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Epi 345

Viraj confronts Anurag 

the episode begins with All watching Anu helping Pre to his room upstairs .. Mol is all smiles but Moh fumes as she tells Mol to go tell Pre that she better stay within her limits .. she was getting married now but was getting close to other’s husband . ..n dancing with them . Mol retorts back to Moh n shows her the mirror.. all’s her a poor mom .. Moh is reduced to tears .. and Mol asks her to shed some more fake tears to gain some sympathy . Nivi comes n supports her mom .. Moh expresses her hatred for Pre .

Sharma family is impressed with Viraj Bhardwaj ‘s family .. so humble n down to earth ..n accepted Pre whole heartedly...Shekhar n Suman are all praises for Viraj .

AnuPre Vee  reach Anu’s room ...  Anu starts massaging Pre’s feet n she gets relief from her cramps ...

Viraj watches AnuPre tog n gets jealous ... After a while Pre feels better n asks Anu to leave her . Anu explains how he had read about the cramps during pregnancy on the net . He used his knowledge to help her .....Pre tells Vee that Anu might not have memory but he still cared for her n her baby ..

Vee replies that he might support her but Anu was not hers !! 
if Anu became hers only then will Vee love Anu fully . Pre assures Vee that Anu himself will stop PreVir shaadi ..

at BB Venue Hall Pam notices A waiter staring at AnuPre n gets suspicious ,,he recollects Shivi’s words n chases that waiter .. but the goon escapes ..Pam chases him .

As Anu is leaving Viraj wants to speak to him . Anu agrees ..Viraj wants to discuss his shaadi .. Viraj says Anu cared a lot for Pre ..he knew her very well .. why was he so concerned for her ?? Did he love her ?? Anu pauses n then accepts he did Love Pre .... Like a friend ...

He cared a lot for her because she was his Rajesh uncles daughter ..n he would be besides her always when ever she needed him .. 

Anu refuses that there was anything other than friendship between AnuPre .. Viraj must clear all MU if he had any ... Anu would never have brought VirPre tog if he had any feelings for ...Pre .. 

Anu apologises to Viraj is he had given any wrong impressions ... Viraj also apologises .. it was not his intentions to accuse Anu it just that he did not want to enter a marriage with any  MUs .. 

Viraj confesses he had started Loving Pre .. Anu feels jealous of Viraj 

He thanks Anu n apologises once again .. Anu is pleased everything was clarified .

Viraj now wants to propose to Pre formally .

Even though this was an arranged marriage ... Anu assures n encourages him.. he fakes he was happy for VirPre ...  

In another room Ron gets frustrated that he was unable to reach Pre because of Shivi chasing him .. he then knocks her unconscious n carries her away into a room ties her up n locks her up into a cupboard ...

Pam is chasing a waiter n he hides among the parked cars ... it’s shiva .. he calls Ron ... 

but Ron hears his phone ringing inside the cupboard In which he just confines Shivi .. he reopens it .. he finds Shivi woken up .. n struggling to free herself ... he then points his gun at her ....threatens to kill her ...  snatches away his phone .. he replies to Shiva to reach the study room immediately ..  Shivi wonders that she was getting suspicious of this waiter but now he has kidnapped her !! What was he up to !! Ron , Shuva, n other goons threaten Shivi to remain quiet or they will shoot her . Ron goes to kidnap Pre . Shivi  is worried n weeps for her di . 

Anu ponders that Viraj was getting suspicious of  AnuPre !! He was only concerned for her !! Was he crossing a few lines during his concern for her !! He must have .. but he could not help going out of the way when it came to Pre !! .. he better keep himself within limits otherwise VirPre alliance will break because of him ... he had to stay away from Pre ...

Soon he starts getting vivid FBs .. he is troubled as he sees apre dressed up as bride n getting married ..he was trying ..to dissuade Pre from marrying the guy !! Pleading that this guy was not right for her !! Anu is happy he remembered the past !! He exclaims happily ... Komo arrives at the door n gets alarmed thinking Anu had remembered his past !! She comes n asks him about his recollection .. Anu narrates how he recollected himself dissuading Pre  from marrying an unwanted guy .. ..Anu feels that guy only must have ditched Pre ...... Komo is relieved .. but fumes as Anu talks  fondly about his best friend Pre .. she tells Anu not to make her jealous by talking of other girls .anu reassures a Sonalika .. that Pre was getting married to Viraj .


Komo goes to a chemist n gets medicines that will slow Anu’s brain n prevent him from remembering his past . .. she laces a glass of water with that tablet n asks a waiter to give it to Anu ..  but Pre consumes it unknowingly .

On the terrace Pre in her drugged state confesses her love for Anu .. she hugs Anu tightly n he holds semiconscious Pre in his arms 

Viraj looks for Pre .. Debu Da informs him  about Pre on the terrace .. he is shocked to see AnuPre in a tight hug .

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Thanks in advance for the update Suta smiley31

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Originally posted by FLW70

Thanks in advance for the update Suta smiley31

Welcome to live updates dear smiley31

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Anurag loves prerna as a friend......this was expected of him....

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Character Nayi but abuse use ema wahi smiley36 shows usually show leads to be fake characterless for some mahaan tyaagg or something dikhaate hain but  yahaan to danke ki chot pe both r characterless v modern show this is smiley14

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Sukoonnnnnnn 😇😇😇

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I am loving the way they are shaping up Anurag’s character these days . Feels like the old AB ( who got lost somewhere in the last kachra  track)  is back smiley40 Anu-Viraj scene was nicely written and executed. 

Thanks Suta smiley31

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