Patiala Babes Rewatch: Episodes 4 - 7 - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

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Patiala Babes: Episodes Four To Seven

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

It's been a while since we did this but watching these next four episodes made me realize there will never be a dearth of content to talk about. These are only four episodes and yet so much happens in them. Again, THIS is classic Patiala Babes. Every single frame, every single second is stock full of information and it all goes far beyond the surface level.


Just to start off, I cried in the first minute of watching Episode Four. I don't know if it's because I was missing my own mom, or seeing Babita alive, Minnie being a child, or the bond the mother-daughter had with each other. Maybe it was a combination of all four, but something struck a deep chord within me and let loose those emotions.

It was a cute moment overall as Babita tried to get Minnie to eat as she was trying to study on an empty stomach. Minnie cutely called Babes out on her emotional blackmailing. We learn that Babita enrolled Minnie into an English medium school, but what interested me the most were the two badminton rackets hanging on the wall in Minnie's room.

I don't think we ever heard of this in a conversation before so to pick up on this little detail now was super interesting for me. It once again goes to show that you don't need to have everything be written out for you. You need to have enough faith in the audience that they'll be smart enough to follow along what you're trying to show them.

If you look closely, you can also see the same photos being repeated on the cupboard and the board behind her. smiley36

Minnie had questioned Ashok's love for Babes the previous night, and upon seeing Ashok having the AC installed in Babita's room the very next day, she takes that to be an act of love. Incredibly happy with what she sees, Minnie rushes over to Ashok to take his blessings which throws him off because he wasn't expecting such a reaction. Even though the family plays it off as her seeking blessings because of her upcoming exams, Minnie further plays along by adding in a gender equality element. After all, why should only boys get all the blessings, the girls deserve them too. When Beeji questions her as to how many marks she will bring, Minnie says "100%, full marks" while looking directly at Ashok with a grand smile. It was an inner conversation that she was having with her mother as she was letting Babes know that she has given her father a hundred marks. This one act of "love" was enough to win her over and change her mind about his previous distance.

A quick shout out to Minnie's student outfit. She not only looks her age, but it also emphasizes on just how young she is.

We next transition to Babita still talking to Ashok's photo and asking it how she looks.

Once again, her outfit is incredibly simple but the gold earrings she wears definitely stand out but not particularly in a good way. They appear almost as if they don't exactly belong on her. Ashok comes in saying that she still needs his opinion on everything that she does, especially what she wears and suggests that she wear a pink dress and the earrings he had brought for her. Unfortunatley, he was on the bluetooth with Meeta, and hadn't even noticed that Babita was in the same room as him.

He leaves the room, and Babita blushingly admonishes herself saying that he now knows of how she would speak to his photograph. When the truth is, he didn't once pay attention to her even when she was in front of him in the flesh, while all Babita did was consume her every waking thought of him because of his absence.

Also, anyone wanna guess when else the pink dress and gifted jhumke came into play?

Also, a shout out to the Din Shagna Da song that was playing in the background. It's extremely beautiful. smiley9

The movie plan that was made for the whole family was thrown aside by Ashok just because Babita asked to book some corner tickets so that she could use that time to speak with him. Classy move Khurana. 😒

Dadu's line, "Ek aurat ki dushman ek aurat hi hoti hai" got me thinking. On one hand it really is a sexist thing to say but in Babita's case it's absolutely true. Lovely never gave a shit about her and will throw Babita under the bus at any given moment. Beeji only gives a hoot about her own kids, and only used Babita for her own benefits. Meeta is the obvious one here as she is the other woman in Babita's life. At this point, there has been no indication given as to whether or not she had any friends, and the only real support she has in her life is Minnie. However, as we had discussed numerous times before: a) she is far too young to understand the nuances that occur in relationships, b) she shouldn't be burdened with uplifting her mother emotionally all the time, and c) she shouldn't be the only one to whom her mother comes to for help all the time. Especially when it comes to people with whom she has her own personal relationships with like her father.

