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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Deepikafan13

But Katrina can't act even 0.1% as well as Deepika what about that huh? 

Its about box office and deepika is no pc or kangana when it comes to acting. She can't  carry a movie

Point is she has no box office pull. 

And the topic is about katrina having bigger STAR  power. She gave better openings with many mpvies. Even apkgk and darker movie newyork opened with better numbers back in 2009. And we didn't  add inflation for them. Phantom in 2015 opened better tham piku lmao! And star power is about opening power of the star!

So stay on topic and talk about the star power. Which katrina has always more than deepika. Where is your Deepika's  box office pull? Excuses . 

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by mintyblue

If she had done this film, it wouldn't even have opened at 1 crore because people like her only in glam avtar

Would have been a disaster like The Zoya Factor

OT: She can't carry a film on her shoulders....

But at present, it seems like other way around. Isn't it?

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Deepikafan13

Chapaak was a niche film and whereas acting is concerned DP is at par and sometimes even better than Kangana and PC in some roles so please stop this unnecessary criticism. 

Katrina needs sleazy item numbers to make movie work while Deepika does movies in a dignified way! 

Lmaooooo. Niche film? Next time u will call it an art film lmaoooo

It is full time commercial fim and was produced to earn money unless dp fans think she wanted to lose money lmaooo . And no she isnt better than kangana n pc who  can actually act and u forgotten deepikas tatti item song? smiley37so u shaming women for dancing? How pathetic is that? Or ur women rights exist only for ur dpsmiley25

Fact remains kat has bigger  bo pull than deepika and deepika couldn't  even bring 5 crores for her movie

So that is what matters!

Excuses not gonna work. Now it is niche. Next time it will be offbeat movie.  

She was promoting it everywhere like a commercial movie and when it flopped, it is nichesmiley37

Ur deepika has no star power and u can make 100s of excuses whole day! πŸ˜‚

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Posted: 1 months ago

Originally posted by Deepikafan13

It is a fact that Deepika's face is mostly covered by prosthetics it's pretty niche for Indian cinema. 

Of course you won't agree that Deepika is as good as PC and Kangana your hate won't let you to. But most people do accept it as a fact that why she reached where she is. 

And Deepika must have done one item number when she was young she doesn't do it anymore like Katrina who has no idea how act her age! Still doing 3rd rate dance like in flop TOH. 

I won't argue you with you further because I have limited number of posts as a new member. Bye! 

You guys shame other actresses for their work but all hell loose when your deepika gets questioned. No wonder everyone is mocking her failue. You dare to shame other women for their choices in career. And an item song in toh doesnt matter .  It still outgrossed chapak in opening day alonesmiley37

And likes of madonna is still fighting when people mock her age when she performs. So u r using age to shame women for their choice? A women can pull dance number in her 60s too if she wishes.  U r going to shame women for that! Terrible.  U guys show ur true colour time to timesmiley32 women don't  need ur permission to how to act at whatever agesmiley29

Ofcourse ur bias wont let u see how inferior ur goddess is compared to kangana n pc n was exposed  in this commercial movie. 

And it remains a commercial movie and was promoted as one. It is not a niche and deepika has zero star power. Deal with it

Nor i m interested  to argue with a mid who can't  even come up with real idsmiley37

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Katrina Kaif

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