A Very Very Important Issue Raised- Watch Ep. 319

Posted: 5 months ago

(Before reading this, S1 fans, you guys can watch the first 15 mins of ep.316, it's beautiful. It covers Minnie accepting that she doesn't always have to be a mother. She can be a sister too- A character problem we were concerned about in S1).

Anywho, let's begin:

After S1, I personally haven't watched S2 much but occasionally just skim a few scenes because of darling Arya. Just now, I watched episode 318, where some weird watchman dude had come to their house, which triggered Arya's memories about a trauma that took place 2 days prior. S1 fans can also watch this sequence, particularly because (I'm hoping that) some important issues will be raised. The reason we loved PB so much was that it was bold and real. Hanita is a different chapter that KathaKottage missed, but let's take some time to look into this particular scenario. 

Arya's words in the precap were that she was scared of this weird uncle. When questioned why, Arya responded along the lines of, "He punishes naughty children very badly, very badly in the bathroom also." You can see Ashnoor's expressions here: a mix between utter heartbreak and a serious realisation of the utter gravity of this situation. Personally, I think Ashnoor does these types of things really well: topics like reacting to her father humiliating her mother (anyone remembers her heart-shattering screams?), prepping her mother for a job interview, motivating her to take up PB: you get the idea: they are all question-the-norms-of-the-society-driven concepts. That's why I'm particularly interested in PB right now. 

I'm hoping they'll cover vital issues like child abuse or even molestation? That's what is my intuition. It's so very important and so many children go through it, with even having an idea of what happened. This fear, which takes birth in the childhood haunts them forever. I can't even begin to stress how important it is to showcase such real problems on a big platform like SonyTV. Whilst most focus on romance, action and romance, these issues are often missed. How-ever upset I may have been with what KK has done in the past, I really have to go ahead and appreciate the effort of highlighting sensitive issues which no one else seems to care about.

Although the child actor for Arya is very young to portray this issue, I'm glad awareness about something like child abuse/molestation is (hopefully) brought up on ITV. The mere notion that children have to be 'disciplined' in some ways and make them believe that they were at fault is absolutely disgusting. Especially after what we've been seeing on the news for the past few months is nauseous. There is no sense of humanity, responsibility and morality. What brutal monsters don't realise is what impact exploitation/molestation/inappropriate touching/abuse/rape can have on people, especially children. There forever remains this hole in their heart that they desperately try to fill. I hope this issue is given justice or at least highlighted to spread awareness amongst the Sony audience.

See this precap: You will be shaken:


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Posted: 5 months ago

This mayb the third time i got the season 1 wali vibe.

(1st one while minnie told arya a beautiful story,totally HS ki veer balika vibes there, 

Second one was a random scene of neil's cloth touching minnie's cloths repeatedly on the cloths line. Sheer PB beauty that one!)         

Normally i watch this show totally as a different one.

But the impact of the issue really hit me hard.especially today's precap.


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Posted: 5 months ago

And yeah,

That soul wrenching screaming scene of minnie in the court is my forever favourite Minnie scene.

That's where I became a fan of this show & started following PB.      

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Posted: 5 months ago

True. I genuinely think that KK hasn't lost its charm. It's one of the few production houses that focuses on making a statement with a show. What they did to Hanita is irredeemable and yes, there are many times when I feel like, 'arey, with Babes and Hanuman Uncle right now, this scene would have been golden'- No doubt. 

BUT, for me the precap hit home, I'm pleasantly surprised that ITV is covering this topic, which is probably on the highest level of sensitivity, especially with a child actor and a minor involved. 

Personally, I don't enjoy the romance. It's ridiculous, the age gap. I saw one scene that would have beautifully suited Hanita, and that thought made me upset and angry. But, it also made me realise that they have not lost their charm. Thankfully, watched today's episode that raised so much awareness about a very real problem.

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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by Itsflora

And yeah,

That soul wrenching screaming scene of minnie in the court is my forever favourite Minnie scene.

That's where I became a fan of this show & started following PB.      

Can't relate more. Pariddhi got me to this show but the content, dialogue delivery, chemistry between the mother-daughter-duo and Ashnoor's screams made me stay.

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Posted: 5 months ago

I have watched this show from the very first episode. I loved it since then.

I loved babita and hanuman's relationship however I feel the makers took it ahead in a jet speed and ended it too soon. There was so much in it which left unexplored.

I was skeptical about season 2 first but then the beautiful and complex relationship between the sisters kept my interest intact.

When Neil entered the show that time I also feared that now PB will be reduced to the level of just anyother young age romance drama but till now they have managed to balance it by giving importance to both young budding relationship and sisters bonding.

With last night's episode I have high hopes that they will bring the topic of molestation and deal with it excellently like they dealt other societal taboo in the  past. This topic will so make sisters bond strong.

All in all, inspite of being a fan of hanita and season 1 I have accepted season 2 with all my heart. People are trolling them for age gap, manipulation, jealousy and what not but truth is that they are doing a great job.

Dont know why some people are not liking Neil. As per current story line Mini is 23 yr old so what is wrong in showing a romantic angle in her life. I believe the makers will deal it senstively just like how they handled hanita's relationship.

I am enjoying season 2 very much and have high hopes with it.

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Posted: 5 months ago

True true, I really want this portion of child abuse/molestation to be covered well. My only concern is that they are trying to create a Hanita part 2.

The romance angle, well, it's fun and all, but I personally don't want to see it cause idk man, I find myself comparing to Hanita or just probably am not interested in PB romance as of now compared to Minnie's character progression or probably it just reflects the bitter truth of Bollywood/ITV that the girl is always much younger and at times a minor when doing such roles. Anywho, it's Ashnoor's choice and I really love and respect that a lot. So it's okay. 

I actually am attached to the character of Minnie a lot, she is really strong so I genuinely wanna see her live her life: romance or no-romance, doesn't matter tbh.

Also, just to clear up, I really like Neil. I have been following SRJ since Mahabharat days, so yeah. The thing is: last time KK rushed a romance and then a wedding, things went downhill, if they repeat the same thing again, they'll ruin this too. As Hanuman uncle had once famously said, "Let the girl take her own sweet time."

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Yes, today my mom did tell me to watch the episode. And I saw the entire episode. To say, shock was an understatement. The way they are portraying this particular sequence is amazing. I think, today, such things are on the rise. Students who are so small, are being molested by the chachas and uncles in school.

This is a wake up call to all those parents, who specifically need to watch out on their children and their behaviour. Even a slight change in their behaviour, can speak a lot. And, I don't understand how can the school be so irresponsible and useless? Such things are now really common and horrifying...

Just that, I am even ashamed to utter how disgusted, as a woman particularly a girl, I feel...

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