Minnie taking Babes out on a dosa date was super cute. We also found out that Babita binge eats when she's stressed out. It's a cute fact, but now I know how she's able to inhale so many dosas. She has years of practice. smiley36I think this was the last time we have Minnie's voice over in an episode wherein she speaks so fondly of her mother. It honestly made me cry. smiley19

Minnie as always trying to make Babes do a pout:

This next portion made me really impressed with Paridhi's acting again. So Minnie is questioning Ashok's decision to leave Babita behind and not wanting to spend any time with her after being away from her for so long. Babita being Babita immediately comes to his defense citing all the responsibilities he has. Minnie ooints out that they're his responsibilities too. She also informs Babita about the condition she's going to put down before him which infuriates Babita. She is visibly shaken and scrambles to find an excuse that would make Minnie believe how much Ashok loves them. She latches onto the AC and the lipstick that he brought for her, even going as far as applying it onto herself as if that will seal the matter. It doesn't really, and instead paints a rather sad picture. She's using these throwaway instances and is romanticizing them to fit the narrative that she has created in her own head and is forcing onto Minnie.

When Minnie refuses to budge from her stance, Babita lashes out at her going as far as asking her who does she think she is to ask him such a thing. For one, Minnie is his daughter and has the full right to ask her father anything, even to take her and Babes along with him the next time he leaves for London. Secondly, Babita spits out her anger onto Minnie everytime she feels the narrative in her head is being threatened. She thinks that by yelling at Minnie, and shutting her up will somehow preserve whatever relationship she has with Ashok when the truth is far from it. The truth is that there is now no relationship left to save. No matter what Minnie says it won't matter. Ashok was never fated to have his wife and daughter with him in London, and Babita and Minnie were never fated to go there either.


In Episode Five, the first major thing that happens is that Ashok overhears Minnie while she prepares her speech for him. As she goes down the list of all the benefits to taking her and Babes along with him to London, we get to see all his reactions. The reaction that piqued my interest was Minnie's comment on Freedom to Love. Yes, she felt a little embarrassed to speak about such matters with him while being her daughter but she still carried on with it. Without Beeji, Dadu or even Lovely around to interefere, they could have as much romance as they want. They wouldn't even have to worry about her since she would be out with her friends sightseeing all the time. There was a faint smile on his face, almost as if he had imagined such a life for himself once upon a time. Perhaps shortly after the marriage and his arrival to London, he had dreamt of bringing Babita over one day. When news came of Minnie's birth, he may have thought now he could bring them both over.

It's also the first time that I wonder if he ever felt regret over not exerting some sort right over them or bringing them over. Maybe he's actually considering what Babita and Minnie have gone through in his absence. But given what he does by the end of the episode, that idea gets squashed.

Minnie loses track of her thoughts as she begins to tear up and ask her dad to just see her face once. She goes on to recount all the times Babes watched and paused the wedding video just so that she could catch glimpses of him.

The curtain falls, Minnie finds out Ashok has heard everything and Ashok calls for a small family meeting wherein he tells everyone that his business hasn't been doing so well in the past few years. Due to this, he and his business partner have decided to close shop and start something new in India. In other words, he'll be permanently shifting back to the country. The whole family is obviously over joyous hearing the news.

That very night Ashok packs his suitcase and leaves for the airport. While he's packing, Beeji mentions how he hasn't sent money in the past three months and they still need to pay the house's AMI. Once again, showing where Beeji's priorities are since the man literally said his business hasn't been doing well in the past few years. smiley24 Good thing Dadu called her out on it.

Ashok leaves and rather than going to the airport he goes to a hotel where Meeta is staying. Ashok's cowardice, and her fear of being thrown aside like garbage made her take a drastic action like coming over to India.

For this next portion, I'm going to compare Meeta and Minnie and their way of laying down conditions.

Minnie has had to rehearse her speeches many times to gain the courage to speak with her father. Even at the last go, Minnie never directly laid down her proposal to him. He overheard it by accident and she still didn't get what she wanted. She nor Babita will be going to London with him.

Meeta however never once falters with him. She is honest with how she feels whether it's happiness, fear, insecure, angry, disappointed, whatever. She's upfront, brutally honest, and calls him out on his shit whenever he fails to act.

Both ladies are coming from their own positions of reserving the rights to demand something from him but only one is really able to exercise it because she has spent the most time with him. Unfortunately, it's not the blood related daughter, but rather the woman who is considered to be the home wrecker.

Another thing to compare: Meeta and Ashok vs. Babita and Ashok.

