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Junoon (Obsession) Prologue

This FF is the remake of my old 2012  FF with some changes. Earlier it was remade for other couples also.

This is a Karan-Preeta 

and Rishab-Amrita(Shraddha Arya)

 FF.Both pairs will get equal importance.So both DheeSha and ManSha fans won't be disappointed.

Thanks to my dearest friend ashpat3 for making a sweet banner for this FF.

We all know that Karan and Preeta are meant for each other.Rishab and Amrita are also made for each other.

But what if Karan falls in love with Preeta’s twin sister Amrita and Preeta falls in love with Karan’s elder brother Rishab?

How can Karan and Preeta be meant for each other if Preeta is destined to marry Rishab?

Will Karan realize that his true love is Preeta and not Amrita?How will Rishab realize that it is Amrita who is meant for him?

Will Preeta realize that her true love is Karan and not Rishab?Will Karan realize that Preeta is his true love and not Amrita?

What will be destiny’s game to unite Karan -Preeta and Rishab-Amrita?

Mahesh Luthra and Rakhi Luthra

The parents of Rishab and Karan.

Rishab Luthra

The eldest son of Mahesh and Rakhi.He is reserved in nature.

Karan Luthra

The youngest son of Mahesh and Rakhi.He is a very jovial fun loving extrovert guy.

Sarla Arora

A single mother to the identical  twin sisters Preeta and Amrita.

Preeta Arora

A very quiet sweet girl.Quite traditional also.

Amrita Arora

A bold stylish fun loving extrovert girl.

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Congrats on the new story! 

awesome prologue and fab cs 

Posted: 13 days ago

Congratulations on the new story.  Interesting prologue.

Posted: 8 days ago

Pls do continue your story. It's a good concept

Posted: 7 days ago

thanks a lot friends

Junoon (Obsession) Part 1

Mahesh and Rakhi call Rishab and Karan to the drawing room.
Mahesh:We called you both to tell you an important thing.You guys are still playing.You both had enough.We have decided to get both of you married.
They are shocked.
KARAN:So soon?In a hurry?
Mahesh:Hurry?You guys have reached the right age to get married.

Rakhi smiles.
RAKHI:Don't worry.If you both see the girls we have chosen,you both will be in a hurry to get married.

Karan asked in a sarcastic manner:Why?Are they that beautiful?
RAKHI:Yes.I want both of you to get married to beautiful girls.One's wife should not be more beautiful than the other one's wife.So we have chosen twin sisters.
RISHAB:Twin sisters?
RAKHI:Ya.Preeta and Amrita.Amrita matches Karan as they both are bubbly.Preeta is sweet and quiet like Rishab.
Rakhi shows them the photograph of Preeta and Amrita.Rishab and Karan are truly impressed by the sisters.Rakhi and Mahesh smiled seeing their facial expression.

Karan:Bhai....you liked her?

Rishab blushes:Ya...

Rakhi:Now say..are you guys ready for marriage?

Rishab-Karan reply together:Yes.

Mahesh and Rakhi smile.

Mahesh:Tomorrow we will go to their house to see them.Be ready.

Karan and Rishab smile.

Rishab and Karan go to see Amrita and Preeta.Amrita and Preeta come with tea and sweets.Rishab and Karan can't take their eyes off their respective partners.

They go to 2 different rooms to talk.
Rishab and Preeta are so shy that they can't look at each other and talk.

She looks at him.She becomes conscious seeing him looking at her.She smiles with tension.He also smiles with tension.

Rishab shivers due to nervousness:My name is Rishab. What's your name?Preeti?

Preeta notices him sweat.

Preeta takes  a tissue paper and gives him.

Preeta:You are sweating a lot.Take this.

He is  embarrassed.
RISHAB:Sorry...I...actually I don't know how to talk to a girl.
They both giggle.

Preeta:No problem.And my name is not Preeti.It is Preeta.

Rishab smiles:Lovely name.

Preeta smiles.

Karan is staring at Amrita with a mischievous expression on his face.

Amrita observes Karan.

Amrita asks him smirking:You always wear this kind of shirts?



Amrita:I feel you need to improve your dress style.

Karan is embarrassed.
Karan:You find my shirt funny?
She chuckles.

Karan is lost in her bubbly smile.He forgets his embarrassment and lets himself drown in her smile.

Amrita:I think we don’t need anything else to talk.


Karan wanted to talk more.

But Amrita went to the front room.

Their mother 
Sarla:Preeta...did you like Rishab?

Preeta looks at Rishab with a smile.She is very shy.She nods her head.Rishab is very happy.
Amrita:I liked Karan.
Karan is happy.
Sarla:Did you guys like my daughters.
Karan and Rishab smile.Sarla is very happy.

Rakhi:See…I knew that you both will like Preeta and Amrita.

They all smile.

