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Epi 350 

Komo’s change of plan

Episode begins with Pre getting scared of the goons who brandish knives at her ...

Elsewhere Anu, Biraj, Mahesh, Shekhar, Pam , Shivi disperse in various directions to search for Missing Pre .

At BB Vee is upset for Pre ... Suman says kidnapping. Ignite not be for money it could be to settle old scores ?? Komo agrees 

Mol gets a call from Police commissioner that they had seen the veh used for kidnapping on cctv ..also see how the goons shifted apre into another veh ... that veh belonged to Jagga .. now they were tracing Jagga n his adress n whereabouts .

Vee n Mol, Suman are waiting to hear Pre was found but receive some solace by this news .

Komo gets alarmed at the news of Jagga being under police net . pat the kidnappers den Pre is being threatened by knife bearing Goons .

At BB Vee prays n complains to Debi maa ... pleads Mata Rani to return Pre ...Mol watches Vee n feels sad .

Elsewhere Anu finds one payal n recognises it as Pre’s ..they follow the trail .

At kidnappers den they discuss the sharing of the prize money of 5 lakhs ..they have differences ..
In her room at BB Komo fears Police will soon find Pre n get her back to BB n into Anu’s life . She hated AnuPre love n their growing love that Anu had started feeling for Pre .. she is sure this love will soon make them get into relationship ..Komo fears she will be out of Anu’s life then ..n she hates the thought .

Komo changes her plans n decides to get Pre murdered .. by Jagga .. she calls Jagga n orders him to kill  Pre .. but it’s not Jagga who takes the call it’s another mad goon n he is happy to get a chance to use his knives ... he releases Pre n orders her to run as fast as she can n n try n save herself .. Pre hides n escapes ... as the goon throws knives at her .. she fights them n attacks the goon with a heavy object ..injures his leg . at BB Moh creates drama ..getting unnnrved because of Vee’s continuous ringing the bells n chanting mantras ..she is unnerved with Mol n Anu’s support of Pre n Sharmas .. Niv tries to calm Moh but she too is unnnerved by Pam’s continuous support of Pre n Sharmas ...despite her warning him against it .

Moh hates Pre n thanks God Sonalika is her bahu .. 

Anu n Viraj reach a jungle hut  at deserted location .. they feel the goons n Pre were hiding there .. 


Komo threatens to kill Pre .. she orders goons to toe up Pre n push her off the cliff .

As Pre is pushed off the cliff Anu tries in vain to reach her .

He looks over the cliff n is horrified to see Ore hanging precariously half way down the clifff by a rope ..she is screaming Anu’s name .. Komo is shocked to see Anu there .

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Reminder by GM 

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Originally posted by munnihyderabad

Hello guys,

Please keep the discussions confined  to the characters in the show without venturing into discussing age/facial features of actors or age shaming them. 

KZK 2 DT  

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DT Note : 

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Closing this,, Suta you can open new one for Monday before the episode. Thanks,



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DT Note :

Wonderful  *slow claps*

so EDTs are technical safe havens for battlefields , where both groups are involved in 
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and the irony  is that no one bothers to report these comments,  everyone wants to fight and have their share of fun and when the line crosses , they play victim and expect Mods to be antaryaamis and realize what's going on in each topic and act and when acted ..comes the mighty biased mods of the forum   naare *slow claps * 

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DT Note :You all might have enough time at your dispense to fight over the same thing day in and day out, but there is no point in me reiterating the same things again and again, the note is here


for reference and to add new point 

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there are many topics in the forum for dangal , please go ahead ! 

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Wondering when Anurag will get to kick some butts and find out what Sonolika is upto. 

Pinot mentioned that why doesn't Prerna kidnap Ronit for a change. What an interesting idea, turn her kidnap into an act and Ronit's men are actually Prerna's men. When Anurag bust in there, Ronit tries to kill him but Anurag knocks him over the cliff in self defence. Ta-da! pointless character removed. Komolika will be mad and slip up, giving her secret away to everyone. 

Cutiepie should stay safe, be born healthy and be loved by her mummy and papa. 🤞

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N number of marriages. N number of accidents   And N number of kidnaps 👏🏼👏🏼 After 1 1/2 years Kasauti I am sure writers don’t need to write any script or dialogues about the scenes . If they say now kidnapping scene all actors will repeat the same line which they are repeating from Navu’s episodes 🤦🏻‍♀️ So boring and  

 thanks for the update Suta  

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Reached a mile stone of 350 episodes ..but there is nothing to celebrate ... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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Thanks for the update Suta. 

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Originally posted by Sutapasima

Reached a mile stone of 350 episodes ..but there is nothing to celebrate ... 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

We will celebrate Pre’s anth smiley37 This twist is interesting but no idea where its going  smiley22

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Another fillet episode! smiley39

Thx for the update Suta! smiley1

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