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A very nice initiative smiley32smiley20

Posted: 1 months ago

That's an amazing idea :D 

Koeli, Ur work! <333

Posted: 1 months ago

Thank you so kuch Billicat .. this is an amazing idea smiley20.. 

More than that am happy to see you here ...smiley31 Missed you .


Loved your creations Koeli .... looking forwards to some dance videos too .. smiley42

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Parody song is allow here? 

Posted: 1 months ago

Great initiativesmiley20smiley10

I am a writer. Being a daughter of an Army officer, I am honoured to share this poem that i wrote in honour of Martyrs and all soldiers who are serving our country

Nation is safe at a price,

Let's honour the supreme sacrifice

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Ooo I am so much into such deep poems. smiley27I would love to know the inner meaning of this. smiley32


such beautiful art <3 smiley27 You are so talented *cries*

@gallvanter @Braveheartdoc @Leenaa

Thank you smiley31


How have you been? missed you toosmiley31

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Parody song as in you will change the lyrics of already existing song? It shouldn't be offensive.smiley9


That poem gave me goosebumpssmiley32smiley27

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Hey my name is Neera . I am a 16 year old Indian girl btw smiley9.

I write poetries , and I am posting 2 poems of mine here. 

I am a spirit 

I am a spirit with highest serenity of moon .
I am a spirit drenched in depth of sea of love.
I am a spirit scorched in fire of rage.
I am a spirit blown away by wind of fear.
I am a spirit pierced by poisonous thorns.
I am a spirit applauded by garland of oyster .
I am a spirit lost in far stretches of desert.
I am a spirit found out in scenery of woods.
I am a spirit enlightened in shine of stars.
I am a spirit cursed with dark of eclipse.
I am a spirit blessed with rays of Krishna .
I am a spirit insane in love with myself.
What am I,,,,
I am just a spirit .

By Neera 


Illusion of reality 

I smile watching scintillating fiery
A fury of stars and galaxies
Fire is not sparking
Echelon of smoke not covered skies
Sand is not irritating my eyes
Kids are not starving
Mothers hadn't lost their children
wives are not screaming
Lands are still home to creatures
Waters is still with high waves
White flowers are still blooming
Butterflies are still dancing
Birds are still making love
Red maple is still growing beautifully
Lily of incus is still favorite of honey bee
Everything is beautiful but scary ,
Nothing never last forever .
These falling star, a genie of wishes once ,
Now seem to be a messenger ,
Of something very unknown but am very scared .
This is depressing .
More scary, I am not understanding beauty of this nature .
I am fearing for something
What if we lost this beauty ,
What if we are the only reason of it .
What if innocence of eyes of animals is betrayed ,
By us only .
What if humanity extinct ,
But human left .
What if development of technology is on the cost ,
Of destroying human values .
Am not predicting all these in air ,
It is happening ,
Every second we looses our one part of humanity to devil .
Every second we destroy what we even can't think .
Every second we do something very unimportant things we should not .
I just hope all this world to
Be magical like fairy tale .
Never ending magic and laugh .
I don't see any hope we can be mature ,
Enough to accept truth of living .
We are living in a reality ,
Which is a illusion .
It's a reality of our thoughts
Not a reality with moral of humans .
Yes being human is a bliss ,
It's a blessing ,
But we have some duties to do .
We have to respect this space ,
We have to respect this nature ,
We have to respect ourselves ,
We are not a entertainer of other ,
We are a hero of our existence ,
We are a saviour of others ,
We have some work to do .
But we are doing something wrong ,
Very wrong ,
I can't explain it but can feel it .
It's very hard to connect my words .
But it's just a thing
That feel the reality
Not the illusion of be in false reality .

By Neera

Do not copy. I am the only original writer of this poetry. It is posted on instagram by my account only IE, Divine works. 

Again do not copy. 

I am eager to read your reactions. smiley4

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