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Posted: 7 months ago

It's a known fact now and housemates too are very much aware of this 


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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by MysteriousKatty

Yaar dynamics keep on changing .. thts obvious in BB even in previous seasons too 

u see equation of sid -asim in Past n equation now .. 

rashmi-asim equation now 

so i am saying paras has brain atleast he keep on doing smthng .. bt asim is kind of fall in to rashmi trap .. he shldnt interfare in rashmi vs sid i guess see since he started interfaring rashmi has stepped back 

1) Yes dynamics change, but Pahira is Shukla friend for their own benefit and if Pahira gets a chance they will backstab each other for their own benefits, as they are no one friend not even each other.

2) Rashmi and Asim didn't become friends for their own benefit.

3) What trap? people are acting like Rashmi is this mastermind who is using Asim and manipulating him but in reality, Rashmi has already given up on this bias show and seems not interested because she knows in which direction this show is going, so she's just waiting for this horror show to end.

4) Asim takes stand for his friends he has done the same thing when he was friend with Shukla

so you want him to stay back and watch so Shukla passes those nasty comments characters assassinate his friend for god knows how long 1 hour 2 hours and do nothing, as we have seen, once Shukla starts there is no telling when he's going to stop like the time when he had a fight with Arti

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Originally posted by MysteriousKatty

magar Pahira fights were not tht bad wth sid .. even sid had to go through alot bt i found paras always sensible n mature .. jab paras asim ka bat ho rha hota hai tab b asim scream karta hai forget sid for a second n paras say aram sy bat kr aram sy bat kr .. aseem neeed to calm down .

Paras/Mahira fights with Sid weren't that serious?

Sid had literally pushed Paras and Mahira during that bori task. Sid had abused Paras's dead father during that bori task and Pahira had asked bb to evict Sid or at least take strict action against Sid and as a result Sid was nominated for 2 weeks for the first time due to them.

Paras was the first one who had brought Sid's outside controversies in bb (remember he said his source was their common driver).

Mahira literally showed her feet to Sid several times and Sid used to poke her constantly while cutting veggies.

Mahira literally cried on wkw due to Sid.

So yes Paras/Mahira vs Sid fights were very serious.

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Posted: 7 months ago

Originally posted by MysteriousKatty

i understand wat u saying .. bt Rashmi has not got my sympathy as she herself lost her plot .. who asked her to make false stories .. show is not biased twards Rashmi as see arhaan brought back twice for her .. rashmi brought back twice to strategize her game bt she was hell bussy in degrading sidharth n making up false stories abt DSDT set .. was ths needded?  every time salman asked her to use her brain , stop talkng abt past , start taking interets in BB , strategize things , even kamya n many guests outside asked her thts not the rashmi thy know actually bt rashmi ignored everythng badly and kept on focusing her main agendas .. as rashmi n asim are frnds now so i wont mind if asim is taking  stand on her behalf bt i dont think so she is tht weak not to take stand forherself bt smhow she influenced asim tht my POV .. shukla has nager issues so asim has ... both are neck to neck ns hout n give ehadache seriously ..  both needs to ignore eachother .. bt i have no sympathy for Rashmi as she had got immmense support from makers n she wasted it everytime even arhaan n she got few minutes to share before his exit too where she again disucssed shukla ... i mean atleast i dont see her suffering from show's biasness .. rashmi is a senior actress and has done many shown (JDJ, NB) n NB she got enugh footage n there to she was getting sympathy by talkng abt her personal life n nandish ,,, she is cunning and its good if she has planned her game ths way bt u see now asim talks on her behalf n she sit on the back seat n enjoy n provoke asim somtyms against shukla ... i see her doing nuthng except plotting n planing n above all bitching .. now she knws her plan abt bitching against shukla backfired ..

I agree she shouldn't have brought outside matter in this show but that doesn't mean Shukla gets the right to pass those nasty comments on her character.

even if they did some favor for her it's nothing compared to Shukla, if Shukla right now beat someone that they had to get hospitalized, this biased show will still find a way to keep him in the show.

and I said what I need to say so there's no point dragging this, so agree to disagree.

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Bigg Boss 13 

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