How was life during the Punjab insurgency?

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Posted: 7 months ago

I'm studying Punjab politics. Though I ain't a native of Punjab, therefore I don't know what went down through the '80s in Punjab, India.

It's just a curiosity for me if somebody can answer with a little information about the Punjab of the '80s. Someone suggested a movie for this topic to have a very good understanding, which I am going to stream} soon. Some other stuff I can read on  Punjab Insurgency. Any suggestion?

Posted: 7 months ago

If I say, life was as hell, there'll no doubt about it. People thought twice before stepping from their houses. One could not step out after sunset simply because it got extremely unsafe.

You must’ve already read stories of Sikhs burning Hindus in buses and vice versa.  They're real. So are the stories of Punjab Police’s daring clashes with the militants in the fields of Punjab.

Chandigarh, luckily, was relatively safer, though  I have heard about bone-chilling stories from my parents and relatives. Things were really bad in the past, that is the reason India is opposing the pro Khalistan protests in the united kingdom.

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Posted: 1 months ago

I also can't help you, sorry. But this thread has reminded me that it is important to know history. I'll look for more info about that time.

Posted: 24 days ago

Have a look at books by Dr Ganda Singh and Gurinder Singh Mann 

Also, check out a book about Lohgarh, the capital of the pre-Misl raj under Banda Singh Bahadur, it has some English translation mistakes but is generally quite good


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