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Posted: 25 days ago

With Ulka eliminated ,and with the current 9 contestants I see the top 9 ranked as below :

1.Akanksha - very well balanced.looks favorite to win this season.

2.Abinas - strong competitor to win.but needs to be consistent.lost his mojo in the past few weeks.returned to form now.

3.Aakash - his graph has improved exponentially very well.his confidence speaks volumes of the way he doesnt batter an eye lid in being asked to use his immunity pin in the elimination round.STRONG chance of winning if he continues his purple patch.

4.Natasha - needs to up her game to contest the top 3.

5.Nandini - her cooking is unquestionable.needs to up her presentation skills.

6.Smrutishree - has a good chance to even win.depends on her consistency.

7.priyanka - time management and to get her dishes on plate in time.

8.Oindrilla - her strong point is sweet dishes.will be difficult for her to contest in other areas.

9.Prince - good but erratic at times.might get eliminated next episode.

These are my top 9 rankings of how I see them.

Let me know how you rank the top 9.

Posted: 25 days ago

I'm sad that Ulka is out, but here are my rankings now that Ulka is out.

Nandini - Nandini is like Ulka for me. Very soft-spoken and sweet, but she's got a good understanding of flavours and does well under pressure.

Natasha - She's been doing well almost consistently and has a good relationship with almost everyone. She's also not afraid to speak up, like she did with Ondrilla yesterday.

Prince - He's a surprise package according to me. Somedays he does badly and somedays he outshines everyone. He's also very level-headed for being the youngest there (I think).

Akansha - She's got a good handle of flavours, though sometimes she may get a bit overconfident. She does bounce back quickly though.

Abinas - He's starting to impress me. He's got a good hand on flavours and has a very good attitude. He could really become a strong competitor.

Priyanka, Smrutisree - I'm having a hard time deciding the ranking for these 3, so for now grouping them together at this stage.

Akash - Akash has some redeeming qualities, so I'll put him higher than Ondrilla. The only reason he's at the bottom for me is because of his over-confident and almost arrogant.

Ondrilla - I put her at the bottom because she has a bad attitude and a very selfish nature and her strong suit is only desserts. She seems weaker in all other areas.

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