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Epi 346

Close call for Ronit  

The episode begins with Anu telling Komo that he might have lost his memory ..his brain forgot everything gout his heart still remembered everything about Pre ... thats why nothing changed between AnuPre . Komo recollects how apre too had said for zanu Prerna was not just a memory she was a feeling in the heart n the more Komo tries to pull them apart the more closer would Anu come to a Pre n also cause it to Trigger regaining his memory .

Komo reminds Anu of  his medications ... she goes to washroom n screams with frustrated fury ... that the doc was giving him medication had to work for her ...

Komo kidnaps the doc’s daughter n keeps her confined at gun point n shows the video to the doc . Komo asks the doc if he loved his daughter he will give such a medication that will make Anu forget all his past n never regain his memory n slow his brain .

Doc protests that he could never do such a thing .. 

Komo orders her goons to shoot the girl .. the Doc gives into Komolika’s blackmailing n gives A prescription that will slow Anu’s brain.. the drug will, ot have immediate affect .. it had to be taken over prolonged period .

Komo smirks as she walks away gleefully .

Ron attempts to take Prerna out of the function venue on the pretext of her badly parked car causing road block ...but Viraj comes to her rescue by asking his own driver to do the needful instead of Pre exerting herself .. Ron is disappointed as Viraj takes a Pre away for some discussions .... he tells her that he knew she was close to Anu and despite that he fell in love with her n was wanting to marry her , to complete a family .. where she gets the support n he gets a baby and a  wife . .. he confesses that he MU about AnuPre and it crossed his mind to cancel the wedding .. he asks her to co firm if she still wanted to marry him . Pre is disappointed as she expected him to call off the wedding .. and she tells him that she liked Anurag a lot . ....he gives her time to decide n tell him finally ....after he goes away Pre think of clarifying not with Vir not to hope for a Prerna’s love as she could think of no one other than Anu in her heart . 

Pam is looking for Pre n Shivi but fails to spot either of them .. he notices Anu n decides to inform him about an intruder n possible attack on Pre ..

Anu is looking for Pre .. and Komo gets frustrated with his continuous Pre jaap . Anu notices Pam .... Pam decides not to tell him about any attack as he might land up at hospital yet again . 

Komo laces a glass of water with the brain altering drug n asks waiter to give it to Anurag . .. Komo notices waiter offer a glass to Anu .. she recollects how Komo had made Anurag drink drug laced water earlier ... she interrupts the waiter . Anu looks at Ron n it triggers his memory . he feeels he k ew the waiter very well ... Ron is cornered .. Komo  makes an excuse n helps Ron slip away ... But to her dismay Prerna consumes the drug mixed water ... Komo fears Pre was now under affects of the brain altering drug .. she hopes Pre will not create Anu drama ... 

Komo warns Ron to slip out of the venue because Shivi, Pam n Anu , all three had got suspicious of him ..let one of his goons do the kidnapping . As Ron gives instructions to his goons to do the needful 

Viraj tells Anu that he was the Cupid for VirPre and that he had told Pre that he loved her n wanted to marry her soon . Anu is all smiles .

Anu tries to tell her about his memory  where he was dissuading Pre from marriage n he is sure the same guy had ditched Pre ..   Moh thinks of BajPre wedding ..and gets confused .. Moh makes it clear to zanu that she was disinterested in Prerna... .. Anu realizes his mom disliked Prerna .


Shivi escapes from her confinement as the goons focus on Pre .

On the terrace Pre tells Anu that she loved him n was waiting to tell him for a long time now . She hugs him . Anu initially feels awkward but hugs her back soon ...  Viraj comes to terrace looking for Pre n is shocked to see AnuPre tight hug .

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Here for your updates Suta thank you 🙇 medicine for forgetting the past 👏👏 I need a medicine to forget some people . 

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Thanks in advance Sutasmiley9

Hoping AnuPre's hug doesn't end up being a dream or she hugged Viraj thinking its Anurag  ! smiley29

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Originally posted by -Doppelganger-

Thanks in advance Sutasmiley9

Hoping AnuPre's hug doesn't end up being a dream or she hugged Viraj thinking its Anurag  ! smiley29


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Thanks for the update in advance  ... Suta smiley31

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Originally posted by Arshig8

Here for your updates Suta thank you 🙇 

Hugs my buddy for you unwavering support .. 

I got delayed here because if poor net work ..because of raining hailstones smiley18shooting the mercury down smiley3

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In precap, there is one more scene between viraj and Mohini....can anyone please tell me what is the discussion????

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