Junooniyat(Obsession)RiKara AsHlok FF Part2

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This FF is the remake of my old 2012  FF with some changes. Earlier it was remade for other couples also.Now I am posting this FF on PreeRan-RishTa also with the title ‘Junoon’.But it is not exactly the same.Though the story is same,some scenes and dialogues are different.

Thanks to my dearest friend ashpat3 for making a sweet banner for this FF.

We all know that Omkara and Gauri are meant for each other.Shlok and Asha are also made for each other.

But what if Omkara falls in love with Gauri’s twin sister Asha and Gauri falls in love with Omkara’s elder brother Shlok?

How can Omkara and Gauri be meant for each other if Gauri is destined to marry Shlok?

Will Omkara realize that his true love is Gauri and not Asha?How will Shlok realize that it is Asha who is meant for him?

Will Gauri realize that her true love is Omkara and not Shlok?Will Omkara realize that Gauri is his true love and not Asha?

What will be destiny’s game to unite Omkara -Gauri and Shlok-Asha?

Tej Singh Oberoi and Jhanvi Singh Oberoi

The parents of Shlok and Omkara.
Shlok Singh Oberoi

The eldest son of Tej and Jhanvi.He is reserved in nature.

Omkara Singh Oberoi

The youngest son of Tej and Jhanvi.He is a very jovial fun loving extrovert guy.
Harshwardhan Sharma and Surbhi Sharma

The loving Parents  of the identical  twin sisters Gauri and Asha.

Gauri Sharma

A very quiet sweet girl.Quite traditional also.

Asha Sharma

A bold stylish fun loving extrovert girl.


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Lovely CSsmiley9Banner is also nicesmiley1Looking forward to the first chaptersmiley20

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It will be a complicated situation getting the two couples swapped around.

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Congrats on this FF! 

amazing prologue! 

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Junooniyat (Obsession) Part 1

Tej and Jhanvi call Shlok and Omkara to the drawing room.
Tej:We called you both to tell you an important thing.You guys are still playing.You both had enough.We have decided to get both of you married.

They are shocked.
So soon?

OMKARA:Why in a hurry?

Tej:Hurry?You guys have reached the right age to get married.
Jhanvi smiles.
JHANVI:Don't worry.If you both see the girls we have chosen,you both will be in a hurry to get married.
Omkara asked in a sarcastic manner:Why?Are they that beautiful?
JHANVI:Yes.I want both of you to get married to beautiful girls.One's wife should not be more beautiful than the other one's wife.So we have chosen twin sisters.
SHLOK:Twin sisters?
JHANVI:Ya.Gauri and Asha.Asha matches Omkara as they both are bubbly.Gauri is sweet and quiet like Shlok.
Jhanvi shows them the photograph of Gauri and Asha.Shlok and Omkara are truly impressed by the sisters.Jhanvi and Tej smiled seeing their facial expression.
Tej:Now what do you guys say?Ready for the marriage or not?

Shlok and Omkara blush:Ya..we are ready.

Tej-Jhanvi smile.

Shlok and Omkara go to see Asha and Gauri.Asha and Gauri come with tea and sweets.Shlok and Omkara can't take their eyes off their respective partners.

They go to 2 different rooms to talk.
Shlok and Gauri are so shy that they can't talk.Slowly Shlok looks at her with a soft smile.

She was looking down due to shyness and nervousness.

She looks at him shyly.They smile at each other.

Suddenly he notices her bare ear.

SHLOK:Your ear?You did’nt put earring on this ear?

She touches her ear:Oh..my earring is missing.

Shlok notices childish sorrow.

SHLOK:Don’t worry,you will get your earring back.

Suddenly he sees an earring lying on the floor.He takes it with a smile.She does’nt see it.Without thinking anything he puts the earring on her ear.For a moment she was numb.

She becomes shy.

Slowly a smile appeared on their faces.

Gauri:Thank you.

Shlok smiles:No mention.

She smiles softly.

Omkara is staring at Asha with a mischievous expression on his face.

Asha observes Omkara.

Asha:You always grow your hair like this?


Asha:Because you look like a crazy hippi with your long hair.
Omkara is embarassed.
Omkara:You find me crazy?
She chuckles extending her tongue to tease him..

Omkara is lost in her bubbly smile.He forgets his embarrassment and lets himself drown in her smile.


Their father 

 Their mother Surbhi:Gauri...did you like Shlok?

Gauri looks at Shlok with a smile.She is very shy.She nods her head.Shlok is very happy.
Asha:I liked Omkara.
Omkara is happy.
Harshwardhan:Did you guys like my daughters?
Omkara and Shlok smile.Harshwardhan is very happy.

