Bayhadh 2 LIVE UPDATES 17 Jan 2020

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Epi 35 

The show begins with ..... Rudra lamenting that Rishi wanted to marry the girl he loved madly ....He knows that girl was present where Rishi did suicide act

Maya asks if Rudra suspected the GF did something to Rishi ...Rudra  does not think so ..but his dad MJ thought so n was after killing that girl but Rudra will not let any one touch Rishi’s GF cause Rudra  is present between Rishi n his love ....

Maya is relieved .. Maya then notices Rudra  gets a call froM Anu  she asks if Anu knew he was at Maya’s place . Rudra walks out of her house after taking his phone l

At Roy mansion MJ tells Amir that he will kill Rishi’s GF because she killed his son. They will now have to find her , his strength was snatched away from him .. he weeps before Amir because he knew Amir will not take advantage if his weakness . He could not show his tears to Anu one else because they will now take advantage of his weakness .

Next scene shows Antara I;deep sleep and after co firming this Diya maa are seen romancing ..getting touchy .. ,, seducing .. getting intimate  .. she loved MJ she states .. hugs him tightly ... 

Diya tells MJ that Antara got another panic attack n so she had to give him injections .. 

MJ Weeps he had lost his son ,,Diya assures him n supports him .. she vouches today take revenge from the person who killed Rishi

Her MJ could never lose .,he will win 

they both will win he hugs n assures . MJ draws strength from her .

At Maya’s house she is seeing off Rudra .. .. they hug outside the gate .. he apologises n steps back as he regrets touching her as he knew she disliked being touched , Maya says they both had one thing in common ..Pain ,, they might not fall in love with pain but might become friends ,, she stretches her hand to him ,,he hesitatingly hold it ,, thanks her ., Maya is relieved that he finally left .

maya is looking at Rudra’s pin on her laptop n touching it ,, the bell goes ,,she opens the door n is surprised it is Rajiv .. Rajiv informs her that Ananya was spying on MayRa .. he also saw MayRa hug 

Rudra reaches home tiffing Anaua waiting for him ,,she complains that he gave to maya everything that was hers .. his friendship ..his best friend .... his support ,,share his pain ... Rudra asks if she was spying on him ..or following him .. Anu complains that even she lost her bro Rishi ,,Rudra retorts back that she was demanding her rights ... but never wept for Rishi ..but Maya supported him unconditionally .. without any demands ..Rudra walks out .., 

Ananya  is stunned  .. 

At Maya’s house Rajiv is realising that Maya killed Rishi .,he is shocked that she committed murder of arishi in her vengeance against MJ ?? 

He fears MJ would reach them because their phone calls could be traced to Rishi as they had contacted thru phone many times . Rajiv wonders how to coverup  Maya’s tracks  .he regrets .he was supporting a killer !! Maya looks at him angrily as he questions her ..she states that ten yrs back MJ had killed her baby .. 

MJ his family his friends all joined hands to kill her baby .

Rajiv asks if her revenge was completed as she took one life for the one MJ took . 
MJ , Amir , choubey , Manas ...and another guy .. were her targets ..

They all betrayed her ..

She tells Rajiv her next target will be Rudra .. will he die now ?? But how will,she kill him  Maya says he will die of love .. long back Maya was killed by using love ,,Rudra will die the same way .. .. Riajiv is lost in thought .. Nandini comes there ,, gives Prasad to Rajiv .. 

he shares his bit of Prasad with Maya .. he has become her bro .. maya glares at Rajiv .. he states he would protect Maya from danger 

Nandini gives a dhaaga to Maya and asks her to tie it to protect her m stop her from doing any wrong act , nanadini gives one dhaaga for Rudra tie it to him on her behalf .. to ward of evil..keep him safe etc ... .Maya is reluctant but Nandini insists they better support him  As he had lost his bro .. he was broken ., Maya stares at the dhaaga 

Maya tells Rajiv that he could not be of her assistance as he was emotional n weak .. Rajiv asks if she would one day likely him too 

She says his death is of no use for her ,, but Rudra had to die soon .. she fiddles with the dhaaga 

Precap for Next week 

MJ tells Amir that Rishi’s phone will surely have his GF’s phone number or a pic of hers .. they better check his phone ..Amir assures his phone wil be tracked . Rudra over hears this n gets alarmed .

At Roy mansion  Ananya discovers Maya’s sketch from Rishi’s room she wonders if Maya was Rishi GF and if she murdered Rishi??  at Ruan Office Agitated Rudra tells Maya that they better stop MJ n his guys from reaching Rishi’s GF .. Maya asks they should stop him 

Ananya barges in and questions maya who would stop Maya ?? 
maya looks at Ananya questioningly ...

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Rishis gf.... target of MJ & Rudra. 

Who will find her firstsmiley23

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Originally posted by Armu4eva

Rishis gf.... target of MJ & Rudra. 

Who will find her firstsmiley23

Am sure none will ..only Ananya will suspect but Rudra will think she is talking out  of jealousy ..

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MayRa back to being adorably awkwardsmiley42

Also MJsmiley43


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Rajeev is back finally!!!

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Originally posted by Nikki_srk

Rajeev is back finally!!!

And on point.. 

Rudra aur tumhare beech sab kuch kafi REAL lag raha tha.. smiley36

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Maya says she can't become like MJ by not forgetting humanity?

But, can kill an innocent Rishi? smiley23smiley29

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Originally posted by Armu4eva

And on point.. 

Rudra aur tumhare beech sab kuch kafi REAL lag raha tha.. smiley36

Yeah... Totally on point. smiley36

Sab kuch kaafi REAL lag raha tha...

And his question,"kya main ek killer ka saath de raha hoon??"

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Jennifer Winget Ashish Chowdhry Shivin Narang

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