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Epi 43 

Tag line ....Rudra finds himself in a spot  in presence of Ananya 

She accuses him of cheating on her ....

the episode begins with ....Mayra in the swimming pool .. Anu comes there n orders Rudy to come out .. he distances himself from her .. Anu is so angry ... as Rudy swims away ... Maya pulls him back n he falls with a splash .. Anu asks Maya what the hell was she doing ??

Maya pulls him to her n applies Haldi on him ..his chest n cheeks ..saying she o ly had the right to apply ointment to the wounds she inflicted .. Anu shouts at Rudy to get out .. as he tries to get out .,he slips n falls on Maya n Haldi from his cheek smears on hers .. she touches her cheek n says Haldi Mubarak 

As Rudy comes out ... Anu wipes out the Haldi from his cheek n accuses him of getting stained !! maya states Anu was entitled to Haldi colours .. Rudy was greeted on his Haldi .. maya only had black colour ..

As Ananya Rudy walks away Maya is happy she coloured Rudy with her colours ..

in their room Anu shares her insecurities about Maya with Rudy asks him not to meet her again ,, asks him to promise .... he says she was their star writer ..she comp,ain’t she was his best friend !!!.. Anu is happy Rudy gives his  word .. she says Today onwards Maya ka chapter closed !! .. 
maya returns home n Nandini says this Haldi on her cheek signifies she would get married soon .. Maya says this was borrowed Haldi ..from Ananya Rudy marriage Nandini is  disappointed ..she complains She n Rudy loved eachother .. she had seen love for eachother in MayRa’s eyes ...Rudy should be marrying Maya  ..!!.. Maya gets angry says all this Haldi was not made for her .. she shouts at Nandini ... Rajiv calms her .. 

Rajiv later tells Maya that he felt there was still hope for love between Mayra ..but maya says Rudy was soon going to meet his maker .After two days he will not get married but his funeral will be held 

It is Mehendi ceremony of Ananya ,.Diya drags Rudy ..he is reluctant as this was ladies function ,, Ananya is getting mehendi done when he gets Call from Maya .. Anu gets annoyed Diya pulls him n writes a big “A” 

maya calls him n while picking up his phone the mehendi gets smudged .. maya asks him to meet her soon as she wanted to break up with him .., he refuses to mee t hr as she was playing games with his brain n his feelings n heart . He refused to let her play with him any more .. he was marrying Ananya .. she could do what she wanted with herself ,, tumhara  khel mere liye Khatam he cuts the call.

Maya whispers the game had just begun !!

Maya calls Rudra to meet her .. maya waits at the spot .. she hears footsteps ..she expects Rudy there ..but it’s Ananya ... Anu confronts Maya for being shameless as she was trying to flirt with Rudy even as he was getting married !!Anu accuses Maya might think of Anu a foolish girl but she was NOT ...Anu had never trusted Maya n never will in future ... . she was standing between MayRa n she will not let her play games with Rudy ..or try to flirt with him.. or attempt to possess  him .. .. her plans will never succeed as Ananya his wife was shielding him .. Maya tries to explain but Anu shuts her up ,,

Maya calmly challenges her n asks if Rudy loved her ..she replies he was marrying her ...  Maya says Rudra did not love Anu ... asks if she could live the whole life without his love ?? Will she bear to love him when he did not love her back ?? Life without love is unbearable . Anu claims she loved him . Maya says she wanted to with Rudy well on his marriage she just wanted to meet him  and assure him she would go away ....Anu asks what did Maya want ?? she shuts Up maya n she walks away Feeling upset ....

Rudra and Ananya have  scene ... she is upset that Maya was insane .. Rudy asks what did Maya say to Anu !! He cups her face n asks her ..she weeps n asks her to speak explain !!

Maya is swinging ... happily on a swing by the beach n mutters that Rudra should have received her message n come to her ..he did wrong by sending Ananya instead Maya’s message will be conveyed to Rudy by Ananya ..thru her tears .. maya smiles with a worked glint in her eye ... 

in their room Ananya says Maya told Anu that Rudy did not love Anu .. maya wanted to meet Rudy n wanted tk go far away from  Maya Ananya’s lives .. Rudy asks if Maya misbehaved with her ..Anu denies .. 

Ananya announces that they will not be any sangeet or cocktail or any other rasam ,,they will get married the next day !! All are taken aback ....Antara n MJ are shocked ...  MJ caresses Anu’s face lovingly n agrees with what his children wanted .. the marriage will be held next day !!

Rajiv informs Maya that Rudy’s marriage was preponed .. what was her game plan ahead !! 

Maya goes berserk that her plans were interrupted again lshe shatters the beautiful mirror with hockey stick n shouts ..this was no game plan this was her  life !! .. she could not let any one spoil her plans ..spoil her live ..Rudy was part of her life .. she had to get Rudy ..she goes berserk 

Maya states that she had no choice but to use Nandini to forward her game plans .


Rudra dressed in shervani .. .. comes to meet Nandini as she is very very upset that Maya left home as she loved Rudra n could not bear the thought of him marrying another girl 

Nandini weeps that Rudra had to marry maya ..I;order to save her life !! Rudra is shocked !! 

Rajiv is wondering if Maya really loved Rudra ?? Nandini peeps out n notices how believable her acting was !!

Maya is standing on Ram Jhoola  over the Ganges .. she is ready to jump ..she mutters that Rudra had no choice but to come n rescue her ..tumhe mere paas aana hi hoga Rudra !!

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Posted: 2 months ago

Cheating on hersmiley3smiley3

Looking forward for MayRa Haldismiley9


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Posted: 2 months ago

Mayas sanak vs Anus andhapansmiley44

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Posted: 2 months ago

Do din baad Rudra ki shaadi nahi hogi... Uski arthi uthegi.

Seriously Maya didi???

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Armu4eva

Cheating on hersmiley3smiley3

Looking forward for MayRa Haldismiley9

well, Rudra is cheating on her, though she is stupid af, she deserves some honesty as his fiancee, atleast Rudra, if anything, should break off the marriage if he is confused about it and his feelings. How is it healthy for the three of them? Its like Diya-MJ-Antara's story being repeated

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Anu--Ye kya apne chehre pe daag lagake aae ho? Kuch rang tumpe suit nahi hote. 

Maya--Haldi ka rang to sirf tumpe suit karta hai, mere naseeb me to ek hi rang hai, kala. 

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by Nikki_srk

Do din baad Rudra ki shaadi nahi hogi... Uski arthi uthegi.

Seriously Maya didi???

CVs copied my dialogue!smiley3 where is my money?smiley7

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Posted: 2 months ago

Originally posted by _._shibani_._

CVs copied my dialogue!smiley3 where is my money?smiley7

Copyright infringement ka case daal do CVs par...

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Jennifer Winget Ashish Chowdhry Shivin Narang Beyhadh 2 

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