There has been a lot more phsycial intimacy between Meeta and Ashok than there has been between Babita and Ashok. For the former, there's been hugging, and a lot of hand holding, whereas in the latter there is a lot of distance between them. Let alone touching hands, they haven't even been alone in the same room as each other for more than five minutes. Physically, sexually, emotionally and even mentally, Babita has been separated from Ashok a long time ago. All the spaces that Babita thinks her marriage provides, has actually been taken up by Meeta simply due to the fact that she has been with him and not Babita.

Back home, Babita burns herself due to her inattentiveness as she's still too hung up on Ashok's words of him wondering if she'll ever be able to forgive him. I feel like in the deepest part of her heart she knew what he had been alluding to but refused to even acknowledge it, and continued to supress it until it became non-existent. The beat of the drums in this scene were excellent as they emphasized her anxiety and nervousness extremely well.

Dadu calls Beeji and Lovely out again for being lazy and not helping Babita out with the work but they simply leave. He has a seat and comments to Babita as to how he used to wonder if he made a huge mistake by keeping Babita here and sending Ashok alone to London. When Babita doesn't really reply, he pries out what's worrying her. He tries to alleviate her mind by saying that he too had noticed a changed behavior in Ashok as if he was holding himself back from saying something. But when Ashok brought up the failing business, he understood what it was that was bothering him. He tells her to not worry either but it doesn't really help Babita much.

Back at the hotel Ashok sends the message he had recorded regarding Meeta but Lovely isn't able to open it because she keeps incorrectly adding in the password. She goes back to clicking pictures not knowing she has a ticking time bomb in her hand. If she had opened it now, it would've been in the privacy of the kitchen with only her and Babita as its occupants. Alas, that's not when the mail was fated to be opened.

We cut to Minnie throwing an after exam party with her friends. We find out more about her aspirations of never wanting to stay in Patiala. She wants to go to Delhi University because it has a photography course which she really wants to take. Then after that, go to U.S. to complete her Masters. All her friends are impressed and Preet points out how Minnie's dreams seem manageable only because her dad works in London. Minnie however comments on how it's not all fun and games. She, her dad and mom have had to make a lot of sacrifices for these opportunities and dreams.

Bobby is a fun element as he gives Minnie a gift and proposes to her to be his girlfriend but she just laughs it off as usual.

Seeing Minnie's group photo on social media, Lovely makes a comment on Minnie's character to Babita saying how it's indecent for girls to be hanging out with boys especially in this day and age. It takes merely minutes for rumours to spread like wildfire and once it does, it's over for a girl. Babita tries to defend Minnie saying that she was only hanging out with Bobby who is Preet's brother. Lovely emphasizes on Preet's brother, not Minnie's. When Minnie comes home, Babita in a panic blurts out the exact same thing that Lovely just said to her. Minnie doesn't take it too seriously since she knows Lovely is behind it. She adds more fuel to the fire by telling Lovely that Bobby proposed to her and she laughed it off as she had a lot of fun. Lovely continues to comment on her character to Babita who then goes to Minnie's room to make sure there's nothing between her or Bobby.

Point to be noted: Babita throwing back people's words onto Minnie - we saw this with the comparison Kammo made between Minnie and Meeta. So Babita throwing people's words onto Minnie without thinking them through wasn't a one time thing. This idea of what a woman's reputation should like look and a how one should behave has been tossed and turned multiple times in Babita's life.

Minnie fixes the issue with Lovely's phone and the brilliant woman that Lovely is plays the audio out loud where everyone can hear. Not just the family, but society's ladies heard Ashok's confession as well and that's how news spread to everyone around the neighborhood.

Babita isn't able to process this news well and scurries off to the kitchen where she resorts to the one thing she knows best - cooking. She already has some fritters frying away in the oil, but her mind has completely disassociated itself from her body. When Minnie comes in to check in on her, Babita gives her a confusing list of things to do and cites how she must cater to the guests or they'll have a reason to complain for the next day. She's not even acknowledging what Ashok's audio message contained.

