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Episode begins with MJ telling Maya he wanted to shoot her . Rudra comes n questions his dad for his words to his bahu . Antara calms him by pointing out  the camera man entering .

Rudy apologises . He asks the family to sit tog n pose for family foto ..looks at maya and taunts ...what ever or who so ever entered the family ... maya glares at him .. 

He is informed that Maya disliked getting fotos clicked . MJ says he wanted their family foto on a mag cover as power family 

Rudy is surprised that she agreed for family foto shoot . Maya says as long as Rudy was with her she had no fears .. 

Rudy is impressed ..

As the go on with foto shoot maya feels uncomfortable as MJ stands next to her . Soon arudy goes away as he gets a phone call . Antara goes away for something lMJ n Maya left alone lMJ whispers to Maanvi that he remembered their previous encounters ..she gets very uncomfortable to the level of disgust .. she wants to go away for something but is stopped by MJ whispering Maanvi how much will you avoid me ??

MJ puts his arm on her shoulder n poses as she feels disgusted at MJ’s touch . Tolerates him with great self control . Poses for Maya MJ pics for the fotoshoot . 

May recollects how she had taken a steam bath last time zMJ touched her ..she got almost scalded removing his touch from her skin .

She goes to her bed room n looks for Rudy ..she gets tad scared as he is not there .. suddenly she is hugged by him . He comes n explains he had to go to mom dads room . She asks why ?? He says because she had occupied the washroom n he had to relieve morning pressure buildup in emergency .mayra dance tog on the romantic song .”pal ek pal ...”

Dreamy Mayra slow romance scenes as Rudra serenades Maya 

He is about to kiss her ... Maya’s eyes fall on a wall paper showing Roy family n she sees MJ ..all his past tortures come rushing into her mind and she  feels disgusted n pushes Rudra away . 
rudy is shocked .

He assures maya that he has promised her he will not touch her until she permitted him . Asks her to feel assures her wish will be honoured . This wedding was not binding contract for her ..she was free . Maya smiles n rests her head in her lap ..smiles and feels assured he will never do anything against her wishes . He caresses her head lovingly .

nets day at office Rudra tries to patch up with Anu as friends but she is very cross n in unforgiving mode .

She was ditched at the altar .. that was a huge blow for her . Did he realize what it meant ?? 
rudy says he was Anu’s friend but Anu denies .. he could not feel her pain so he was not even her friend . Anu collects her belongings n walks out of his office . Rudra says she was very important in his life . Pleads her to return but she is in no mood for that .she says they were not kids anymore that she was complaining that he had snatched her home work .. Rudra says if he had married Anu it would be very wrong for Maya Rudra n Ananya too, Anunsays so he had made his choice . And she was no more part of his life . 
next morning as Maya comes out of washroom ....she is handed a towel .. she thanks Rudra ..but to her utter shock it’s not Rudra but MJ 

He states that even if she scorched  herself with steam she will never get rid of his touch his presence .

MJ flirts with Maya n gets touchy .. he slides his hand up her arms n says how he is reminded of his old beautiful Maanvi .. whom he had found irresistible.

Maya gets very scared ..... MJ lusts ...His Maanvi .. his innocent Maanvi .. he touches her lustfully .. making  scared n  she squirms under his dirty touch ...cupping her face almost trying to kiss her .. 

Suddenly Rudra enters n MJ freezes he fakes he was loving his bahu . He lies about his gift for  her 
It’s a family necklace / choker Rudra stops MJ from putting it on Maya n he wants to give it to her . Antara is surprised at MJ’s move .
maya loves it as Rudra places the choker on her . They have moments of close bonding  .

MJ declares that next day they would arrange a grand reception for Rudra and Maya . All n sundry would be invited . They had to show their family power .

Rudra declares that he would like to introduce himself as Rudra Maya Jai Singh Roy . Times had changed ..why should the girl be the one to change her name every time ?? It was his wish tk be known by the name of his wife. She ugra looks at his beautiful wife lovingly n Maya looks at him with new found love . Ridra says  everyone was free  to chose what he would like to be known as . MJ  n Antara hide their  disappointment n shock . Maya then lovingly tells Rudra ..that she agreed it should be ones free will and she would love to be known as Mrs Maya Rudra Roy .Rudra caresses her affectionately . Maya then glares as she addresses MJ as “DAD” 


MJ has found Maya alone in her bed room n confronts her . He tries to get touchy with her as she resists he grabs her locks of hair n pulls her to him ..Hsiang mutters disgusting words to her n chops off locks of hair with his scissors . Maya is stunned . She is motionless as he almost fills up the room with locks of Maya’s hair .

Rudra returns to bedroom n is shocked at the sight before him !! 


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Thanx Suta

Excited to watchsmiley42

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Thanks Suta

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MJ.. Dude is such a kameenasmiley44

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Thanks Sutasmiley31smiley31

Im travelling smiley19

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Iss aadmi ka kya hogasmiley44

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Ye rishta ek azadi hai

.. Har dard se, har daag se.. smiley42

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The last paragraph MJ maya scene is that the precap?

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Jennifer Winget Ashish Chowdhry Shivin Narang Beyhadh 2 

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