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Epi 50 

The episode begins with MJ manhandling Maya for daring to return into his life again ... maya recollects the tender loving moments with rudra n even grabs the white beads for moral support .. she retorts back to MJ .

She vouches to return his hatred with interest .. MJ threatens to finish off that what he left unfinished last time 

Maya diverts his attention my taking Rudra’s name ... MJ turns around n frees her ... he realizes she had fooled him .. he continues to vent out his wrath at Maya n calls her with her past name Maanvi  but she reminds him she was now maya Rudra Roy ..

Why did he become weak hearing his sons name !! He vents out at her ...he fakes a smile n says Rudra will be happy to see his dad blessing her ... MJ thinks she was lying n manhandles her but he is called out by Rudra n he lets go of Maya .

Rudra enters ... he asks her tk call him Dad n. NOt Mr MJ as if they were at office n not at home ..he was her FIL

Maya taunts MJ with. “DAD “

Amir comes n informs MJ that Antara was Looking for him 

As MJ n Amir walks out MayRa have moments of close romance , reassuring eachother ...  caressing  n hugging .. lovingly ..he wants her to have dinner but she is interested in come,eating the next chapter  

She wants to be left alone ..Rudy leaves her alone ...maya starts writing ....

FB restarts Maanvi  enters office to find MJ n Aamir tog ..she excuses herself for disturbing meeting ,MJ introduces Aamir as his business partner ...asks her to be frank in his presence ... maanvi had come to submit her resignation papers .. she did. Not want to be burdened n burden others 

they discuss how he had romanced with Maanvi and not divorced Antara as he had planned n she had right to leave 

Sudhir enters n exclaims that her pregnancy would be disasterous if media came to know .. Antara would create hell for MJ 

Sudhir advises MJ another to let Maanvi go 

Maanvi then assures she would ever leak the news ot media nor leave the company lMJ considers Maanvi’s pregnancy the best news for him n he showers her with loving care n concern 

Maya feels surprised that MJ was not bothered about the illegitimate child he assures he would do everything right for Maanvi n her child lMJ n Maanvi are seen enjoying the thought of pregnancy n childbirth .

Maya enjoys the attention .. 

MJ showers his love on her she decorates a baby’s room n Maanvi MJ have romantic moments in that room .

Later Diya comes n assures how MJ was closer to Maanvi than Antara or diya after her pregnancy 

Diya wins Maanvi’s trust ..

Diya n MJ take Maanvi for check up to gynac .

A nurse tells Maanvi about her abortion process ..Maanvi is alarmed

There Diya makes Maanvi she was undergoing check up n give sher abortion inducing injections 

Maanvi accepts it as she is asked to trust Diya .

Maya continues to write ... Diya warns Sudhir as he enters Roy mansion that his past would be revealed as his most feared person was in the house ..he wonders who it could be .. maya knocks the wooden railing and Sudhir looks up n he is in disbelief at the sight he beholds !! It’s none other that Maanvi !! diya shares his feelings .

FB begins 

At hospital Maya soon discovers that Diya was fooling her n she was giving her abortion ki Dawayi ... she fights Diya n escapes from the room ..she runs back home 

She is weeping in the baby’s room ...weeping with shock ....MJ comes there she goes n complains to MJ N hugs him .. how Diya was giving her Abortion inducing injections n wanted to get rid of her baby 

Maanvi is stunned as MJ states not only Diya but he too wanted to get rid of her baby . MJ then slaps her ruthlessly ... he pulls down the decorations .....Manhandles her ..he grabs her by her collar n threatens her if she thought she could return his flowers ?? So he challenged himself n he vouched tk avange this insult .. he made fool of her ..with his love his romance ..his concern ..his baby .. his acting of suicide .. his promises of marriage .. all were a lie .. did she think he was going to marry her ? Marriages were always between equals ...apni aukaat dekhi hai ?? He bashes her up mercilessly 

Maanvi is shocked n heart broken .... distraught ...

He manhandles her n throws a wad of big currency notes ,....which fall over her like a shower ... he asks her tk keep this money as payment for all the trouble she went through  n leave 

Maanvi is stunned as she stares at MJ angrily ...

FB ends 

Maya is lying on the floor as she remembers how her dreams were shattered and so also her love for MJ ... she lost her baby n heart break came with it .


MJ is again MA handling  Maya in presence of Antara ... threatening time kill,her ..her game was over ..she killed his rishi n she too would be killed soon Omaha stares at him with a smirk on her face .

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"Mr. Royyyy"smiley16


Congrats on 50 episodessmiley40

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Sudhir is another tharkismiley38

Maya got pregnant by EMAsmiley23

Diya helping to get rid of the baby by abortion.. smiley3

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smiley10 50th Episode smiley10


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thanks for the LU suta

congratz onsmiley40 50 episodes

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Omg what a precap... MJ knows Maya killed Rishi.. 

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Originally posted by Bushra_Munia

thanks for the LU suta

congratz onsmiley40 50 episodes

Welcome Bushra ...

Greetings on the completion of 500 episodes 

I wonder what’s the track coming up next 

What’s the suspense now ?? How Maya traps eachone of them by n by ??

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Well .. Now MJ found out Maya was behind the death of Rishi..

Poor Myra also got killed 

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Beyhadh 2 

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