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Epi 52 

The episode begins with ... Maya unwrapping her wedding present 

It’s a doll house with multiple stories n all her enemies were placed in various rooms at various levels 

She declares she will destroy all of them by n by ..only ridra will be spared because she loved him n she would save him. Even at the cost of her life .

She pours inflammable oil over it n sets it slight by a match stick .. she smiles 

She prays to god n is amazed that she never expected to fall for Rudra ..lord had taken her this way .. she is sure he will show her the way .. she was nearing her destination soon 

In her room Antara is fretting g n fuming ,,over Maya n threatens to reveal everything to Ridra .. but MJ  comes n warns Antara not to breathe a word to Rudra  .

MJ says he had got his Rudra back after ages n he was. It going to lose him at any cost L.A. or emotes n reveals that Anu had send he a pic that resembles Maya was a sketch drawn by Rishi ,, anu suspected Maya was Rishi’s GF ,,..she had shared it with aircraft’s too but no one believed her .

Maya gets FBs as Maya is tortured n bested uo mercikessly n she looses her child . she pleads MJ to let her go .. MJ rep,ies that he had tries all ways to send her away ,, saam daam dand bhed ... gave her money .. made fool  of her .. betrayed her threatened her but she refused to pay any heed .. she was going ahead to defame Him at  press conference . MJ watches as Maya is tortured mercilessly by MJ’s strong men until she is semiconscious ... n she is then thrown off a steep hill side .,she falls into a muddy ditch ... 

Maanvi howls  as she loses her baby ...covered with mud all over .. helpless ..writhing in pain .. 

maya fumes with fury as she recollects her horrifying experiences .. 

BG Maanvi climbing out of the ditch where she was left to die ... 

with great efforts she managed to pull herself up .. but she is disoriented n gets hit by speeding car ... she is rescued n taken tk hosp .. 

maya remembers that she was reborn after that night . One who was reborn had the might to destroy MJ 

“ Jo mar kar janam leta hai wohi mrityunjai ko maar Sakta hai ..” 

MJ is seen manhandling Maya ,,he grabs her neck n accuses her of killing Rishi .. n now he was going to avenge that .

All MJ, his  family n friends surround Maya looking at her with hatred .. MJ declares he had had enough of her Maanvi Singh .. he will not torture her n she will beg him for ending her life but he will ....not let her go !!

Rudra arrives n pulls MJ away from Maya n shouts at dad for accusing n attacking Maya .MJ accuses Maya of killing Rishi n now he was going to kill her .

Rudra shields Maya n challenges Dad ..he dare not kill Maya or touch her .. .. he wa sher husband .. she was his love .. his wife .. his everything .. he would. It let any one touch or harm maya lMJ would have to kil Ridra first .

Everyone shouts at Rudra for getting trapped by Maya .. that she was Rishi’s killer 

Rudra supports Maya n shields her .. 

Rudy declares Maya was with him when Rishi was dying .. 

Anu reminds that he was lying .. when Rishi was dying .. Rudra corrects Anu that he remembers very well that at engagement he got a call from Maya n he rushed out to meet her 

maya remained with him by his side when they both discovered Rishi.

All are stunned 

Rudra is shown the sketch Anu had found in Rishi’s room .. Rudra says this was Mayra’s sketch ,, Mayra was the one who was Rishi’s GF and the one who fired at dad .

He warns Anu to be careful when talking of Maya ..she was his wife now .  
Ananya feels insulted .. n betrayed . 


MJ declares that they will celebrate Maya Ridra wedding .theu will throw a grand reception for Maya Rudra wedding lMj gifts maya n huge bouquet of red roses lhe declares maya n Rudra were married but he was the one who wound celebrate ..he gets touchy with Maya n winks at her suggestively .Maya feels disgusted n scared 

Her mind starts thinking 

Ridra is seen dancing with Antara ..unawares of what was transpiring between Maya n MJ 

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Looks like a difficult episode with Amir-Sudhir having kidnapped Manvi. God I can't wait for Rudy to find out the reality of his family. He won't spare anyone. 

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Maya got a dollhouse with cutouts of her 8 sinnerssmiley36 and putting it on fire. 

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Posted: 10 days ago

Diya is so done with Anatara's  bs!smiley36

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Posted: 10 days ago

Anu ne drawing dikha di maya ki by rishismiley44

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Posted: 10 days ago

Ok...this is enough! Can’t watch this anymore. I want these beasts to be killed right now...kill bill...beaten to death by Rudta & Maya! Each one of them is going to face a very horrible merciless death! I want a scene where Maya describes to Rudra what each of them did to her & he does the same to them🤬

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They threw her in a ditch to diesmiley19

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Posted: 10 days ago

Why is Rudra telling lies.? 

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Jennifer Winget Ashish Chowdhry Shivin Narang Beyhadh 2 

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