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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by Mr-YK

Khushi is overprotective, this is expected of her. She doesn't know the truth. Let her and the rest hear what Prakash told Pari. 

I still feel Yogi is merely loving Gunjan as a duty of his. Yes to an extent to where he has gotten intimate too. There is a huge difference in priority between Pari and Gunjan. He cares and loves Pari way more. 

Though it all seems wrong now that he is a married man and a father of an unborn child. It does feel like the writer is trying to flip the table and make YoRi look like its immoral and wrong. We'll be able to see the extent of my statement as the story unfolds. 

Writer trying to prove Yogi pari relationship wrong even if nothing btwn them now yes they have feelings for each other but they moved on from that phase and knows what are the priorities so no need to show yori in bad light just to glorify Gunjan who hardly contribute in story ...she just thr to take sympathy from everyone ....just coz of her every charcter getting butchered 

If I m not wrong everyone knows Prakash emotionally blackmailed Pari and thn Pari took tht decision so I think Khushi knows everything she just asking Pari why she left Yogi and why try be Mahaan 

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Posted: 5 months ago
Originally posted by diya_snow

Trp trp trp only trp ....they can't run show with Gunjan and Yogi they need Pari no matter what....even if everyone from family insult her day Yogi going to insult her ...just wait very soon .....whole drama is for that only...Gunjan may create misunderstanding or may be she will get hurt and Yogi and family blame Pari .....if writer is not on typical way like I mentioned thn may be new entry coming up and jealousy drama too...

kaha ka trp jab se show launch hua hain it never saw even 0.8 trp jo ab aayega by showing this drama, now in this situation when show is under scanner, don't think makers will all this bcos this content can give other channel trps not this channel. But yes they might go KKHH way.Edited by mayavi_26 - 5 months ago
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Posted: 4 months ago

Now this is getting worse day by day..

The perfect example of how to ruin a beautiful show in 3 steps..

1) Butcher all goody goody characters 

2) EBM from the family 

3) Make one character mahaan and other like having EMA..smiley44

Khushi is always loud and its an expected reaction because she always be like that with Pari.

N how can one stay there after so many insults n about khushi, for the story’s sake she doesn’t know the reality and blasting on Pari who has lost her everything in the process of making gunjan mahaan. 

I seriously don’t have any more words.

I loved this show very dearly but now feels like nothing can be done. 

this for the sake of trps..

Where are the trps? Its all same. Until there was YaRi the trps were 0.7 n now its 0.6.

Every ardent fan has now stopped watching..

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 

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