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Originally posted by Deepikafan13

If they are sleazy I will say so. Her item numbers have always been raunchy and vulgar like chikni chameli and all dancing around men acting like hungry dogs. So please keep your lecturing to yourself. 

No one is degrading but just stating the facts. Too bad you can't handle it. I won't sugar coat it to suit your sensibility. 


Posted: 2 months ago

Girl, you went there smiley37 I was going to give her a chance for redemption but... 

Originally posted by Deepikafan13:

"raunchy and vulgar like chikni chameli and all dancing around men acting like hungry dogs"


Posted: 2 months ago

Lol madam ji has no boobs or body to show. Doesnโ€™t matter which is more vulgar. Katrina atleast has curves and moves thatโ€™s memorable. Madam ji has nothing! 

OT : Hell yes! Iโ€™m not even a fan of her per say but Katrina is definitely a female superstar and rightfully so.

Edit : Katrina is so hot in those avis posted above ^^

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Originally posted by capricornrcks

Katrina works hard.  She looks pretty,dances great,has screen charisma and does whatever is required of her.The makers won't be regretting hiring her. But no one including herself expects any flashes of greatness from her. For her, acting is a job that pays the bills. She does not have any emotional attachment or passion for it. I've seen her interviews. She speaks with great passion about her makeup brand and her family. But the spark is missing when she speaks about her movies.

She is very successful in her career but there was never a time she behaved so entitled and think herself as the greatest thing. Very humble and grounded. Doesnโ€™t speak bad about others at all. Doesnโ€™t behave goody two shoes on front and then backstab by releasing blinds about them. This is the reason why she has friends from the industry, every contemporary actress has great things to say about her. Even actors! Everyone likes her. Except madam ji fans here I also donโ€™t see any other fandom hating on her. Not even Alia or Ranbir fans. 

Posted: 2 months ago

sorry deepika torso very masculine, her moves look awkward at times.

madhuri and katrina have small torso, and goes well with indian/ethnic dances.

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Originally posted by Eboza

Chappak is commercial and not offbeat?

Phantom?? Comparing to piku??

New York is a dark movie???

does katrina even have a offbeat/niche movie?

Who gets credit for jagga jasoos opening? and the other one with Sid? they must be really high considering Starpower is opening day. These names must get at least 10cr opening.

Offbeat movie lmaooooooo. U lost me there. chapak has been promoted as commercial film with huge promos. U think she made movie for critics and making losses? she is a commercial actress. It is a commercial movie no matter ur excuses r! It has been heavily promoted and phantom promotion was no where near piku and was underwhelming from the start. Still it opened better when deepika was ahead of kat in 2015. And if it was so niche, they would've casted some new or critically acclaimed actress. Reason deepika was in movie, is to sell it and she failed at it. Opening day defines star power and 4 crore is flop no matter what excuses are! Chapak is a commercial movie . Niche , grim, offbeat are now exciuses after it failed.

So u don't wanna see the difference of 11 years when it comes to newyork? I didn't even use inflation to make the case. Kat opened with better number. And weekend was 35 crores back then. It would be like 50 to 60 crore today!smiley32

Jagga jassos was a delayed movie with no hype and came after her peak has long passed and kat fans weren't making claims as her number one.... She was called finished by then! And with sid it was kat's song which created the buzz and still it was after her peak.  She was written off by then. But at chapak release, we get daily reminded about deepika's star power and her being on par with sridevi. But her numbers proved she is no where close! Kat's commercial peak was from 2007 to 2014 and her movies did better openings when she was the star of the movie than deepika at her peak. She was called queen of box office and has public appeal among masses. And if i start using inflation, the difference will be  even bigger

Katrina Kaif

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