Chappaak is a actually a nice movie.

Posted: 14 days ago

Saw it today and I don't get the criticism, Deepika wasn't great nor was the movie, but she wasn't bad either, she was good. Obviously I am guy who liked Befirkre and Jagga Jasoos, so take my wording with pinch of salt, but Chappank is quite heart warming and nice movie.

I think the only problem with the movie is, it is too subtle. A movie liked this needed a stronger director and a more expressive actor, no not saying Meghna or Deepika were horrendous, they were not, but Meghna nor Deepika could bring out the OTTness and crying factor, that a stronger team could have done, for better WOM. But they weren't bad, actually quite nice. It is quite a shame that such a nice(even if technically average) movie isn't getting the attention it deserved.

Posted: 14 days ago

I am still to watch it and not able to make up my mind given the content....The fact that there is no solution to what has been done to these survivors no matter what they do or how brave they are, already leaves me unimaginably sad and depressed....I just hope the fact that a movie has been made has created enough noise for more people to be aware of these people and help them by letting them move around and mingle, provide them with employment opportunities etc- instead of avoiding them...

Posted: 14 days ago

That's exactly the problem with the movie. 

You can feel the sincerity in their efforts and performances and the movie did have its heartwarming moments, but it didn't have enought 'weight' to leave a lasting, solid impact. The scene that stirred me the most didn't even have Deepika in it (you'd know which one I'm talking about). The direction and the screenplay equally failed the intentions of the film. As for Deepika, she was endearing as Malti but she slightly underplayed her which didn't make the main issue of the film any better.

Posted: 14 days ago


Isn’t it the issue we r talking abt ? The movie has a nice subject (no one is saying a word on that ) but dp’s non existent acting ruined it...and on top of it she chose TRENDING publicity..which irked most of them including me...had she said in her promotions “watch this for survivors and get inspiration”, I would be the first one to watch ... but no !!!!leaving the nirbhaya case aside she chose to grab the jnu opportunity..and showed her face there....

And her acting in the trailer itself says how horrendous it was...seeing her face first time after surgeries ,there her acting fell depth ,no emotions whatsoever....i felt like she shouted for Ranbir (pun intended)..come on u had several surgeries yet ur emotions were dull no impact on audience....

Here whatever I saw people wanted it to be success for survivors/Laxmi..samjhey? No doubt in that but darling ruined it..even on first day people didn’t showed up matlab she has no power to pull the audience..let alone her acting !

Posted: 14 days ago

It is a nice movie but it lacked impact. Neither Deepika’s acting nor Meghna’s direction left an impression. The subject was good & my salute to the makers for choosing this story and trying to create awareness but could have been much better movie wise. 

Posted: 14 days ago

Saddest past is 4000 1star likes in IMDB without any reason 

Anyway the screenplay or execution didnt leave any chance of histrionics for Deepika either. I think and as I can see Meghna didn't want to show the survivors as victim neither Laxmi felt she was. Its very clear she didn't feel that 'anger' or 'aghast' or 'feelings of revenge' which we generally see in movies. Staying true to Laxmi's life and not enough commercialization of the screenplay like some breakdown scenes etc are generally required to connect with mass audience. Chhapaak lacks in that aspect..

Posted: 14 days ago

Haven't seen the movie and have no intention of watching it in theatres..looks more like n online watch..m sure it will be appreciated more then like sky is pink..

From what U said I get what it lacks..Not exactly OTT but some hard hitting dialogues that r remembered for long..scenes that stay with u.. performances that can't be forgotten..I remember watching Damini as a kid in theatre..I can never forget the scene where workers throw bricks on criminals to save Damini, the court scenes, her emotional speech in the court room, Amrish Puri's dailogues, family's reluctance to accept their boy's crime..and of course Sunny Deol's Dhai kilo ka haath has become a legend..and we still talk about tareekh pe tareekh

That subject was as grim..but it resonated with people even so many years back

Posted: 14 days ago

So it's a one time watchable movie if you are into movies,so watch it in home types. reviewers are also saying the same thing 

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