Minnie yells at her to snap out of it and takes her away by hand out of the house to Babes' favorite dosa place. Even then Babita isn't reacting to anything and is instead sitting in a robotic manner which unnerves Minnie. While pleading for her mom to react in some way, she ends up breaking down and crying herself as she lists out the ways Ashok betrayed them both. This wakes Babita up a little as she wipes away Minnie's tears and tells her eveything will be okay. She just needs to speak with Ashok and everything will be fine. She even goes as far off as saying that Ashok's comment was a reaction to what Minnie had said. If she hadn't insisted on taking them with him then he wouldn't have gotten angry and tried to hurt Babita like this. This is a horrible thing for Babita to say to Minnie but I wouldn't entirelhy blame her for this. She's not aware of what she's saying. It's almost as if she's just speaking her thoughts aloud unfiltered, and rather than citing the truth, she was saying things to convince herself. Perhaps tyring to create another narrative that will justify Ashok's odd behavior.

Minnie calls Ashok wanting to get an answer but isn't able to reach him because he's having a hard conversation with his own parents. While Beeji and Lovely want Ashok to come home, Dadu forbids such a thing. He is furious and is a staunch supporter of Babita as he reminds Ashok of all the sacrifices that she had to make for him. When Beeji cries, Dadu calls her out on her shit saying that it's because of her bloody tears that kept saving her children from facing up to their mistakes. She always coddled them and blamed the world for being wrong and never saw a fault in them.

Dadu puts down the condition that if Ashok wants to come home then it'll be alone and not with Meeta. Ashok in turn tells Dadu that he'll only come home with Meeta to which Dadu firmly tells him that the doors to the house are forever closed to him and they'll consider him to be dead. This obviously doesn't sit well with Beeji or Lovely and they make sure to let Dadu know but he remains unaffected by their complaints. He continues to stand strong with Babita and against Ashok.

Since Meeta was listening in on Ashok's conversation with his family, she starts freaking out as she believes they'll never accept her. They'll be able to convince Ashok to stay back and he'll settle in with Babita again, and forget Meeta as if she was never a part of his life. Ashok tries to calm her down, as he still banks on his mom to bail him out of this mess. It reinforces what Dadu was saying earlier about Beeji's tears always saving her kids owning up to their mistakes and facing the consequences for them.

As predicted, Beeji doesn't consider Babita to be her daughter regardless of all the years of service she provided them. It's only Dadu who truly considers her to be his daughter and continues to side with her, while Beeji and Lovely continue to fight for Ashok. Sukhi, surprisingly, chooses to remain neutral and refuses to even give his opinion on the whole matter.

We pan to Babita and Minnie, who overheard everything. There's a striking difference between how the two women are presented. Babita, who hasn't reacted to the betrayal and continued to either suppress or completely ignore the matter altogether, is physically and mentally shaken. Her body continues to tremble, and her mind is completely absent from her surroundings. Juxtaposed to her is Minnie. She already had her cry and is actively dealing with the betrayal. She is furious with her dad, and has even uttered the words of how he has another woman in his life. It's crushing, but she has already reached the stage where she has accepted it. She'll continue to be furious for months to come, but at least she's living in the present and is dealing with things as they come rather than hide away or choose to ignore them.

Babita goes to her room, and Minnie tries to make her lie down and while at a loss of what exactly to do, she tries to take care of her mom. Babita snaps at her and essentially tells her to get out. This is the second or third time we have seen Babita throw someone else's anger onto Minnie. It's definitely not a healthy behavior, and I believe it largely stems from her micromanaging her emotions. Whether it's something positive as being excited and elated upon seeing your husband again after seventeen years, or upset that you couldn't see a movie with him, she never emotes in a timely manner. She covers it up as her being okay regardless of the situation, and then emotes in private, not really letting anyone else other than Minnie a glimpse into how she really feels.

Dadu filling in the role of her father, comes to check up on Babita, and encourages her to cry. Babita finally does and it's a truly heart wrenching scene. Her parents are dead, her daughter is far too young to understand what's going through her mind, her MIL & SIL don't give two shits about her, her BIL refuses to make a stance, and her husband is the reason why her whole world broke apart. The only person who is there to support her is her FIL, but all he can do at the moment is be there for her emotionally. In the face of Beeji and Lovely, I don't know how long he'll be able to stand strong. Not to mention, he had already felt incredibly guilty over making Babita stay behind and sending Ashok alone. Even though he wasn't an active participant, he must feel as if he played a hand in Babita's marriage failing. After all, if he had

Minnie once again tries to reach out to Ashok and this time he picks up. She immediately questions him over all the shit that was going on, and hands the phone over to Babita so that she could fix things as she had previously claimed she could. Rather than having the telephonic conversation be a private affair, it is once again made public since it was happening in the living room with everyone standing around. There hasn't been a single aspect to Babita's relationship that she could call her own. Her marriage was borne out of an alliance, not personal choice. Her daughter was birthed out of a sense of duty. Her separation from Ashok was created due to her inability to stand up for herself. Now, elements of this betrayal, whether it's the breaking of the news or her reaction to it - none of it has been private. It has all always been in the public eye where she could be judged critically.

