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Posted: 3 months ago

I had to beg this girl in my coaching class, but she has Hotstar premium and she was kind enough to let me watch. smiley10 Unfortunately, it is my last day at this particular coaching, but koi baat nahi. 

Anyhow, so the epi started with Tara doing some needlework and it is revealed that her work is promoted as samples of Choudhuri Industries (thank you Pishimoni for letting us know. You are a star smiley10). 

Pishimoni really is a star though because she tells Tara that Tara is so selfless and does so much for the family, but barring Pishimoni and Shekhar, no one appreciates  Tara. What's worse, they always insult Tara and Tara never says anything. Even today, she didn't stand up for herself. Pishimoni asks if these allegations and insults don't hurt Tara if she never gets mad and encourages Tara to stand up for herself.

Tara says that it does hurt, their treatment hurts a lot but how can she complain when they have given her a new life? Especially Manju. Manju is the one who brought Tara home and even though every member is upset with Tara regarding Tubri's death, they have come to accept her. She can't deny that Manju has lost a child, and thus, her behaviour is somewhat understandable. She then says that she has become accustomed to these insults. smiley44 But khair, at least she admitted to being insulted day in and day out. Pishimoni asks about Agni.

Tara is like 'I know he feels bad about his behaviour, Pishimoni. And I know one day he will learn the truth and he will come to me'. 

Pishimoni dishes out the hardcore truth.

I wonder if that realisation doesn't come when it is too late.

Excellent foreshadowing, Pishimoni smiley9

Cut to Agni's room where he is restless and thinks back to their friendship, the awe in Tara's eyes when she saw him in the mandir and Tara's firm statement that he will recognise his mistakes. He visits Tara in her room (that she shares with Pishimoni) and looks at her doing her needlework from the door. Tara can feel his presence and she is delighted and although I do not ship Agni-Tara, I liked the scene. 

Cut to the next morning. It is dawn and Tara is woken up by Thammi's demands (where was Thammi in the past episodes? smiley44). Tara starts her day by praying and then wishes Pishimoni good morning with a kiss. It's a really cute scene, hehe. Tara then.......sweeps the whole house, rattles of instructions to Lata Di and rushes out.

Sometime later the family gathers to see Agni off to his first day at work. Shekhar blesses Agni and says that he is happy that his son is trying to get the contract. But he knows that Tara will be the one to bring it home. Manju objects. And yeah, she does say logical stuff. Agni has completed his studies, Tara hasn't and then she goes 'handicrafts won't make the business recover ant faster, but now my son is here and business will bloom'. Mama gives his bishesh tippani. Agni stops them from bad mouthing Tara. Manju asks for mishti doi (yum!) but Lata can't find it. Manju looks for Tara, but she has already left the house.

Mami says that today is Tara's 'bhikiri porano er din'.

Tara teaches a group of underprivileged children. They do gap shap and the kids badger her about Agni. Tara subtly changes the topic and leaves for RK Textiles (the guys over handing the contract).

Agni (and Hrito) is already at the office and he is very confident and Mr Banerjee comments on it. Blah blah, Mr Banerjee is done with Agni, says they will consider the offer. Agni is coming out, Dhrubo is about to come in, they collide. Dhrubo gives a death glare to Hrito before walking into Banerjee's office. Hrito tells Agni about Dhrubo.

Dhrubo is seen quoting an even lower price and Banerjee is mad with glee. He assures them that the contract will go to Dhrubo's company. He orders coffee and asks about Dhrubo's family. Dhrubo declines the coffee and says that he doesn't like discussing his personal life with his business partners. He leaves.

Tara has finally arrived at the office (she couldn't get a taxi so she had to walk the distance). She asks about Banerjee. Dhrubo stares at her from a distance. Dhrubo's secretary asks him why he is willing to make this deal, it will result in their loss. Dhrubo says that he has old business with the Choudhuris and this will be the first kisti.

Banerjee is rude to Tara and is about to walk out of the office when Tara stops him, claiming that she didn't come here to crack a deal and that she believes that Lahiri's truly deserve this contract.

Epi ends on Tara's determined face.

Precap: At Banerjee's office, Tara says that her Bhalo Baba has sent a gift. She gives him a package (most probably a sample of her work). Cut to Dhrubo's office. He gets a call and is livid. Tara is seen celebrating, sharing sweets. Cut to Dhrubo. Agun jwolbe -  he says. Someone rings the doorbell at Choudhuri house. Tara opens the door and is shocked to see the visitor (It's a guy and he has a beard. Tara's father, perhaps?)

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Posted: 3 months ago

I have a feeling that Agni will forgive Tara very soon and they will fall in love again...smiley14

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Posted: 3 months ago

Originally posted by MishtiNew

I have a feeling that Agni will forgive Tara very soon and they will fall in love again...smiley14

Yes, that's how the story will progress smiley14

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