AnuPre/ParIca#196-Happy Valentine’s Day

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important if anyone wants to contribute to Anupre/Parica AT 200 please start preparing now (includes messages and if you make signatures/VMs)

Send messages to Leenaaa only

-say why you like the AT

-your thoughts on us crossing the 200 mark

-Can add why this AT and anupre/parica are irreplaceable for them?? 

-how you became a fan of anupre/parica and what you love most about them

- can mention favourite scene of anupre & favourite interviews/vlogs/livechat of parica

-any memories you have of the AT

- you can send in any VMs,creations poems or raps for the AT (optional)

-you can talk about our journey as an AT and AnuPre/ParIca's journey

talk about anupre parica or members only. no mentioning of other characters or actors negatively. positive comments only. Negative comments can be deleted at our discretion 

Messages should be given by AT 198 finishes

No messages related to their personal life(dating) controversy. Positive messages about AT members/AT admins and moderators only

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Respect ✊ 

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You 1

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