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Posted: 2 months ago

I was hoping they had showed that it’s been couple of weeks since Nishmish shaadi drama. It just looks weird that day before Mishti was getting married to someone else and next day her marriage is getting fixed with someone else 😳

The phone conversation was so hottt. Abir wasn’t just teasing Mishti but shah was teasing us 😍😍😍😍 Hope we get to see more of that view 😍😍

Abir asked his mom not to be part of his wedding LOL. I’m not surprised if y’all remember Abir asked Meenu not to be part of Mishbir GD pre-leap. And looks like there won’t be GD this time, thank god for that.  I feel Meenu will agree to Abir’s condition to win Abir’s trust. 

Also I couldn’t help but notice that this is very similar to parent show where Kartik tells his parents not to be part of his (1st) wedding and they also marry day after Valentine’s Day. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Episode samaj main thoda aaya, par dil main nahin aaya! 

I am confused from the episode just like Abir is after listening to Meenu smiley36

MishBir scenes were thoda pheeka today... or it could be just me. Couldn't enjoy them as much as I usually do.

Maybe Rhea is not well or overworked - or they are trying to show Mishti too sad. On top of it, her dress was smiley18 

And this 2.0 haircut doesn't look effortless like Mishti 1.0. The hairstylist need to be changed pronto!

Also, why is the chasma not back yet? Kuch theek nahin lag raha... maafi for digressing and being negative.

MishBir asking for forgiveness from Jas - which is fine.. but it's too much now. AM always keep apologizing to everyone, their issues always come to forefront, they are guilty. Abir goes on his knees and asks for maafi... but others get away so easily! I guess, I am just annoyed at this point.

Abir is totally skeptical of Meenu's change. Asked Mishti to think about living separately smiley20

Mishti madam haven't learnt a thing from all the wonderful presents she has gotten in the past from Meenu - still believes her and shocked at Abir's proposal of separating from family smiley44

Shadi ki tarikh 15th feb... Kunal totally oblivious to the divorce date being the same! This  man is not meant for marriage... just no husband-ly thoughts at all! Taking Kuhu so casually.. Kuhu needs to give him a punch or two!

Kuhu on her well known path of being jealous of Mishti... all the kaands in next set of Shadi rituals are courtesy Kuhu! 

But phasegi Meenu only... reputation precedes! Just like in the precap Abir asked her to not get involved in the wedding... 

I think if I saw it right, there is a Scorpio or something on the thal containing gifts for Mishti? Or maybe I am seeing things smiley36

Shaheer looked smoking hot in that Ranjit ki Baniyan!! smiley43

And then Abir asking Mishti, how do you like the view

Uff gadheda... ask us!! smiley36

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by preeti200

It will Diyu. Kuhu, Jas and Varsha together expect much more drama. Remember Mishbir were exposed in front of BP and BM by this terrible troublemakers 

yes yes i want them to do something this time... ohh god chaa i'm wishing for something we didnt wanted in past... smiley37 this time i need big drama for mishbir to elope get married n live alone.. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by LetThereBeLight

Preeti smiley31 Yaar even i'm holding on to this only and they have fixed wedding date on February 15 i want them to run away on feb 14 n get married.. smiley36

smiley3smiley41 haha awesome idea Diya!

I love it! Do all the shaadi functions and naach gaana but also run away shaadismiley20 Best combo.

This was going to be my prediction as well, surely Meenu or Kuhu will try to stop mishbir shaadi in the middle of functions, so now if any problem occurs both Abir n Mishti are ready to RUN!!smiley36smiley37smiley20

All the fans who want grand shaadi will be satisfied and all fans who wanted bhaag shaadi will aso be satisifedsmiley4smiley14smiley32 #twobirdsonestone #cleverwriterssmiley17

I know that valentines day 14th feb is actually an auspicious day in REAL because my cousin is getting married in India on that daysmiley4 So yes! go mishbir, get married in REEL life on a REAL auspicious daysmiley4 14th FEB has to be THE BIG DAYsmiley41smiley4

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by naina_raina

Mishti gets a video call from Abir and is excited, answers, but its Naanu on the the other side, nice sweet Naanu Mishti chat and Naanu takes the phone to Abhir in his bed room.. 

Mere life mein kitne chor hein kya batau 
#SanskariShirtless #SoCute

MishBir talk 🥰🥰🥰 Mishti teasing Abhir but suddenly remembers Jas talking about how she breaks homes too. #KababMeinNightmareHaddi #ThodaAurRomance 

Mishti tells Abhir that she is feeling scared as her dream is now coming true. If something interrupts their wedding this time - Abhir promises that if that happens they will run away and get married #Elope

Abhir teases Mishti about thaading him asking her if she likes what she sees.. #WeLikeWhatWeSeeToo 😂 

Next morning - Mishti talking to kanhaji about MishBir relationship and her worries. BM comes there, and gives  her a letter from Nannu. Mishti asks BM about two sisters marrying into the same house.. 

at RV courtyard, Abhir comes to Naanu on his bicycle .. Naanu and he talk about MishBir relationship getting fixed, and Abhir tells him about his worries and distrust of BB. Naanu thinks BB is doing this as she has no choice anymore. That he wants to trust his upbringing, Abhir is worried about the Mah who are placing their trust on him. BB comes there and requests him to trust her this one time.

BB tells him that the accident shook her #KalDekhkeThoNahiLaga .. admits that she was behind the Drunk Nishant Drama and promises that this was her last attempt to separate MishBir. #WhatAboutTheHospitalRecords #whatAboutTheSelfTalkWhileSearchingForAbhir

Naina you have amazing sense of humor .. your hashtags are so good yaara..smiley36

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by LetThereBeLight

Preeti smiley31 Yaar even i'm holding on to this only and they have fixed wedding date on February 15 i want them to run away on feb 14 n get married.. smiley36


Hope this track ends exactly like this. I think Kuku divorce truth come out after all naach gaana....after all it can't be compromisedsmiley36So shaadi will be on hold....but mishbir will run awaysmiley36smiley36

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by CanadaMonsoon

hahaha dhoodh ka jala chhas bhi phoonk phoonk ke pita hai.. aur jalane vali hamesha ma ho to...smiley37 no chance.. Good job Abir.. Dont trust your mom so easily smiley36

haha wah wah varshu in mood today haan smiley37 no one can trust her easily yaar... smiley37 infact he is not gonna trust anyone this time... come on lets pray for more drama.. smiley37 we need mishbir in mishbir house thats it.. 

Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by LetThereBeLight


haha yaar kisi ki nazar lagna chahiye then only abir will keep up his words and run away... he said today if some problem occurs in our shaadi this time then we will run away whatever happen this time shaadi will definitely happen smiley36

nach gana still not started dear but by tomorrow can start.. smiley37

THE BEST PROMISE I have ever heard!!smiley41smiley4smiley37

Keep it up Abir! Don't deny now Mishsmiley24 You too wanted to run away, so this time when Abir says "let's run" you better run!smiley36smiley16

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