An Episodic Review of 81th-86th Episode of Vidya (23rd-28th December)

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Posted: 7 months ago

Hi all,

I am back with my summary and Episodic review for 81th-86th episode(23rd-28th December) of Vidya.  Sorry for the  long long delay.

Have been caught up with personal stuffs for a month. so just thought of having episode gist available on forum, giving update that way.🙏:)

Monday Epi:

The epi started where nanku arrives at vidya home and vidya standing for herself and avtaar trying to protect her. Avtaar was beaten by nanku men. Nanku was about to take vidya ..her Mil tries to stop it, was pushed, then she takes the knife lying down there ,have nanku at knife point and asks vidya to escape.

vidya runs with neha. Nanku beats MIL and leaves with his men. he founds vidya with foit prints and tells he will write the last chapter of story where it started and tkes her to that place where she slapped him.

meanwhile vivek reaches vudya home, came to know she was taken, avtaar and him search for her.

vivek rushes to nanku's home and then think of goodown  and goes there.

but nanku hides with vidya, says he is smart and vivek cant do anything now. vivek misses to see her and goes out though vidya shouts his name.

At jail jagat was making fun of sandeep and sandeep hits jagat, avtaar tries to go and stop, vivek stops him.

Was so glad to see MIL helping vidya and the way she said to nanku to hell with your money👏 And concern shown by vivek , the restlessness he had❤.

Tuesday Epi:

Nanku was telling he is going to have his revenge with vidya now and she will be his now and that he have a special spectator. kalindi was bring hand tied and made to sit on chair.

Sandeep beats jagat, sometime later, poluce, vuvek ,avtaar gets in to stop it, seeing key on vivek's pocket, jagat takes it and escape. Actually it was a plan of vivek and sandeep to track vidya through jagat. vivek rushes behind.

Here vidya was challenged and she manage to escape from goons, trick them by removing fuse and getting them hit, kalindi helps too and they smile... vidya was about to escape through door but jagat comes in and she is caught.

when nanku was about to touch her, vivek comes in and both vidya and kalindi are relived. but later, ranjhana comes and held neha at gun point that vivek was made to givd in.

nanku beats him to say that vidya is nanku's . vivek tells, he may die but not utter it. he gets beaten..vidya cries.

The way she tricked goons and thise smiles was a treat to watch. 

Wednesday Epi:

The episode start with vivek getting beaten , then vidya pleads nanku to leave vivek and she will do as he says, nanku smiles, but she takes the powder laid down and thrown on his eyes, meanwhile gives vivek a stone, he hit ranjhana with it and they manage the situation, avtasr and police outside came in and all his men and nanku was arrested. Avtaar was about to beat nanku but vivek stops him from taking law in his hands. he telks about wring diers,and how kids future spoil bcoz of it and he hate it.

hearing this vidya goes to vivek.. avtaar thinks is she going go tell truth and stops her, take her home.

vivek stops her to sign papers, she signs on wrong side, he thinks she did it in tension and they leave.

Bablu and dharma was drinking and speaking about money.. they get burning smell, rush inside home to find his wife burning all money, he scolds her, she says she wont allow this sin money inside 

Vidya and Avtaar at temple. she tells him that vivek loves her.. avtaar gets happy and says vivek is the krishna for her and that he will arrange her marriage with vivek as a elder brother responsibility. he asks her does she love him.

Again shown vivek isnt going to take wrong doing lightly.. the bhai-behen scene was ❤ and vidya's MIL again👏.

Thursday Epi:

Episode starts with vidya telling avtaar that she doesnt understand love, he is her good friend and his happiness matters to her.  when he knows her illiterate truth, he will more hurt but i am going to tell him and  my state of helplessness and whatever he decides is fine with me. avtaar tells he wont atop her now, though vivek might be hurt on knowing, he will understand her as he loves her. and tells vidya from now you are my younger sister, ram is your past and vivek is your present,and I will get you married to him.

At home dharma scolds his wife and was about to hit her with stick , vidya holds it and reprimanded him not to do so. police arrives and Takes dharma  for the crime, vidya agrees to testify at court.

Vidya talks to MiL, says she will make all wrong to be right, she will reveal the truth to vivek and goes.

At night, vidya thinks of the incidents so far with vivek, and tells caring for other, being happy on seeing them happy is love, then after telling truth, if durga maiya wishes i will tell mine to you.

This was ❤ and knowing what awaits ahead , it was 💔

At night bablu goes to vivek and reveals vidya truth to him, vivek shocked, hurt and says vidya cant don this.

again avtaar-vidya scenes, vidya courage  and the small realisation of loving him was ❤ but finally vivek came to knew the truth in a wrong way. his anger is justified .

Friday Epi:

vidya was talking to her MiL, then gets call from vivek to meet her at temple. before she speaks further he cuts call.she leaves for temple.

vivek comes therw. she asks what for she was called. she needs to tell him something important too.. vivek tells first his.he tells she wants her to sign the statement. it was in english, first she hold it upside down then corrects it herself, she was about to sign, he asks to check that, she says she believes him. he says he learned one thing that not to believe anyone blindly.. he tells he will read it to her, reads in english that she is a cheater, betrayed him , and that she is illiterate and forges docs. she cries and signs it. 

He bangs the bells, she shouts his name.. he asks her to stop, and reprimanded her badly. calls her a cheater and tells behind this innocent face didnt thought a black heart is there.. there had been thousand times you could have told the truth. but you chose not to. Now i will punish you in a way that one think thousand times before cheating someone. you prayed for my health here right to  durga ma, i swear here that i will make your life hell.. telling that leaves.

she cries...

This epi was 💔 to see. both the actors aced the portrayal  

Saturday Epi:

 vidya cries to god why this happens to her alwaya, when some good is about to happen, only sadness written for her but she tells she wont give in..she will explain herself to him,  tell entire truth to him ,then whatever he decides is ok with her. she tells he can be annoyed, angry at her but cant hate her.

vivek on the way, thinks of vidya, cries.

Vidya on tge way, sees vivek car but doesnt find him, walk absent minded that didnt see the truck coming ahead, vivek saves her..they hug in the process of saving☺.her hair get struck in his shirt, he removes it, she tries to explain, he refuses to listen, she asked then why he saved her, he says he was betrayed, so he himself will punish her, why would anyone else do it. saying this leaves.

she at home. avtaar comes in morning.. she explains what happened. bablu tells he did it. avtaar beats him. vidya stops him and says she is ready to face issues coming her way and stand for herself. she asks him to stay away from this.

inspector comes ans takes vidya to police station.. she thinks she is taken for her crime.

Avtaar goes to vivek home and explain vidya's situation. but again vivek turned a deaf ear calling vidya greedy. he says whoever comes inbetween will suffer too and asks avtaar to leave 

At station, vidya signs the papers without reading it, recalling vivek words that he himself will punish her 

The epi was again 💔 and ❤ bcoz of their first official hug❤☺ that entire sequence was ❤😍.. his anger justified but his hatred isnt. heart goes out to her. let's see what happens and awaits ahead

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