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Posted: 3 months ago

Since my once beloved Nazar is going off air soon, I decided to watch the very last episode and was going through the WUs last night. For particular lines, watched in FF and then watched today's episode too.

All I can say is, it was unexpected that I actually liked some scenes which makes me want to quote Julian - What is this feeling that I am feeling? It is not happiness. smiley13

Lots of things were there for which we Nazar fans were literally dying. Starting from a romantic Piya to a possessed Piya and Ansh actually rebuking his family for the nth attempt of getting married even if there was a purpose behind it.

Can't deny Niyati slays the wicked scenes. One scene of her with Harsh and I almost forgot my frustration that has been building up over the last 30-40 episodes. And this is what which makes me sad. This show and the actors had much potential but they wasted it all. Yes, even though I like Harsh as a person, not really a fan of his acting. But then again, a lot of my favorite actresses were much worse when they had only started. Considering his intense Davaansh scenes, if Ansh's character was given solid tracks, Harsh could have improved a lot. But all he got was constant crying and blaming scenes. Such a waste! smiley7

Same applies for Niyati. The girl shines in emotional, action and funny scenes. Does a brilliant job in transition and yet they kept focusing on rubbish plots which ultimately degraded the show and Piya's characterization as a whole.

All I can say, today's episode can be termed as a must watch episode for Piya's attempt to get remarried and Ansh's reaction on it. MoVed and Gs and Nishant - their logic and action is way beyond my understanding. Not to mention the sudden flip in Naman's character.  

Posted: 16 days ago

It's funny that this particular track inspired us so much that we ended up writing a Two Shots on it in collaboration. smiley36

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