Preeta and Amrita are in the room…
Amrita:Preeta..did you really like that guy Rishab?
Preeta blushed:Yes.

Amrita:Whom did you like?Karan or Rishab?
Preeta:Why are you asking such a stupid question?Dad chose Rishab for me.So I did'nt even notice Karan.
Amrita:But i noticed both.Karan is really crazy.But Rishab is mature.You are lucky to have Rishab.

Preeta:Sometimes you are really crazy.That may be the reason why dad chose Karan for you.

Amrita was embarrassed:Preetaaaa

Preeta giggled.

Rishab is in the temple.Preeta stands near him unknowingly to pray.They don't see each other.

When Rishab turns his face he sees Preeta.He is surprised to see her near him.He feels very happy.

RISHAB:Hi Preeta.
Preeta is surprised to see him near her.
Preeta:You?I did'nt know that you are here.
Rishab smiles.

RISHAB:Preeta...did you really mean it?


He is shy.He looks down and stammers:That you liked me...

She blushes:Ya.

He smiles seeing her positive reaction.
Rishab:Thank you Preeta for coming into my life.I never thought that a girl would make me forget myself so fast.
She blushes.

Preeta: I have to go now.

RISHAB:Ok.See you..we will be there on your birthday.We have been invited for your's and Amrita's birthday party.
She smiles.

Karan is driving the car thinking of Amrita.Suddenly he realizes that due to his driving muddy water got splashed on a girl on the road.He stops the car and goes near her:Oh...I am so sorry.

She stares at him:How dare you?

They both are shocked to see each other as it is Amrita.


Amrita:Our marriage is fixed.Still you did this to me?

Karan:Chill...I did'nt do it purposefully.Actually you are the main culprit.This happened only because of you.

Amrita responds angrily:What did I do?Don't blame me.

Karan:You captured my heart.So while driving also I am thinking only about you.That's why I failed to notice you on the road.

Amrita:What nonsense!

Karan:It's not nonsense,it's a fact that now 24 hours I am imagining you.

Amrita says sarcastically:You are imagining me.But you can't see the real me.Too bad.

Karan:Ok.I will clean your dress.

Amrita:No need.You spoiled my dress.Now no more favours from you.

Karan smirks:By the way you look cuter when you are angry.So I guess after marriage also I have to keep irritating you so that you will look cuter.

Amrita is really getting angry:Youuuuuuuuuuu....

Karan laughs.

Rishab and Karan go for the birthday party.
They are stunned to see Preeta and Amrita in the same kind of dress.
Amrita:How will you recognize who Amrita and Preeta are?

Rishab and Karan are confused.
Preeta and Amrita smile seeing their condition.
Karan whispers to Rishab's ears:I have an idea.You just say that their dressing is horrible.
RISHAB:What nonsense?How can i say that?They will be hurt.Not only that.Their dress is very beautiful.
Karan:Just tell.Otherwise we won't be able to identify our partner.
RISHAB:Ok.But why me?Why can't you say that?
Karan:You tell bro.
Rishab's lips shiver.
RISHAB:Eh...eh...actually..actually..this dress does'nt suit you both.
Their face becomes dull.
Rishab regrets hurting them.
One among them gets angry:What?Our dress is not good?

Rishab never expected this outburst.He is embarrassed.
RISHAB:I'm sorry.

Karan laughs.

KARAN:Bro.That was just my trick to find out who Amrita was..She is Amrita.Only Amrita can get angry hearing someone passing horrible comments on her dress.She is very conscious about her dressing as well as other’s dressing.

Amrita is embarrassed. 

Preeta and Rishab giggle.

Amrita:Karan…you are too much.And you Rishab..you supported you funny brother Karan?
Rishab and others just giggle.

Preeta and Amrita cut the birthday cake and feed it to Sarla.
Karan goes near Amrita.
KARAN:Even though you are talkative,spicy,short tempered and over smart you are interesting.
Amrita smirks:O really?But I find you boring.

Karan is embarassed.:Me boring?Never.

Rishab tells Preeta:What I told is not true.Your dress is really beautiful.You look very pretty in this attire.
Preeta blushes.Karan is watching them with a smile.Amrita comes.
KARAN:Amrita..Rishab and Preeta are a perfect pair.Right?
She simply smiles.

The photographers make Preeta and Amrita stand with Rishab and Karan.They took their cute photograph.

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thanks for the pm! 

Part 1

great update! 

so Karan and Rishabh are getting married to twins! 

Preeta seems nice while Amrita gets angry quickly! 

gosh the bros could not distinguish between them as they were dressed the same.

at least Karan's plan worked.

update soon

Posted: 5 days ago

Cute man, I like it.....

Posted: 4 days ago

Congratulations on your new story

Character Sketch is Interesting while 

Prologue is Captivating

Kundali Bhagya 

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