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Epi 51 

The episode begins with ... Maya lying on her bed n recollects her past ..

FB begins as Manvi weeps to Antara n shares she voes .. Antara assures Maanvi of her support n takes her to MJ 

FB ands 

Maya confronts Diya and Antara that 10 yrs back they had brought Maanvi this very path n takes her to  MJ and assures her of support.
FB shows Antara getting Maanvi to MJ ...”main tumhe insaaf  dilaungi “ n throws her ruthlessly at MJ’s feet Antara asks MJ to do what ever he wanted out side the house ... his rang rakiyaan .....she did not  want any of this “kachra” in her house . Antara shouts at Maanvi that she was Mrs Antara Roy n she didn't want to see this woman in this house .nor in this city 

She goes out n MJ starts manhandling Maanvi mercilessly as She weeps helplessly .

FB ends 

Diya looks at Maya n says she was the same 10 yrs back lshe is the same now ..Giri huvi.... fallen woman ... Antara trips n falls ..Maya taunts that she fell again .. never mind ...reminds how Natara had claimed to be Mrs Roy ... but this time Maya was standing here as Mrs Roy .. she asks Antara to give aashirvaad to her DIL.

Maya fakes affection to Antara as Rudra  arrives .. Antara n Diya are shocked to see the drastic change in Maya .. Maya impresses Rudra by saying she was helping Antara .. Rudra says he knows ..he tells Antara that on the day of party how Maya saved Antara from drowning in the tub .. Antara is shocked as she gets FB of her falling into bathtub .

Rudra assures her maya would always help Antara 

Maya says they had “purana rishta “

Antara gets scared n makes a haste retreat ...

Not before Maya says they better watch their step lest she trips again .

Maya then mutters his a woman only understand another woman’s pain .

FB scene of MJ manhandling torturing Maanvi . She pleads Antara to help her being a woman Antara adds this is the pain she suffered when her husband MJ touched her ., 

MJ’s driver Jogi  comes n pleads MJ to let the girl alone he will take care of the girl

MJ orders  her that she should not be seen in this  city .ever again lshe driver Jogi  takes her away .. Maanvi had make the driver her Rakhee brother .

The driver Jogi advises Maanvi that MJ was very dangerous , he might threaten her family too .. they are big people very rich ..n powerful ..she better abort the child n go far away from MJ for her safety . at a celebration press hound MJ for calling Antara his wife n his love .. when a girl has accused him of betraying her after getting her pregnant with his child reporters question her but MJ brushes it off as attempt to defamation .

Antara whiskers that if she hear another word about his affair again she will walk out of his life with her two sons . MJ tries time cover up 

At her house Maanvi is asked to join the family for dinner by her parents .. but she is weeping in her room .. she seeks strength from God to reveal her truth to her family . She says her family was in danger because of her .. but this was not her fault ..she was betrayed in love .. if she did not reveal . Truth tk her family they will face humiliation . Jogi calls Maanvi n she reveals she was unable tk abort her child 
the same night Amir n Sudhir accompanied by a goon force entry Into Maanvi’s house .. her bro Manas n Nandini confront them .. Maya is asked tk join them for important work they show her a gun 

Maanvi hugs Manas n asks him tk take care of Mother . She leaves with Sudhir n Amir .. feeling helpless .. 

FB ends 

Maya gays call from nandini asking her health .. maya assures her mom .. maya then asks Rajiv never again she wanted to hear Mom’s voice in this house . She smiles as she tells Rajiv he could greet her on her wedding .. n cuts the call leaving behind a bewildered Rajiv .

A servant gets a huge gift that was delivered on her name .. Maya receives with a smile,e saying it was her wedding gift ...


Same as last episode 

MJ is manhandling Maya .. Antara, Diya, Amir, Sudhir ,

Surround them as MJ threatens her that she had killed Rishi n now she could meet the same fate as him . How did she think she will re enter his life again n go scot free !! Maya glares at MJ n tries to smirk .

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More of Mayas past..smiley23

Hope we get to see #MayRasmiley27 

Thanx Sutasmiley31

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Posted: 11 days ago

Thanks Suta.. smiley31smiley10.

I'm stuck in office..  smiley19 Your update is savior smiley27

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Posted: 11 days ago

Haila Manvi with Antara flashback.... 

Maya ne dress change ki.. 

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Main tumhe insaaf dilaaungismiley37 kya mast joke maara resmiley37

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Posted: 11 days ago

DiJay ka scene chal raha tha kya?smiley37

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Posted: 11 days ago

Mrs Roy se piyakkad kab bani aap madam?

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Posted: 11 days ago

Antara is so kameeni omgggg

Calling Manvi kachra.. 

Diya called Maya giri hui.. 

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