New entry for Pari

Posted: 18 days ago

Finally New guy is here.....Pari is all set to marry now and ready to move on and like always no one saw her pain anyway what else we can expect from Yogi and his Selfish family.

Well new guy entering in show ....His Name is Karan Jodhwani ... mostly he did positive roles in past shows so let's see what kind of role he has in IIM .

He is good looking guy .... Acting wise he is ok ...well in comedy he is very good but I think his role is serious here let's see.

If show is near to end thn I think show will end with Pari marriage and Yogi and Gunjan Baby .

To be honest it is going to be sad ending for viewers coz we always wanted Yogi pari .

Well what I m not understanding is why all of sudden Gunjan getting more screen space....she wasn't needed in yesterday scene. First of all we don't understand her language and secondly her care for Pari look fake only. She is happy coz now finally Pari will be out from Yogi's life....such a drama queen. We have to bear her in today's episode too 🤦🤦 

Very smartly writer sidelining Pari and giving her save to Gunjan but it's not gonna work like before. 

Posted: 18 days ago

It is sad to see how all think that Pari's hapiness begin when she will get married I rather prefer her to move into a new city to breath & to find her soulmate without Srivastavas, Yogi, Gunjan & her mom...But makers are doing their best to make the exit for Pari's char and glorifying till the end puppet Gunjan. Anyways good to see a new entry for Pari hopefully she will have her happy ending asap! 

This show was such a waste of time and talents. Can't fait to see Debb in a new show. 

Posted: 18 days ago

Who Karan?

Posted: 18 days ago

i hope Pari gets a better love story than YoGun and their story gets all the screen space

YoGun should be sidelined

Posted: 18 days ago

Really thank god ...  Finally a happy news after so long... 


Posted: 18 days ago

Did you mean Karan Jotwani (couldn't find a Jodhwani)? Haven't seen any of his shows, so can't say much acting-wise... looks-wise he's pretty cute, but there are many cute actors. More importantly, he should have good chemistry with Deb, even better than Deb-Mudit. I feel that the show has definitely moved past YoRi. Can't believe we all used to obsess over the pair and what we got was a week's worth of actual content. smiley19 And on the other hand we are force-fed endless amount of Gunjan and YoGun.smiley11 I'm completely baffled by this writer's choices. He's all like "my story, don't like, don't watch", but you get a paycheck to bring in audience don't you? Even the writer contradicts his own characterization and flips the narrative when he pleases. Whatever... it's done, no coming back from it now. I'm sad that it seems even Pari has completely lost her spark. She has bent to the will of that insane family and her horrible mother. Everything is always about marriage in the end. smiley24 Well, if that is the best I can hope for Pari from this show, than this guy better be so amazing that all her loneliness and insecurities will disappear and she will never have to so much as glance back at all these people who hurt her. 

Posted: 18 days ago

karan jotwani is playing the lead in kurbaan can he manage 2 shows?

i dont think its him unless hes just coming for one episode to end Paris track

Posted: 17 days ago

Hello my dearos..smiley31I missed you all alot..

Just checked this thread and thank god Pari will finally get someone new in her life.
She deserves much better than Yogi..

Yogi and gunjan both deserves each other as nothing can change in their moral character..smiley7

The actor entering the show his name is Karan Goddwani..Not Karan Jotwani..smiley36

Both Karan’s surname made all of us confused..smiley37

Chill guys I have seen him in all goodie goodie roles i mean good boy positive roles. Hope he brings much more happiness in Pari’s life which she actually deserves..

Writer is a dumb**s .. I don’t have any high hopes from him at all..smiley35 as he is giving entry to a new girl character too named Mohona.. don’t know who she is.. the actress was last seen in the same writer’s show NM on other channel which is going to go off air this week.

Hope he gives proper characterization and good story for Pari and the new guy. N don’t make him a dummy who just came for few episodes and left doing nothing..smiley44

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