Arshi FS: Bachpan ka pyar final chapter updated

Posted: 2 months ago

Bachpanka pyar:


Something broke inside my heart today when I saw the paper cutting my sister kept for me.All my worst dreams came true and I found myself crying over my fate. All I wish now is to find myself some place to cry but nope I have to rush …for my work that feeds me and my sister..

A quick prep talk to myself and few minutes of silent conversation with my mind..I left my small apartment hoping to catch my bus on time..

Iam Khushi guptha…24 yr old working as an assistant to priya agarwal, a famous wedding planner

As usual I found my window seat …Cool breeze touching my cheeks as if providing the warmth and once again I drifted back to my memories….The only happy memories I cherish.

Childhood love…As silly it may sound but First love of mine is my only oxygen..Those memories still afresh and his eyes and smile were same..nothing changed

The first time I met him…we fought like crazy and I we became haters of each from the first glance but I always find him as a savior in my helpless situations. I don’t know when I developed a soft corner for him but I fell in Love with my enemy..

Khushi…the short smiley smart girl fell for an arrogant handsome devil.

Within an year our fights turned into cute banters, silly excuses to talk, secret glances, Sharing lunch boxes, quick walks till home and he became my another reason to love life a little more…

Whenever expressed what we felt for each but deep down we know that its something very special. Slowly he became my sisters bestie which I found very adorable.The two most important persons in my life gelling with each other…

The day came…where we have to part our ways for our future. Whole night I found myself tossing and turning fearing our partition. Anticipation was killing me and I am so confused. The way he is so sad…tensed…fear gripped my entire being.

Finally the moment came…..all our classmates talked , cried and were leaving one by one but both of us are looking for one last chance to talk with each other…I still remember the way my hear picked up its pace watching him coming towards me.

Khushi…I don’t know what to say and how to say but today I would like to let you know that you are so special to me. To be frank I am looking forward for many moments of us. I hope you too feel the same. Think and let me know tomorrow..I will be waiting for you here exact 5pm. With that he left giving me a small smile…

Most precious moment of my life…

But I never thought that my life will take a drastic turn on the very same day…Parents death…me and payal left with none. Few distant relatives came..took us to their home very same night..

Later…our relatives separated me and payal…After lot of struggle I completed my studies,took a small job and bought my sister along with me..

From that day, there is no turning back…We both are pillars for each and we are happy in our small world..but I always found myself thinking about my First love.

One day payal saw him…he became one potential business person. That day evening we both went to sheesh mahal…his fashion venture show..But I saw him with a beautiful girl leaning over him..Then his sister announced his marriage with that beautiful girl Lavanya…

I dragged payal from there…and decided to never enter his life again…He found his soulmate and I don’t want to be a thorn..Truth to be told, when I saw myself in mirror…I found a person who is not suitable in any way to Arnav..I am not even near to his soon to be wife.

But today…seeing his engagement pictures I wish something else.


Sudden halt of the bus indicated my stage and I made my way toward my office. After 30minutes, I again asked DM wht the hell is happening to my life. Many things discussed in the meeting but the only thing that is running in mind is that Our company is going to take care of My Arnav’s wedding and my boss wants no mistakes to be done. Can life become much more difficult ??

Hi guys...sorry for typing and grammatical mistakessmiley19

Hope you like the story...Do like and comment your views..smiley6

Any kind of suggestions are welcomesmiley4

Posted: 2 months ago

Good ...thank u for this beautiful story..

By the by is Arnav's marriage is in too fast pace.

Looking forward....

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Posted: 2 months ago
Loved the chapter 1 . Curious to know what arnav's feelings for khushi. Waiting for part 2.
Posted: 2 months ago

Please update soon... Want to know more. . Lovely story...

Posted: 2 months ago

Arnav must have thought she didn't show up. But they were kids then. What does he feel now?

Posted: 2 months ago

It will be hard for Khushi to plan his wedding. But at least their paths will cross.

Posted: 2 months ago

Interesting story..smiley32 

So painful for khushi to plan the wedding of her first love...

Would like to know what happen in next partsmiley42

Posted: 2 months ago

Very very beautiful 

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 

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