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Posted: 6 months ago


Hello Guys! 

We have so many creative people around here, so I just thought of making a thread where we all can post our art. It can be anything from poems, pencil drawing, digital art, jacket painting, pottery, calligraphy etc etc. 

You can even post your songs or dance videos or you playing any musical instruments. 

You can post your artwork as well as compliment other people's art work.


You can post a maximum of 3 images/videos in one post. 

 Don't spam by quoting each and every post in a row.

If you are going to be a regular uploader, you can reserve a post for updating which all pages you are uploading your art. You  can PM me the link to this reserved post where you have listed your art work and I will update it to page 1 with your name. 

Don't bash anyone.Be kind while replying to other artist.

Even if you aren't an artist, you are welcome in this post. You can enjoy the art by others. 

Follow IF COC.

PM me in case you have any questions.


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Posted: 6 months ago

Artist Index:

BilliCat. : Page 1

Alexia_Wilson: Page 1

Koeli_Appy : Page 1

Viswasruti : Page 10

Please DM me to be added here

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Posted: 6 months ago

BilliCat.'s Index

Poems : 

 page 2 


Page 7 : Digital art Seokjin, jacket art-Alladin

Page 8: Sky

page 17: water colour northern lights

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Posted: 6 months ago

Alexia's Index

A crime of time or rage?

A dance of darkness or fright?

A Blood's Heir

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Posted: 6 months ago

A crime of time or rage?

What's there to judge 

About a heinous crime

Caused by a deadly grudge

Or by a man against time

No one my dear is dark and light

No one has mercy and plight

Its either you succeed by your rage

Or fail and be forever in the cage

Posted: 6 months ago


Sketching 1


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Posted: 6 months ago

Great initiative Chai! Let's get the cats out of the bag 😉

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