Minnie brings up Babita constantly rewinding, pausing and staring at Ashok in the marriage video, and this is where the whole problem lies with Babita. She's emotionally stuck in the past, and refuses to move forward. Whatever emotions she had for Ashok on that day, or he had for her, she took them and carried them with her. Then, she didn't stop at that. She took those emotions and threw them onto Minnie as well and made her believe in a lie for years. It wasn't done out of a malicious intent, and I don't fault Babita for wanting to believe that Ashok loved her and Minnie. If she didn't have this belief, it would've been much more difficult for her to live her life in the Khurana house. Minnie was there but even she could have done so much to give her mother some motivation when it comes to tolerance.

On Ashok's side, we have Meeta digging her nails into Ashok's arm because she's paranoid about losing him. But for a moment, when Minnie is speaking, Meeta releases her hold, and creates a minute amount of space between her and him, but he holds onto her. It's another clear message to the audience as to who is Ashok's choice. It's Meeta as she is the one whom he engages the most physical contact, and is constantly reaching out for her.

I don't know if this angle has been done before but I haven't seen many series where the child confronts the cheating husband. It makes sense for this show since Minnie is the one who is stronger, braver and more outspoken. Compared to her, Babita has kept silent and tried to ignore the matter as if it will magically become untrue, cried only when someone insisted, and was rendered unable to properly articulate her feelings. These elements make the audience appreciate Minnie's character even more as she makes up for all the areas that Babita is unable to fill. Minnie doesn't keep quiet, and she doesn't fail to show her emotions. She continues to be loud and always puts the injustice done to her and Babita at the forefront for they are truly the victims in this situation. Rest of the Khurana family merely have a tainted reputation to deal with. For Babita and Minnie however, their entire world just got uprooted. For them, things can't go back to how they used to. They simply don't have that option unlike the Khuranas.


Overall these four episodes were quite good. For me, Paridhi was the MVP since her acting was just woah. No one else is able to bring the kind of subtle nuances like she's able to bring to the table.

I'm pretty sure the next few episodes are going to be heavy in material as well. A whole lotta crying, and even more shouting. But this type of explosive behavior is expected given the circumstances Minnie and Babita are in.


Will try to get around to watching the next few episodes this Friday.

Till then, happy discussing!

Posted: 29 days ago

This  was the core of PB... And very well built.... What stole these episodes were strong content display and array of emotions stuck around Babita... The log kya kahenge factory never leaved Babita and so to think of it she sticked to the character but this Babita was a different one than HS's Babita.... So when she became HS's the log kya kahenge factor should have been erased but alas... 

Anyways coming to the above this is the foundation of PB on which then the strong content followed.... PS was absolutely good in these episodes and carried the nuances of Babita very well.... 

Posted: 29 days ago

Beautiful write up as always Gur:) 

About crying, yes I feel a strange sort of emptiness when I see them now and am going to cry buckets when I see HS again in this rewatch smiley19

These episodes were very painful to watch yet the writing was so good and Paridhi too!!

Mini and her Babes used to be such a strong teamsmiley19

Posted: 29 days ago

Beautiful write-up by you, Gur! smiley27

Posted: 29 days ago

First of all take a bow for all the work you've done here. Seriously. I tried to watch episodes on sonyliv app but for some reason there's echo effect in every episode of PB- annoying as hell.

So I think rosy picture inside babita's head or her denial about Ashok's lack of interest in her was her coping mechanism for loneliness.  And when that illusion shattered she tried to escape the pain by ignoring the fact altogether. Which is actually very normal thing. 

The fact that Minnie recovered from shock much sooner than babita makes her a stronger person, although it doesn't mean babita is weak- she's normal, most people would need time to take grasp on the reality. Another factor I consider important here is babita's family has raised her conservatively, her in-laws favoured/praised her for being docile and obedient vs Minnie who is raised in a more liberal environment and allowed to express  feelings without fear of being judged or at least her carelessness about judgemental statements isn't frowned upon. 

