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Epi 367

Anurag suspects Viraj

Episode begins with Sharmas driving to reach Prerna , Vee Is weeping praying frantically for Pre’s safety .

Anu gets a call from Viraj and Vir complains that he was trying to contact him for long ... Anu informs that he was driving n couldn’t take calls . Vir says he knew he had got break fail n Vir was worried for him n Prerna 

 Anu assures he n Pre were safe , Pre needed stitches so he got her to hosp ., for minor injuries . Anu then informs Vee aunty that Pre was OK . She got minor injuries . Vir reaches Anu . Sharma family then turn towards City hosp  to see Pre . All thank god for savi g Pre . Vee states what happened today must never repeat , they had to separate AnuPre .Sharmas are shocked to hear this . Veee states that if Pre was OK then she will get engaged to Viraj right there n then in presence of Vir .

At BB molPam are having friendly banter as they get ready for function , they hear breaking news about Anu escaping unhurt from bad car accident , they he was under treatment at City hosp .MolPam shocked n rush to City hosp . MoNi also speed towards hosp after Pam informs them . 
at Hosp Anu is shocked as Vir hugs him .. he is thankful Pre was safe . He loved her n the baby . Vir fakes concern for Pre n her baby . Anu feels Pre cared for Anu so much that she neglected her baby’s safety . Anu thinks that Vir was right , Pre cared for Anu the most . So now she had to be careful for her baby , he decides to get VirPre engagement dome ASAP 
Komo calls Vir n asks him to meet her outside the City hosp . As Vir walks out Anu gets suspicious n follows Vir .

Komo meets Vir n threatens him with Nitara !! Viraj retorts that she was his wife n he loved her very much n Komo better keep Nitara out of all this . Komo agrees but only on the condiction that he informed Nitara not to bother Komo .

Anu is trying to look for Vir when he over hears two goons talking about his hot Viraj’s current GF is ..she is hotter than the previous GF . Anu co fro to the two guys ..Vir intervenes n makes sure the two move away from Anu . Vir then lies about meeting his mom who was worried for Pre .
reporters are seen rushing towards City hosp .. 

Anu comes to check on Pre n she smiles at him , they have eyelock .. Anunis about to hold her hand when Vir barges into the room n staters showering his fake concern for Pre . Nurse asks them to get Pre discharged n take her home . Anu is about to pay the bills when Vir offers to pay as she was his  fiancé . Pre corrects him saying they were not yet engaged .. she eyes Anu lovingly .Viraj wants to prepare Reluctant Pre for marriage . 
reporters surround KoMoNi as they rush to enter Hosp . Asking Qs about Anu’s accident n if they suspected any one plotting against them .

As they reCh reception they find the entire Sharma family already present there asking for AnuPre . Moh asks about Anu . Nurse at reception. Informs AnuPre had been discharged n they had left .

At BB Viraj watches as AnuPre have caring moments . Soon Sasur n Sharmas arrive BB .. emotional moments ensue as they meet Anu n Pre . Viraj gets a call n asks Vee if everyone e was safe then they might go ahead with engagement as all guests had arrived , Vee assures they will reach the function venue ASAP . 
Pre feels unhappy , she recollects the moments before their cars came tk a screeching halt at the edge of the cliff , hiwnAnuOre had promised eachother . 
Pre declares she was unable to go ahead with engagement as she was injured on her finger . She could not wear ring . Komo talks to Ron on phone that nothing was going as planned as Pre had got engagement postponed because of finger injury . She curses Pre for getting injured only on ring finger , why not the anywhere else on her body !!!

Komo asks Ron to bump off that car mechanic because he had revealed to Shekhar about the break failure , police could reach Komo n Ron thru that Mechanic . So he needed tk kill that guy .

Pre enters Komo’s room (not clear if she overheard Komo talking of her accident plot thru the mechanic )

AnuKom have usual tu tu main main over who Anu belonged to 

Pre assures AnuPre  were forever made for eachother .

She had put fake bandage on her hand n lied to Vir about her injury n got engagement postponed . She shows Komo Anu’s ring n says she didn’t wish to take off Anu’s ring . That’s why . 


Sharma family is looking for the adress of the Mechanic’s address .

Komo asks Ron to kill the mechanic as he could reveal to police about Ron n Komo connection in accident plotting .Anu suspect Vir of having dubious intentions , decides to investigate .

Police have caught the mechanic n brought him to PS 

Police says this guy was drunk at the moment .. but when he was sober he was surely going to reveal all about the accident n break failure .

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EDT Rules

as on 23.01.2020

- This is a reminder for everyone to keep EDT strictly for discussion of episode. Also, it would be expected that the members will keep their discussion healthy and constructive. However, you are free to discuss any particular scene of your liking or disliking making new posts.

- Social media posts/twitter/Insta posts are strictly not allowed in the EDT. All social media stuff can be shared in their respective ATs and use  EDT to share your views and not for what someone says in social media.

- Body Shaming/Age Shaming/Targeting/mocking/inciting/name calling/ moral policing members/fans/fandoms will not be tolerated anywhere in the forum and would be dealt strictly.

- TRPs should be discussed in TRP thread ONLY.

- You must STRICTLY refrain highly offensive animal references to characters.

- Last and most importantly, please use REPORT Button rather than taking things in your hand. Moderators are here for a reason and let them do their job. All you need to do is REPORT derogatory posts. Just because someone is breaking the rules doesn't give you the right to do so and later play victim card. Offenders/Instigator and Counter-offenders will be dealt with equality.

Thanks and Regards


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Originally posted by Koeli_Appy

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Please be careful of which word to use when referring to a child.



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Thanks for the update on advance 👍

Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks Suta for the update and ready for same old ghisi phiti liners between Prerna and Komo 😤 dekhe tho kuch nahi hota even Pre’s delivery bhi . Rant over 😂

Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks in advance for the update Suta 

Posted: 1 months ago

Thanks for the written update Suta smiley31

So Virajs wife is alivesmiley3

Yeh kya chal raha hai smiley29

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Originally posted by sreelakarlapale

Thanks for the update on advance 👍

Thank you Sreela 

What a beautiful sweet  name you have !! 

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 What an interesting episode! New developments! Viraj's wife Nitara is not only alive, he also loves her a lot! So komo is blackmailing him! But his parents also came for his rishta! So this means whole family is aware of Komo? 

Lots of questions! finally the rusty wheels of kzk storyline seem to have had some oiling! smiley2

Looking forward to seeing vir's back story and how anu discovers it! 

Thanks Suta for your persistence!smiley32

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 

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