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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by Stark_Wolf

I dont believe it... If it was true her father would have filed the case... N now even after vivek fiasco n opening up about sallu she never bought this up... Rest u can believe whatever u want to.. 

What she is doing there is classic abused woman behavior. It's not about your belief or anyone else's. It's been scientifically studied by psychiatrists all over the world. Police departments have data on how many abused women refuse to file cases or testify against abusers due to various factors. If she refuses, there will be nothing her father can do.

If we go by your belief, the number of abused women, raped women, etc. in India must be extremely low. What do you know: the world has turned into utopia!

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Posted: 5 months ago

Who is she ??? Never heard of her smiley41smiley37

Star of which film ? Fanney Khan ?? 

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Originally posted by bips

You are speaking from a rational point of view... But anyone who has been abused or knows women who are abused will tell you that there is nothing logical or rational abt the actions of a victim... No matter how much money, beauty, education, you have Abuse screws you up.. 

so true.  this is the case for any type of abuse whether it be physical, sexual or emotional.  people can't seem to understand why abuse victims try to hide or protect their abusers and in the end the victim ends being made the villain for putting up with it.

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She was punched in the face. Lol at the stairs story......ever heard of anyone gettong a black eye from falling down the stairs? And No she didn't file a case because in India cases take 40 years to resolve. And he was pally with all the Islamic mafia people.

I know some people say that she could've gotten a bodyguard. Hell no. Like I said he's called bhai for a reason...there were intercepts where he threatened her and told her that she had to dance for his mafia buddies. 

And the only way to get rid of a clingy abusive boyfriend is to get another boy to fight him. It's very territorial or something. And No I wouldn't want my father or brother to deal with it. I know it sounds heartless and manipulative but what is a girl to do? And when boys falling over themselves...And it just works better in the long run too.  Like who wants to be known as a victim...that sort of thing really sticks 

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Yes Aish was lying. Coz later on she opened up about her abuse by Salman Khan. 

Months later during an interview to The Times Of India on September 27, 2002, Aish for the first time admitted being in an abusive relationship with Salman. 

"Salman and I broke up last March, but he isn't able to come to terms with it...After we broke up, he would call me and talk rubbish. He also suspected me of having affairs with my co-stars.....There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And, I would go to work as if nothing had happened. Salman hounded me and caused physical injuries to himself when I refused to take his calls," she said. 

She clarified it all with "without leaving any marks", here she indicated that Salman did hit her indeed. So it's no surprise if he sometimes left marks as well.

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Her voice is so freaking annoying 

And her giggle 😬

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Yes, she was lying.  Abused woman do it all the time.  As a fan I was disappointed to see her covering for Salman here but she was young and it was still a new relationship.   I'm glad she eventually got out and stood up for herself. 

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Posted: 5 months ago

Originally posted by ponymo

It was the first year of her relationship with him. You don't breakup immediately after the first sign of abuse; many women think they can redeem their boyfriends/husbands and wait it out. (Especially Indian women, who are conditioned to stay put in relationships no matter what).

What Ash was doing here was just that. She was covering up for Salman thinking it was just an aberration and not his true self. So she was patient, and waited. In return she only suffered more abuse. And once she reached the breaking point, she broke up with him. (She was still quiet). But when Salman's harassment continued even a year after the breakup, that's when she lost it and made a public statement about how the Salman chapter was the worst nightmare of her life, and went on to categorically state she would never work with him.

Oh, and it was an obvious lie. How can someone get a black eye after a fall from the stairs? And it's such a bad black eye, that makeup + sunglasses couldn't hide it. That fuucking asshole Salman.

Such lies. Salman has never hurt a fly in his life. He is masculine version of Mother Theresa - we know this because his team created a brand called "Being Human" which is a very very good charity of some sort (I think) - I mean it sounds positive right?! 😐

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