11.02.2020: Written Update : Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

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Posted: 11 days ago

Part 1

Amber says my pain din end after Anjali death. Am scared. Kabir says only he can cure the pain. They turn hearing a sneeze. It's Guneet & Ruhi. Amber walks off. Kabir greets Guneet. Nia asks what Amber said, Kabir says he is scared. 

Guneet said day after tomorrow. Anurag comes to pick Ruhi. Guneet mom insists for tea. Anurag asks about Ruhi and then tells her to share if she feels pressured. Guneet says he must be. Guneets mom asks for dropping to Noida. Anurag offers. Guneet resists. Ruhi comes and calls Anurag ullu. Guneet is shocked. Anurag laughs saying nice things taught. They leave 

Later Nia comes to Amber to play Rummy. He says sleepy but Nia insists. Nia cheats, Amber catches. Nia shares a story about office lady being sad. How kids grew, left her alone. Amber asks so? Nia asks what should she do? Amber says every deck has two extra cards. Nia says to complete the deck. Amber says to play. Nia suggests him to do same. Nia says know you like someone. Amber asks how she knows? Nia says am intelligent too. Nia says went to meet her right? But got scared? Don't be. You are already close. Don't wanna meet her? She already is part of your life. When did you talk to mom last? Amber is emotional. Nia says mom would be happy for you. Give yourself another chance. Leaving you alone to decide. Nia hugs him. She leaves. Amber talks to Nia mom pic and asks see how grown she is. Can't see you crying. I need to move forward. You are always with me. 

Randip comes to meet Nia in her room with his luggage. 

Amber messages Guneet on app that he is ready to meet. Nia-Randip sneak into spare guest room with Guneet help. Amber messages wanna meet if you are ready. Nia drops a vase. Amber screams out Guneets name. Asks the matter. Guneet screams back & Amber drops his phone in garbage can. 

Part 2

Guneet screams back on Amber and he fumes on her for screaming. Guneet says doggy barked. Amber fumes and he rushes to find his phone. Guneet blames him back. Amber checks garbage can and it's egg crust. The two fight. Guneet signals Nia-Randip to rush and they go. Nia comes and asks why noise? Amber blames Guneet and Guneet says Amber dropped phone in garbage. Guneet leaves. Amber retrieves phone from garbage. Nia says will take a day to work. Amber is shocked and curses Guneet. 

Part 3

Nia makes Amber clean the phone, put in rice box till morning. Nia says goodnight. Amber does not wanna move. Nia leaves. Amber falls asleep at kitchen. Next day morning. Amber tries to open Mobile but it doesn't work. He sulks. Feels conscious about his physique. Guneet bring coffee for Randip. He thanx for place to sleep. Amber gets ready to go out and says Bawra Mann you changed me. 

Precap-- Guneet tells Anurag have done everything alone in life. Amber messages Guneet on the chat. 

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Posted: 10 days ago

thank u for ur  update ..god bless u

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 

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