Jhanvi:See…I knew that you both will like Gauri and Asha.

They all smile.

Gauro is in the temple worshiping God..Shlok stands near her without realizing that she is the one ho standing there..They don't see each other.

When Shlok turns his face he sees Gauri.He is surprised to see her near him.He feels very happy.

SHLOK:Hi Gauri.
Gauri is surprised to see him near her.
Gauri:You?I did'nt know that you are here.
Shlok smiles.
Shlok:Do you come here regularly?
Gauri:Yes.Goddess is my strength.
He smiles.

Shlok:God is my best well wisher.That’s why he gave me a lovely partner like you.

She blushes.
Gauri:I have to leave now.
Shlok:Ok.See you..we will be there on your birthday.We have been invited for your's and Asha's birthday party.
She smiles.

Omkara goes to a restaurant.There he is surprised to see Asha.He gets excited and sits near her.Asha is surprised to see him near her.

Asha:Omkara?How did you know that I am here?

Omkara:Do you think that I am following you?How will I know that you are here?It’s a pure coincidence that I also came to the same restaurant.Seeing you I thought I will sit near you and we will have a chat.What say?



Omkara called the waiter and ordered food.

Omkara:What about you?

Asha:No thanks.I already ordered.


The waiter brings the food and both Om and Asha get excited seeing the food.

They grab the food plate saying:Wow!

Suddenly they both look at each other.

Om:You also had the same reaction seeing the food.Same facial expression.

Asha:How come we both have the same reaction?

Om looks at her deeply:Because we both are alike.That’s why our parents decided to join us.

Asha smiles.

Gauri and Asha are in the room…
Asha:Gauri..did you really like that guy Shlok?
Gauri blushes:Yes.
Asha:Whom did you like?Omkara or Shlok?
Gauri:Why are you asking such a stupid question?Dad chose Shlok for me.So I did'nt even notice Omkara.
Asha:But i noticed both.Omkara is really crazy.But Shlok is mature.You are lucky to have Shlok.

Gauri:Sometimes you are really crazy.

That may be the reason why dad chose Omkara for you.

Asha is embarrassed:Gauriiii

Gauri giggles.Asha also laughs.

Shlok and Omkara go for the birthday party.
They are stunned to see Gauri and Asha in the same kind of dress.

Asha:How will you recognize who Asha and Gauri are?

Shlok and Omkara are confused.
Gauri and Asha smile seeing their condition.
Omkara whispers to Shlok's ears:I have an idea.You just say that their dressing is horrible.
SHLOK:What nonsense?How can i say that?They will be hurt.Not only that.Their dress is very beautiful.
Omkara:Just tell.Otherwise we won't be able to identify our partner.
SHLOK:Ok.But why me?Why can't you say that?
Omkara:You tell bro.
Shlok's lips shiver.
SHLOK:Eh...eh...actually..actually..this dress does'nt suit you both.
Their face becomes dull.
Shlok regrets hurting them.
One among them gets angry:What?Our dress is not good?

Shlok never expected this outburst.He is embarrassed.
SHLOK:I'm sorry.

Omkara laughs.

OMKARA:Bro.That was just my trick to find out who Asha was..She is Asha.Only Asha can get angry hearing someone passing horrible comments on her dress.She is very conscious about her dressing as well as other’s dressing.

Asha is embarassed.

Gauri and Shlok giggle.
Asha:Omkara…you are too much.And you Shlok..you supported you funny brother Omkara?
Shlok and others just giggle.

Gauri and Asha cut the birthday cake and feed it to Harshwardhan and Surbhi.
Omkara goes near Asha.
OMKARA:I have to admit one thing.Even though you are talkative,spicy,short tempered and over smart you are interesting.

Asha smirks.She puts attitude and says:O really?But I find you boring.

Omkara is embarassed.:Me boring?Never.

Shlok tells Gauri:What I told is not true.Your dress is really beautiful.You look very pretty in this attire.

Gauri blushes.

Omkara is watching them with a smile.He looks at Asha.
OMKARA:Asha..Shlok and Gauri are a perfect pair.Right?
She  smiles.

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The pairs got matched up based on similar personalities. But maybe opposites might attract?

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This reminded me of ff similar to that of preeran. The couples are matched on similar qualities. I guess Rikara & ashlok will realize their true love & unite.

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yes.the preeran ff has the same story.but the couples will have different scenes here. hope you noticed it.thanks

Originally posted by vatika_r

This reminded me of ff similar to that of preeran. The couples are matched on similar qualities. I guess Rikara & ashlok will realize their true love & unite.

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