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 Hi guys, you can call me scarlet. I am sure a lot of you must be knowing my username because, well, not many people are here in the forum smiley36

Anyway, so to relieve my absolute distress regarding the story-line i have decided to write a fiction of my own , of-course if you guys like it, that is. It wont be a jodi specific thing , this i can promise and hence both rishta and preeran fans can enjoy it. 

P.S this is not the continuation of the plot from the serial and it is completely my imagination.

Please do leave your reviews and tell me how you felt about the start or whether i should continue.  :)


He saw her laying on the white bed balled into a tight grip. As she attempted to stretch her legs out, a sharp pain in her stomach made her flinch back. He forgot the count but the number of tubes that went inside her made him feel sick. She might have felt his presence when she struggled to lift her eyelids up. He froze to his spot as if being held by the ropes when she started throwing blood, violently. The hospital room closed in and air was blown out of his lungs. He frantically tried to reach her but she faded into oblivion, slowly, painfully.


The bed sheet crumpled slowly in a huge fist. He was shaking to the bone. As he opened his eyes while gasping for air, the darkness hit him; but the familiarity of the scent calmed his nerves. His muddled room which was his escape for the last six months gave him a second of relief before he stood up to have a glass of water. It wasn’t the first time that he woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about that dreadful day. The day that changed his life forever and pushed him into the bog of guilt that killed him piece by piece every single day.  As the cold water made its way down his stomach, fragments of memory came alive making his sleep elope once again. Aghast, he decided to breath some fresh air hoping to find an iota of peace.


He stood by his window and looked at the vast expanse of inky blackness of the sky as the night went on. The velvety darkness seemed terrifying yet strangely comforting as the stars twinkled as if comforting the dullness of the night; the kind of comfort that he himself struggled to find.

With the ticking of the clock, the night turned pristine and icy cold, and a sense of hollowness for eternity just like the endless blanket of darkness took over his mind. He was destined to live with this guilt for the rest of his life and he knew he deserved every bit of it. The stillness of the hour was eerie and the world seemed to stop; the only sound being his breathing and the hammering of his heart in his chest. He stared at the empty space hoping for the night to end and not just physically.

Lost in the ambiguity, he missed the light pink sky with golden rays that cut through as the blue sky came about.



“Karan?” He heard his mother call out umpteenth time when he decided to open the door.  Disheveled and unkempt, he wished her a good morning, internally laughing at the irony of the situation.

“ By any chance did you sleep last night?” There wasn’t a day when his mother didn’t ask him this, and they both hoped to hear a different answer one day. But not all wishes come true, do they? He smiled and hugged her and chose to not answer her this time.

“For how long are you going to punish yourself Karan? It’s been months. You can’t keep living like this!” Rakhi exclaimed in exasperation.

‘Did he have an answer to that one? Could he know the exact time  till he felt like his heart was on fire and not his body but his soul was burning into ashes with each passing second?


“I am fine, maa”

“Karan. I have come to take you home, son.”

He didn’t know if it was his lack of sleep but the moment those words left her mouth, he felt a sudden knot in the pit of his stomach. Home had a different meaning to him now and so did family. Could he go that place which he once called home? Could he ever face him again? 

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Please do leave a response if at all interested. smiley1

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Ooh really intriguing. Do update soon!

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Update soon

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Very nice, please update soon

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update soon

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Originally posted by Haal-e-Dil

Ooh really intriguing. Do update soon!

Thank you smiley1

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Very nice, please update soon

Thank you smiley1

Kundali Bhagya 

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