure buildup of shravan in the army i'm a bit mixed about one student is given the responsibility of deciding the fate of new students like there's a difference in giving responsibility of training students as per the school's/teachers instructions vs asking another student's opinion...shravan feels a bit unwelcomed at the army school and i partly blame his parents for not talking about the positive side of being from an army school, spoiling him, and forcing him to enter army school against his wishes (again due to him being a spoiled young brat)..i didn't like that his mother got blamed (and i always hear stories of mothers being blamed by their husbands for spoiling their kids, like hello? he is your kid too)...

in the precap, shravan will try to remove the grading system in the army school & i think this is going to be a good trait of rebelling for the best of the students...tbh, i always detested how one gets ranked based on a "grading system" of the school, be it an army school, regular school, college, grad school (although they are more relaxed in comparison to colleges because they know one needs to prepare for comprehensive exams, thesis defenses, etc), etc...i feel like his view of eradicating the grading system is going to be fun to watch bc i've always hated the grading system for a really long time...smiley14

Posted: 13 days ago

Yes, I agree about the grading system. 

I didn't quite realize this when I was in school because I was on the receiving end of it. I was in the top section in the school and used to flaunt it. 

The mates in the lower graded sections were always treated as inferior, specially by teachers and hence the students did too. They also thought of themselves as something than us. 

This behavior is so traumatic for few people, I can't tell you. One of my friends, has low self confidence due to being constantly insulted in school like that. 

I hope that now that we're in college, she has opened up. But nonetheless, it's a pukeworthy practice to segregate students. No much different than racial or caste based segregation. 

Posted: 11 days ago

^i personally don't like the idea that the students who are known to be "obedient" get to decide the fate of new students. It's still considered ragging which is a huge problem in academic schools. Shravan's father is paying the school/teachers for his education so, technically, they should decide what to do with the student unless the "obedient" student is getting paid to be the assistant at the school/college. 

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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 

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