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Posted: 1 years ago

I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba. 

This current track on "seeing God" by "serving" a "sick man" is kind of  weird. 

Why is the man "serving" a "sick" person  is shown as a Brahmin?  

The "sick" man is really a "sick" man  playing practical jokes on the Brahmin serving him. And according to Sai  he has to serve the sick man to see God. 

And unnecessarily learning "four vedas" is being thrown in as additional "disqualifications" for "seeing God" 

The person who is being served should be thankful for the services from anyone.  Instead he is making fun of the Brahmin guy because he is a Brahmin and learned in Vedas. 

The Brahmin guy too why he wants to see God through Sai is a bit beyond me.  And Sai in the serial wants to "bring" down the Brahmin a "peg or two" for being learned in four Vedas and all Shastras. 

Compassion should come from the heart. That is what Sai means to say. Learning four Vedas is exemplary in itself. It is not a disqualification by any means. 

Serving a "sick" man is good. But don't discredit Vedas or learning of any sort. 

It is like saying doing  Phd or being a scientist is worthless if you do not serve a sick man who constantly "fires" you or plays "dirty jokes" on you. 

Even funnier is the track on the singing policeman who had a constant stupid expression on his face 

and was really scared to face the dacait alone. Hilarious. 

Kulkarni Sircar the constant villain is continuing his villany which makes one think probably he has a point in all he does. (which he does not by the way. But his character as constant villain is kind of stupid too)

The track on widows is bad too.  The Brahmin widows who got their head shaved should grow their hair again and marry someone from out of caste to have life again. That is what the serial says. 

Re marrying how much it works when you have kids of your own is questionable even in the western world.  Brahmin widows went through a lot in those times and even in early twentieth century. 

But that was opposed by so many reformers and the hard of work so many social reformers who worked for brahmin child widows betterment. 

In fact those reformers who concentrated on Brahmin child widows were criticized because they were fighting for Brahmin widows.

 But there were not so many child widows in those days in other communities who went through so much ordeal in their lives. 

The serial wants to praise Sai and venerate him I understand. But making up such stories is not a good way to do it. IMHO

The serial in all talks ill of Brahmins and their learned wisdom if they don't follow Sai and praises others  and other kind of Brahmins who intermarry with other castes in those days if they follow Sai. 

Shouldn't the storyline be more realistic?  Blaming one community for all the villany happening in the story is a bit too far fetched. 

Only pujari Brahmins who marry among other castes are shown as good people here. That is how it seems to be. 

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Mere Sai 

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