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I hope this is the right format, Mod Koeli. Kindly excuse my use of emojis.

The episode starts with Tara in Banjeree's office. Tara admits that the Lahiris are in a better position in business and the order should go to them. Banerjee is confused. Tara says that I am like your daughter, so forgive me if I say anything wrong. I have been working with Bhalo Baba for three years, I have seen how he prioritises relations before deals and contracts. Till date, he has no payments due. He has even sold his house. Banerjee is impressed. He calls Shekhar Choudhury an honourable businessman and admits that he has only seen few people as good as Shekhar.

Tara brings up Banerjee's daughter, Riya Didi. Apparently, Riya's marriage is fixed. Tara says that Bhalo Baba is unwell, so he couldn't come himself, but he has sent a token of ashirvaad. Tara gives him a package. Yes, just like I said yesterday, it is the same piece of cloth Tara was working on. Mr Banerjee is impressed. It looks costly, and he wonders what material is used to make the gift. (I couldn't be sure if it was a sari or not, sorry smiley17)  Tara says that the material is an exclusive item from their company and as for the embroidery, she did it herself. Banerjee is impressed. Tara says that it is only a simple gift. After all, Riya is like family. She further says that the Choudhuris never compromise with quality and treat each and every customer like family. 

Okay, so I came back here once the episode ended just so I could gush about the complete contrast between Dhruba and Tara's approach to business and how it affected them in this scenario. Dhruba focuses only on the business side, preferring to keep business and personal matters in separate sections. Tara mingles with the people, discusses pleasantries and maintains a personal connection, and that's how she knew about Banerjee's daughter getting married. That's how she got this idea to showcase her talent (and of course, promote the business), all the while pretending that she isn't doing this to get the contract. And I love that they showed her involvement in the business and gave us a taste of her business strategy. Good job CVssmiley32

And then Tara gives a business pitch. I like her method, I like her confidence (such a contrast to both the men, she has full faith in the work they do. Her confidence stems from their quality products).

Banerjee shows her Dhruba's quotation. smiley37 Is this how it really happens? Discussing the opponent and their quotations? smiley37smiley37 Just when I was starting to get impressed. Chalo, I'll cut you some slack. It happens. Tara needs to know about that file, she has to get suspicious.

Cut to Choudhuri house with Mami and a bearded guy. He brings up the topic of him marrying Tara, so he must be Shyam. Apparently, he has sold one of his cows and had a necklace made with Tara with the money. smiley3  Mami loves the necklace.  Shyam wants to start the marriage ceremony as soon as possible. Mami says that it takes time and money for a guy like him to marry a pretty girl like Tara. She asks to hold the necklace. It really is pretty. Not big or gaudy, pretty simple. Good choice smiley20

Cut to Banerjee's office. Tara is trying to convince him. If everyone thinks about profit, then who will think of the workers, she asks. And goes on to emotionally manipulate Banerjee with 'the workers might have a daughter like Riya Didi'....smiley16 She says that Bhalo Baba isn't willing to compromise with the worker's well being. She leaves. 

Manju and Shirsha discuss Tara's whereabouts. Manju wonders if Tara went to Banerjee's company. She truly knows Tara. After all, she is a mother. Manju thinks Tara will spoil Agni's efforts. They share a little joke at Tara's expense. Lata Di wants to leave for the day, saying she has prepared everything for lunch, Tara will come and cook everything. Manju-Lata kitchmich. smiley17

Agni comes in with two packets. He has brought Chinese for everyone. Manju is delighted. She asks him if this means they got the contract? She praises Agni. Mama is displeased. Obviously, he had his greedy eyes set on the business. Manju calls her husband. She says that look, our Agni has finalized the deal. Agni comes and says that yes, client always looks for profit. Shekhar is displeased with Agni's method. Manju taunts him about Tara.

Tara is seen distributing sweets to the kids. Shyam comes there. He holds Tara's hand. Tara gives him a death glare. Shyam says that he has left a gift for her at the Choudhuri house. Tara asks about the gift. He says it is for the wedding. Tara slaps him and leaves.

Mami and Manju pressurize Shekhar to finalize the marriage. Agni stops their discussion. He doesn't like the idea of Tara's marriage.  Hrito comes in and tells them that they have lost the contract.

Cut to Dhruba. There is a call from Banerjee's office. Dhruba is shocked. Livid. 

The Choudhuris are shocked. Tara says that Dhruva doesn't want profit, he wants to destroy the Choudhuris. See? My girl is smart smiley16 Manju asks that if Tara knew Dhruba wanted to destroy them then why didn't she stop it? Where was she when all of this was going on? Banerjee comes in. 

Back to Dhruba's office. He throws a file and shouts at his secretary. Tara....he exclaims. 

The Choudhuris are delighted at getting the contract. Banerjee says that Agni still has a lot to learn about business. Banerjee is very impressed with Tara and wants her to handle this project. Agni looks on. He is understandably upset. Banerjee invites them to his daughter's wedding. He praises Tara.

Shekhar asks for sweets. Tara distributes prasad. Agni congratulates Tara, but he doesn't accept the prasad. Tara is upset.

Dhruba's secretary says that this deal will change Choudhuri's fate. He says that the Choudhuris always have quality products. Dhruba says that the product quality will matter if the products reach the destination. He talks about a 'sesh taash'.

Back at Choudhuri house, Tara grills Hrito. He escapes by feigning ignorance. He reports to Dhruba, says that Tara suspects him (Hrito) to be they spy. Dhruba utters the 'Agun jwalbe' dialogue.

"Agun jwalbe. Sab kichu pure charkhar hoye jabe"

Secretary is worried about Dhruba. Dhruba has something in mind for the company. He wants to destroy the factory. The secretary says that healthy competition is good, but this is more than that. Dhruba is acting as if the Choudhuris are his enemy. Dhruba says that yes, they are enemies.

"It is war. Judho"

Secretary asks about Dhruba's reasoning to destroy the family. Dhruba says that the Choudhuris have destroyed his sister. He wants to end that family. Angry music plays in the background.

Cut to Choudhuri house. The doorbell rings. There is a man at the door. Tara is delighted to see him. It is revealed that he is Kakai. The episode ends on Tara's face.

Okay, so I thought about it and it seems that the guy who is connected to Dhruba's sister is Kakai.

Precap: Dhruba is on the phone. The plan is on, he says. Ebar tumi kake banchabe Tara? Shekhar Choudhurike (scene cuts to Shekhar consoling Tara) or your childhood friend Agni (scene cuts to a few men setting fire to the godown/factory while Agni is there). Cut to Tara. She is on the phone. She screams Agni.

Guys, I am at my Nani's place for the weekend, so I am on limited data pack. So please excuse the lack of dialogue in this post. I still tried to give you a detailed update, but I didn't add a whole lot of dialogue (Dhruba's Agun Jwalbe is included because I loved that one) 

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