I think your analysis about Minnie's speech behind curtains and Ashok overhearing that speech gives me more insight than I got from watching that scene.

 About meeta,  I could never hate her. Even in the intro of her character- she was a good person in messy situation.  It's just a shame how her character ended. The relationship arc between babita and meeta is the most unusual and intriguing in this show in my opinion. Even better than Hanuman- babita and babita-Minnie. Now that I pay attention I realize how much dysfunctional babita- Minnie's relationship is. I noticed that before as well but these episodes just take it to another level. Mother daughter being more like friends is a good idea but there has to be a boundary where friendship ends and parent-child relationship starts. That is totally missing here.

Posted: 28 days ago

Originally posted by Resham

This  was the core of PB... And very well built.... What stole these episodes were strong content display and array of emotions stuck around Babita... The log kya kahenge factory never leaved Babita and so to think of it she sticked to the character but this Babita was a different one than HS's Babita.... So when she became HS's the log kya kahenge factor should have been erased but alas... 

Anyways coming to the above this is the foundation of PB on which then the strong content followed.... PS was absolutely good in these episodes and carried the nuances of Babita very well....

It truly was. I firmly believe it got elevated once Aniruddh arrived but even before then it was extremely good. Meeta for example was not presented as a typical home wrecker. Yes, she's still guilty of doing something awful but her suffering and paranoia plays a large part behind her actions.

I'm glad you brought up LKK, because on one hand we have Babita who lived her whole life in a constraint manner, never expressing her emotions to the fullest, and constantly being reminded of her place and boundaries by Khuran women. Then on the other, we have Ashok who engaged in an extra martial affair and is practically being given a second chance from the women in the family, despite his heinous crime. HS' Babita was supposed to rise above all these shackles and become a woman who isn't afraid of expressing her feelings or opinions. Whether someone likes them or not is a different matter. But the fact that she'll be voicing them at all will be a huge development for her. But I guess when you've been conditioned to be a certain way for almost thirty years of your life, it's hard to break away from your behavior and habits.

Paridhi was freaking fantastic! She definitely carried the show and all the subtleties she brought to the character are just Image.

Posted: 28 days ago

Originally posted by Resham

This  was the core of PB... And very well built.... What stole these episodes were strong content display and array of emotions stuck around Babita... The log kya kahenge factory never leaved Babita and so to think of it she sticked to the character but this Babita was a different one than HS's Babita.... So when she became HS's the log kya kahenge factor should have been erased but alas... 

Anyways coming to the above this is the foundation of PB on which then the strong content followed.... PS was absolutely good in these episodes and carried the nuances of Babita very well.... 

I think Babita was already a broken personality before her wedding to Ashok, always pushed to confirm and don't question anything in order to be liked. She would have needed an awful lot of healing from Ashok already, but that didn't happen cause he simply wasn't around to do it. He seems to have played a healer role for Meeta though, bringing out the confident woman out of her, at least as long as they were in London. 

HS tried to do with Babita the same abd it all seemed well. But Babita ultimately failed understand that real strenght is not something you pack out from a cupboard when you need it and pack it away if you've got the feeling that someone else can be strong for you... As long  as she was divorced she could accept people talking easier, because even she herself would have judged another woman in that situation. 

Posted: 28 days ago

Originally posted by MeghnaGhosh

Beautiful write up as always Gur:) 

About crying, yes I feel a strange sort of emptiness when I see them now and am going to cry buckets when I see HS again in this rewatch smiley19

These episodes were very painful to watch yet the writing was so good and Paridhi too!!

Mini and her Babes used to be such a strong teamsmiley19

Thank you. smiley31

Oh gosh, hearing their dialogues and watching Hanita fall in love all over again is going to tear a new one. It'll be so tragic rather than hopeful now, which is something that I feel like was never supposed to be associated with them.

Minnie and Babes were something. There was an innocence in their relationship and the way Minnie used to see her mother. But after the divorce that love somehow warped into something ugly. By the end of it, she claimed that she loved her mom but I couldn't feel it. It was if that 'apnapan' that Minnie had once written in her diary was lost forever. I don't know if that's intentional but if it is then kudos to them cuz they delivered!

Patiala Babes 

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