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Epi 53 

The episode begins with ...... Sudhir telling Rudra that they were not narrating any story .. Rudra refuses to hear a word against his wife .. Maya Rudra Roy .. no o e could insult her . Rudy warns Dad that if he soured their rishtaa again after patching up after 10 yrs he will lose Rudy again .

Antara frets n fumes that her sons were bearing the brunt of his “ayiaashi” ..he should have killed her 10 yrs back . 
MJ then is asked to get rid of Maya ..she killed her Rishi. She fumes  

MJ says for killing her he had to separate her from Rudy .. 

only then can he kill maya but for the present he was worried for Rudra .

Anu and Maya have confrontation .. Anu lashes out at Maya n she retorts back ..but Rudra shouts at Anu for insulting his wife 

Sudhir gets infuriated that Rudy shouted at Anu ,,he is about to slap Rudy but Maya shields Rudy ....grabs his wrist angrily n  warns no one dare touch what belonged to her .. she had tolerated enough shit in the past but no more ..Sudhir feels threatened by Maya n he takes Anu away .. while leaving Maya shuts the door In Such a way hurting his  fingers n he writhes in pain ...Maya  loves watching him  in pain .

Antara warns MJ to get rid of Maya . Maya is confronted n threatened by MJ in presence of Antara..Diya..Sudhir ..Amir ...MJ grabs Maya by her neck n pins her to a wall ..Maya wants to go to Rudra n frees herself from his grip n walks away 

She comes to their room ..she looks around for Rudra .. she gets worried not seeing him ...soon he appears from behind the wall carrying a thaali n Kalash 

He places it on the floor before her ..pours kumkum in water n asks her to step in .. he apologises that these rasams were not done by his family .

BG song plays ..” I ki trah do Kadam to badha le ...” 

he asks her tk step into his house n his life .. he asks her tk step onto his shirt .. he promises to preserve this shirt all his life ., her foot prints will remain close to his heart life long 

maya is so impressed 

He then performs her Aarti with candle stand .. requests her to adjust .. she smiles as he does Aarti 

He thanks her for filling his life with light n asks her to fill his life with happiness ..Maya is al smiles as she stares at him lovingly .. 

Rudy apologises for what happened today .. Maya stops him by putting her hand on his lips ..Maya says today it was just them together n nothing else mattered .

She asks Rudy why did he lie for her ?? For Rishi’s?? 

Rudy says be cause he k ew the truth .. he could never hurt some one .. she could never kill any one .. he loved her ..he k ew his love could never kill his brother ..

Maya hugs Rudra .. in candle light 

maya thinks that day Rudra learnt the truth about her n Rishi he would start hating her m all this love with turn into hatred ..she could never allow that to happen .

Maya weeps n says she was not good enough for his  love .. 

he says she was Maya Jai Singh .. and he was Rudra Maya Jaisingh Roy .. Maya smiles at this .. he cups her face ..

He hears dad calling him .. he takes Maya along as he meets MJ n Antara 

MJ offers a bouquet of red roses n apologises for misbehaving with her . He says Rishi’s death for them confused 

He welcomes her into the family 

Rudy hugs his dad n thanks him ...Antara starts showering gher affections on Rudra .. while Maya accepts the bouquet of red roses he says the game had just begun .. 

lshe gets FB how she had told MJ that she loved a red roses ..

She looks at MJ feeling nervous .MJ announces that  MayRa had got married but he will celebrate now .. he declares they will have grand reception for Mayra ...

Maya glances at the huge bouquet of red roses n he winks at her saying “khel toh ab shuru huva hai Maya “ maya gets nervous n looks around for Rudra who is busy with His mom . MJ threatens to kill Maya .. .. she will never be able to fight MJ .. 

maya is seen butchering the bunch of red roses ,.. she then decides to calm down as she had to live in this house with Rudra n MJ both .. she had to learn to face red roses 


maya is taking a bath ..she is all covered with lather .. n the cold water stops running ..she is left with boiling hot water n a steamy room .. 

MJ muses that she will feel the what now . She will remember his touch maya recollects how MJ had touched her all over .. 

Next scene  MJ tries to get touchy with Maya n she gets scared .

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Traveling so will depend on your Updates Sutasmiley31


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Originally posted by Armu4eva

Traveling so will depend on your Updates Sutasmiley31

Relax my dear Tanu smiley31

Will be there for you .

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Thanks for the LU Suta 

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Maya shielded Rudy boysmiley42

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Maya tu pagal hai

She loves Rudra ye bolne ki kya zaroorat thi?

Apni kamzori kaun batata hai Dushman Ko?

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Posted: 9 days ago why did Maya venture into their room to reveal her weaknesses...Rudra & MJ’s fear😒...this woman confuses me!!

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Omggg Rudy boy is lovesmiley42smiley42

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