Thoughts about the first episode

Posted: 16 days ago

Your thoughts about the first episode

Posted: 16 days ago

its good epi...some realistic things from that era used to happen n some little bit of flimy ..

though I like the new girl cute she is sply with her question

hero is good though he has more scope for improvement I feel....

tbh main story will start from tomorrow, today they have laid the base...

two different worlds how met n how that British opened eyes of ML...

(little cliche ) or may be sometimes like someone from outside need to open the eyes by pushing more ...m more curious how ML will help FL

as hope what they have shown in promo will give us not anything else 

Posted: 16 days ago

The little girl is cute . Being a widow meant immense pain even if u were not Hindu. 

Posted: 16 days ago

I have stopped watching fiction shows for quite some time now because of the rubbish content but I thought of giving a try to Barrister Babu simply because of the promo. I hope it stays this way till the end and hope the PH don't spoil it midway. Coming to the episode, it was good. Loved Bonita's non stop questionnaire to her mama and mami. Even till today a widow has problems, maybe it's less in the city but it is relevant in the village. Liked the way the Britisher opened the eyes of the male lead. Truth always hurts and that is what the Britisher did. But, how will the male lead be able to accept Bonita since it looks like he's in love with someone else. I hope we get the answer soon. 

Posted: 16 days ago

The show has opened up with a great theme. And the 1st episode has shown the plotline is fresh and new. I just hope it prevails like this. Would love to see this story unfold.

Posted: 16 days ago


Posted: 15 days ago

Nice episode.

Promo's are interesting.

Looking forward.

Posted: 15 days ago

I am a little late but it was good but so felt like it should have been longer. It felt too short to be a first episode more like the second but it was still really good. Especially bondita, she is so cute.

Barrister Babu 

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