Gunjan = Hero? - Episode discussion - 6th January.

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Posted: 4 months ago

Are Yogi and Gunjan trying to bring Pari back for YoRi? Or is it solo effort from Gunjan? 

I feel this because, she wanted Pari to return, had no problem with Yogi's interaction with Pari and she herself believes YoRi is true love. Lastly though wait till tomorrow to validate or till the scene appears but Gunjan walks in on YoRi hugging and she didn't seem hurt. No emotion change. 

Another thing is there was a tellychakkar article which I believe has been altered or removed, either way it mentioned how Yogi and Gunjan will pretend to be in love but instead they work togethor with another motive. 

If so its a great and smart move by the writer. 

Gunjan = Hero?

Is Gunjan uniting YoRi? Along with having faked her pregnancy? 

I strongly advise you watch today's episode to understand what I'm saying. WU's lack detail. 

Update: Article found, seems like it was archived. Hidden away.

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Posted: 4 months ago

Well I saw yesterday epi and I felt writer just trying to show how nice Gunjan is that's we all didn't accept her so he just trying his best so we can accept her....Yogi and Gunjan are happily married now if u saw previous epis u can see they r romancing in thr room too So I don't think they r pretending.....

Yes Gunjan trying to be positive and nice ....hope they r not turning Pari negative....

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Posted: 4 months ago

And yes when Gunjan not going to see them hugging each's mostly going to be Pari only in room....I don't know if u saw on location clip or not but Gunjan feel sad when Pari sing her fav song and left crying and thn Pari goes and says sorry coz she hurt her unintentionally ....

Gunjan I guess trying to be in good books....

Or may be like many thinks KKHH track coming up where Gunjan is aware of her complications in pregnancy and that's why want Pari to be with yogi so Pari can look after Yogi and her baby .

Ths week epis are important ....things will be clear if Gunjan is pretending to be good or Pari turning negative. 

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Posted: 4 months ago

Writer doesn't know what to do with his chars so everyone flips around differently in each episode.

Gunjan was jealous in Mumbai and even threw table around. Now suddenly she is all nice to Pari.

Nonsense show/writer.

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Posted: 4 months ago

The writer is some old middle aged dude who hasn’t a clue about kids these days and challenges 

just recycling some crap story from the 90s

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Posted: 4 months ago

Gunjan is trying to be in good books I guess...sudden change in Gunjan and Shiv actually surprised me but thn I realized may be writer want to give all of them clean certificate so audience can accept them .... nonsense going on just to glorify Gunjan....

Yogi is unbelievable I mean he is emotionless ...Pari is hurt and crying and he still smiling and more in to Gunjan 🤦🤦 Paris biggest mistake of life is Yogi only....thank God Pari is safe now and can get better person . 

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