Smriti Irani slams Deepika : I want to know what her

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 political affiliation is

New Delhi : Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani has taken a dig at Deepika Padukone, stating that the Bollywood actor cannot be denied the permission to stand with tukde tukde gang which calls for the destruction of India.

Smriti Irani said: “I think I would like to know what her political affiliations are. Anybody who has read the news knew where you (Deepika) are going to stand; (everyone) knew that you are going to stand with the people who wanted the destruction of India; (everyone) knew that you are standing with people who celebrate every time when a CRPF jawan is killed.”

The minister went on to add: “She knew she is standing with the people who have hit some girls in private parts with lathis, she stood next to them. I cannot deny she will stand with people who will hit girls in their private parts if they don't see eye to eye with them, ideologically.”

The minister reminded that the Bollywood actor had supported the Congress party in 2011.

“She made her political affiliations known in 2011 when she supported the Congress party. If people are surprised by this, it is because they didn't know. There were a lot of admirers of hers who have just discovered her position,” Irani said.

“I would like to know where she stands. She has her right, to stand next to people who say Bharat tere tukde honge,” Irani added, in a dig at Deepika.

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It's surprising how difficult it is for people to understand that everyone protesting against BJP and its goons is not necessarily affiliated to INC or Communists. A lot of students protesting today very staunchly supported Modi during the 2014 and possibly 2019 elections. Probably one of the biggest factors in the then Modi Wave. 

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Iske andar ki Tulsi Virani jaag gayismiley39

Also, is that why ABVP (they admitted it was them) sent goons with laathis? 

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Tulsi ji,pehle apne party ke log se puchiye where they stand when it comes to women.

Actresses should be in Mumbai and dance.. the ruling party everyone. A big round of applause!

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Originally posted by AllThatCritique

Tulsi ji,pehle apne party ke log se puchiye where they stand when it comes to women.

Actresses should be in Mumbai and dance.. the ruling party everyone. A big round of applause!

@Richa smiley32

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The minister who was silent when the party members involved repeatedly in rape case suddenly got voice . There is no party in India in which the members were not part of abuse against woman , so holier than thou attitude is not gonna work.

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Whats the collections ??

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LOL this is funny. 

When the first controversy of Tukde Tukde happened, it was immediately spread that Kanhaiya and JNU students were all chanting that. It went on and on in the news for more than 1 month. And then it was proved that the video was doctored, and it was some outsiders who entered the premise and chanted that Tukde Tukde crap. Kanhaiya and JNUs were released from all the charges (barring 1 or 2 I guess who might be still in custody or around that). 

And even since then, people identify JNU with Tukde Tukde, because the truth was not spread in its full entity of how the lies were spread. This is what our current Govt. is doing. Public memory is very short and they don't have time to go back on issues that happened 2 months back. If you don't provide the truth to them in few days, they'd most like not even open the links or read it in the newspapers. In fact the newspapers also cover the TRUTH in a corner in Page 5 or 6 or 7 instead of the front page. 

DP standing with JNU students when they were attacked by Smriti's paaltoo dogs ABVP activists does not prove any of her political alliance. And even if she has made her political affiliation clear, I am glad it's not this fascist liar Govt. 

I am still waiting for Smriti's valid educational doc proofs. SI is my fav, but this tide of attacking every prominent body whoever doesn't support your fundamentalist ideas, need to stop. Amartya Sen is illiterate, IIT IIMs are illiterate, JNU and JU are useless, Abhijit Banerjee is nothing, DP is questioned for mere standing with the attacked ones. Only great ones are this bunch of hypocrites whose tip of hair to the toe is filled with lies. smiley29

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